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We need to decide on location, is there any particular park you chaps would like to visit?
I'd vote Greenwich as it was nice, and having not been to any other London park, this is most definitely my favourite tongue.gif.
Yeah Greenich is as good as any. Still not the easiest place to get out to for me but if that's the concensus then coolios... However, may I place these into consideration also? - Southwark Park, Greenwich Park and my personal favourite Battersea Park ?
I'd suggest that ease of access from a central tube station and easy to find meeting points should be high priorities in the choice. I'm not very familiar with London parks, so I can't say which best fits the bill here.

Top tip: bring a big umbrella. Shade is always in fashion!
Regent's Park, Hyde Park and St. James Park are all quite in the centre of town.

King's Cross/ St. Pancreas & Euston stations = Regent's Park
Waterloo/ Victoria stations = St James/ Hyde Park
Paddington Station is closer to Hyde Park than Regent's Park, but still closish to Regent's park.

What stations are people getting into?
Now we're talking! wink.gif

Any of these are fine I suppose. All have lakes or streams, but for rain contingency none really have any cover. I know St James well and its by far easier to navigate into and out of as its also the smallest of the three. Also we're closer to cover in pub, cofee bar or shop form there.

St James is better on access too. Coach, Trains & Victoria line from Victoria Station; District & Circle lines from St James Park station; trains & Northern line from Charing Cross/Embankment which is only on the other side of Traf Square and buses practicvally have to circle its surrounding streets (Anything to Victoria, Trafalger Square or just head towards Buckingham Palace).

oo oo oo and the pelicans are fed every day at 2.30pm

Can I make a really big plug for St James please everyone, its easy to get too, fun and it is my birthday... ph34r.gif wink.gif biggrin.gif
We (being myself and {Gothic Angel}) will be arriving at Paddington, but we're fine for getting around on the tube, so as long as it's near a station and there's some shade around I have little preference.
If Mata is the only one traveling back out of London on the Saturday night, (as Gothic Angel, Greeneyes and Tarantio are staying with me and Ryn will no doubt be staying with Smiler in London) Then a park nearest Waterloo should be the one. If anyone else is traveling back out of London after the meet, please post so we can try and make it easier/ shorter to travel to your station.

I know it's your birthday and all Smiler, but I am quite loath to go to St. James Park, so am going to suggest some other parks that are close to Waterloo Station. wink.gif

Waterloo Millennium Green which is quite small, but less than a five minute walk to Waterloo station (Bakerloo line straight from Paddington and one tube interchange from Victoria -I'd reccomend changing at Embankment, as Westminster is big an scary). This park is actually quite small, as the link shows. Not many trees for shade, but if it rains there a re a good few pubs in close proximity.

I have to go and do stuff, back to post the rest later.
From what Smiler tells me ST James park is larger and has access to shade, pubs etc. I don't know how to get there but he says that it is v. close to waterloo station
Yep. SJP as I'm now gonna call St James Park is the closest to Waterloo (I'm not counting Jubilee Gardens as its tiny and not overly nice).

From Waterloo its a quick nip over the river to Westminster. As you cross Westminster bridge you carry straight over the road and continue walking and you'll be on it.

Can we confirm we'll meet on/at/near SJP? Anyone object?
Actually... hold those thoughts...
Usurper MrTeapot
I've never been to SJP but it seems close enough. I'd rather prefer Greenwich but SJP seems better for people travelling into London.
Looking at it on the may, SJP seems to be a very tree-ey place, so it's got my vote, if we're being near Waterloo
Okies, So the next point whilst we're still debating the place is... FOOD!!!!

As it is a picnic and food in London is montrously expensive we have 2 options

1) Buy takeaway e.g fish and chips etc and eat in the park

2) Everyone bring something along and eat that

Both ideas require some planning and all require alcoholic stuff. Myself personally I think that buying a takeaway may be the best option although maybe not the most fun. Other than this we could do what I did the last time I did a picnic like this whih was raid a sainsburys and buy tons of food for everyone to pig out on. This may proove expensive however

QUOTE (Faerieryn @ Jul 1 2006, 10:03 PM) *
Cath you and Erin moving in together finally!???!!!

Well, well, well, you'll be moving nearer to me then. Hurrah!

What date is this meet? I can't be bothered to trawl though wink.gif
{Gothic Angel}
What Greeneyes said. Little preference, as tube journey isn't really a huge bother once at Paddington.

