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Full Version: should i take the job?
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ok,ive been hired at the trout lodge some 3 hours away from where i live. they will provide food and shelter for the duration of my employment there. i also get to work with my freind becki who ha a job there at the boat house. im going to be working at the stables as a englinsh/western riding instructor. ill also be doing trail rides. this all seems wonderfull to me and im happy about being hired. the only problem is Ryan. i dont think he'll be able to be housed with me at the job, and since were living with my father he will be left here in small town carlinville. this suddenly makes me doubt weither or not i should take the job..... what should i do?
I think the first two things on your list of things to do would be to ask your job if he would be able to be housed with you, and to discuss this with Ryan. If they'll house you both, then there's no worries, and if they won't, then two heads are better than one at coming up with good ideas.
every time i try to disscuss with ryan he kinnda shrus and he tells me to do whatever i want to do.
Cook him dinner (or grab some take-out), get him settled down with it somewhere private, then while he's on his second bite tell him you really want to discuss this with him because you're not sure what you want to do and you want his input. Before this, write out and list all the pros and cons of the jobbie so you don't forget any.

The important thing is to not let him change the subject, and not let it drop when he shrugs his shoulders. The food should keep him nailed to the spot for a while, so you should be able to get some good input from him. At the very least you can bounce all your ideas off of him and get them out in the open.

I'd plan for both contingencies with him. Figure out what you're both going to do if you take the job, and what you're both going to do if you don't. Then discuss which option would be best for you.

And still ask your job if you would be able to have lodging for him. Because this might not even be an issue.
that is a f8cking wonderfull idea. i shall do that tonight.

if i dont take the job, it only means that ill have to see one of my horses to pay my debt to collage. that way i can go back to school asap. i didn't recive finachal aid this last semester, so i have and outstanding blalace: outstanding balance = no transcripts, no transcripts = no school no school= i have to pay back teh entirty of my finachal aid debt.

and the problem is, that i might be hired as a counsler. if i am hired as a councler i have to bunk with the girls of my unit.
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