where you want to find good life ,of course in the games

.beause in the real life ,we have many distresses and pain

only in the games if we have enough gold to buy the good

arms ,and we can play the games well.so i'll give u one

website games! you can

buy the gold from them ,beause they have good server and

their service is so good let me tell you .if you can try

it ,and you can get a surprise from them.
network games:
US WOW Eve online
EURO WOW Ragnarok oneline
FFXI RoseOnline
DAoC Rune Scape
EQ2 Guild Wars
Star Wars Galaxies
Matrix and so on or Power Leveling
you also can contact them via:
Yahoo: spam!
Msn:gils_sales@hotmail.com [I think I'll leave that. It'll get harvested by the spam bots and they'll get a taste of their own medicine - Mata]