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Full Version: Get on the Bus!
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March for Peace, Justice, and Democracy
Unite for a Change - lets turn this country around!

- No more never-ending oil wars
- Protect our civil liberties and immigrant rights.
-End illegal spying, government crruption and the subversion of our democracy.
- Rebuild our communities, starting with the gulf coast.
- Stop coprate subsidies and tax cuts for the wealthy while ignoring our basic needs.
-Act now to reverse the climate crisis and end the war on nature.

Our message to the White House and to Congress is clear: either stand with us or stand aside! We are coming together to march, to vote, to speak out and to turn our country arround!


yeah, so i jsut kinnda copied the flyer to here. for those in the st. louis area there is a bus leaving from St Louis on thursday, april 27, 20006 at 5 pm and then to return on monday, may, 1, 2006 at 5pm. its 150$ a seat but there are seat being donated, in fact me and ryan are going to hopefully be taking up two of said donated seats to new york where we will be hooking up with our commrades in new york and tabeling at the event if at all possible.

other options from st louis: airfare $390 round trip

for any firther information for st luois area go to instead of war

if your not coming from st louis... i dont have any large amount of info.... but you should tottaly go to this!
new information:

there is a bud leaving chicago for the demonstration on friday march 28th at 2 pm i belive.
Totally agree with the flyer! Sadly can't go sad.gif . Have fun!
Oh...for a bus in my area...
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