In terms of food - it works out more convenient for us to get food there, given we would have to be carrying it around on journey (and the last thing anyone wants on a hot day is cold food), but obviously that's not as big an issue for you Londoners.

Top tip: bring a big umbrella. Shade is always in fashion!

Agreed. Burny, peely PAIN.
[quote name='Pixiegoth' date='Jul 28 2006, 01:09 PM' post='339960']
[quote name='Faerieryn' post='338983' date='Jul 1 2006, 10:03 PM']

What date is this meet? I can't be bothered to trawl though wink.gif

August 5th currently in St James Park

I think buying food there is a plan. Only thought is do we want to buy take out or buy sarnies from sainsburys?

Oh yeah and brollies are also good
{Gothic Angel}
Could that not be deicded based on how people feel at the time? Just make sure at least someone knows of a few good places nearby to the park.
It's best that we have an idea cos if we go to sainsbury's we'll probably want to pool money whereas if we all buy takeout it's every man/woman/asexual being for themselves!!! And some people my want to bring chow for themselves or to share.I'm still trying to work out the logistics of a Mr Snaffleburger cake!!!!

Plus we will still want beer/ cokes/ weak orange squash and digestive biscuits

Matt knows most things around there. I'm sure he can point us in the right direction
OMG! - I might be making a flying visit then smile.gif Depending on shifts I might be in London that day
I am going to prepare my own food to bring (and of course bring me own booze). I may even pack it in a cool box, Angel of teh Gofiks, Greeneyes and Tara are more than welcome to do so with me.

I think it will be alot easier if everyone brings their own food 'n' drink with a view (and enough) to share round. Then we could have a buffet type thing going on.

Also, would abe a good iead to bring some material/ blanket tye thingies to sit on, as grass aint being watered too much and therefore aint to comfy to sit on.

Lastly, I figure we should meet at St James Park.
Coolios <big hugz to the frogitta for bringing a cool box> I think I will be stopping in at Sainsbury's and picking up stuff as it will all be meltyfied by the time I get there. I REALLY want to do Matt a funky cake though. Any ideas? P.M me if you do have any
Sorry all, my plans for that weekend have been removed from all consideration mainly due to money. About 3 weeks ago my unemployment was stopped and due to my partner working over 24 hours i no longer receive any cash so we living on a budget right now, which means no luxuries, which this weekend was. Sorry all was looking forward to it sad.gif
Noooooooooooooooooooo Matazonian down! Matazonian down!
sad.gif Not good but understandable, moneys pretty tight all round methinks, sorry to hear that dude

Froggita your a star!

If anyone doesn't know how to get to SJP then PM me. Directions are pretty easy and I can let you know whats nearby (shops, pubs, bars, food etc) if you need anything. I dont really wanna drop my number here but am happy for anyone to have it so just PM me or FaerieRyn for it or grab it off someone else that may have it.
Okies, so where are we meeting? Mata, what time are you getting into Waterloo?

Oho! -Time for:

Name: Funked)out_frog
Name I'd like to be called: Frog; Froggie; Froggie Frog Frog Pie; Frogita; Fronana; Fab Frog; Fantastic Frog tongue.gif
Age: Old enough to drink booze
Arriving into London, when and where: I live here, so can get to the meet point easily
Staying over in London on Saturday night? Yes
Number so far: 1
Name I'd like to be called: Anything so long as it ISN'T Miss Foster/ Miss etc
Age: Too old
Arriving in London: Staying with Smiler so will be around fairly easily
Staying over in London on Saturday night: Probably
Number so far:[code] 2

If anyone needs my phone number please P.M me
Name: Guy
Name I'd like to be called: No particular preference. Will respond to most variations of usernames.
Age: Old enough to drink booze (this time)
Arriving in London: At Paddington, unless I can find the timetable for the weird trains that go straight to Waterloo from Reading. National rail says I will be arriving at 13:46.
Staying over in London on Saturday night: I am camping chez frogette.
Number so far: 3
Nombre: Tara/Dave
Nombre preferro: Dave/Tara
Age: Old enough for the things that matter
Arrival in London: Victoria greenline coach station, at 06:15 (anyone fancy getting up early to meet me off a tube train? xD
Staying over in London on Saturday night: Indeed, thankees Frogstar
Number so far: 4?
Name: Dave
Name I'd like to be called: Dave, Wit, Witty, Witless, or anything except 'Davey Wavey'.
Age: Old enough to drink booze
Arriving in London: I live close so to whatever station is closest to the decided meet point
Staying over in London on Saturday night: At my house locally
Number so far: 5
Name: Mark of Slut
Name I'd like to be called: Sadie or Mark
Age: 23
Arriving in London: Paddington or Waterloo
Staying over in London on Saturday night: no
Number so far: 6 (Maybe - I'm still TBC as I havn't had confirmation from work and it will be more of a look in as I'm coming up for other things and to see someone else!)
August teh fiths? Oh noes!

Name: Davide
Name I'd like to be called: Dave, Cal, DaveCal, not too fussy!
Age: Young enough not to care and old enough to have forgotton.
Arriving in London: Already here, just got to walk to the station.
Staying over in London on Saturday night: I should hope so.
Number so far: 7, unless I get chased away by rabid Matazonians when I show up.
Name: Smiler/ Matt
Name I'd like to be called: Smiler, Matt, Smile, Matt the ever Smilin', any variation really, so long as my sis doesn't show up and call me fat boy I'll be happy
Age: 23 now, but by the mysteries of time I'll be 24 by the time we meet... mysteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerious
Arriving in London: I'm still livin in London by a thread, I'm already here
Staying over in London on Saturday night: Indeed
Number so far: 8
Any objections to me inviting some friends?
Not as far as I'm concerned. I think Cath's older bro is coming along and the more people we have the more fun will be had I'm sure!
{Gothic Angel}
Name: Jen
Name I'd like to be called: I'll save the sarcastic comments for now - Not really bothered. I don't like being called Jenny, though I realise this is asking for it tongue.gif
Age: Old enough to drink booze (this time) (Yay copy/paste!)
Arriving in London: With Greeneyes, so 13.46 at Paddington.
Staying over in London on Saturday night: With Greeneyes, at Froggypie's
Number so far: 9
Do we have a time to meet at Waterloo yet? I've just checked the weather and...

london weather for this week

Looks pretty good!!!
Roll on Saturday
I was going to wait until Mata knew what time he was arriving at Waterloo. But I figure we could say 1415 by Burger King in Waterloo Station's main concourse? - There are seats outside the big WH Smith at the station, and the big WH Smith is just opposite Burger King.
That all sounds cool. PLUS Waterloo has a Krispy Kreme's shop!!!!
Is there some manner of mini supermarket in there too? I've only been there once, and I seem to recall an array of shop type things, though I could well be mistaken. Myself and {Gothic Angel} will need to be getting food stuffs while they are still chilled, as an hour and a half in warm weather in a bag on a train does not make for delectable morsel;s when they come to be eaten.
I'm now a no for Saturday - though if any of the overnighters want to meet in Camden on Sunday that is a distinct possiblility biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Greeneyes @ Aug 2 2006, 11:08 PM) *
Is there some manner of mini supermarket in there too?

There's a small M&S foods place at the station as well as loads of deli places, and of course Krispy Kreme's. If we walk over Westminster bridge from Wateryloo we pass a mini Tesco and there's also a much bigger Sainsbury's on Victoria High Street, just a small block away from St James' Station so very close.

oo oo BTW Just so the invite is covering all who may be coming, I'm having some birthday drinkies in The Puzzle on Horseferry Road just up the road from the park later in the evening and of course all are welcome biggrin.gif
Name: Mata
Name I'd like to be called: Mata seems to work smile.gif
Age: Physically 29, mentally about 20
Arriving in London: Waterloo at 2:08pm
Staying over in London on Saturday night: Nope, I'll be heading off either on the 23:39 or the 00:05 train.
Number so far: 9 (not including Mark)

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately, there have been a lot of things going on in my life. Let's hope it's warm and dry on Saturday!

I'll be picking some food up in London. Froggie, do you have spare poi and five juggling balls that you could bring along to save me bringing them up on the train?
Mata, my poi were going to be made of juggling balls tongue.gif because by poi I ment balls in socks. I'm not sure how many juggling balls I have, I'll have a looksee and post back later.
Speaking of toys we will be needing frisbees etc. Any volunteers?

Also as Mata is getting in at just after 2 I suggest that we do indeed make the meeting time official

Ahem *Brings out large Megaphone*

All people who are intending to attend the "Matazone Summer London Meet" at St James Park should be meeting at Waterloo station at 14:15 on Saturday the 5th of August by WHSmiths
Cath Sparrow
Ow my head hurts....
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 3 2006, 10:27 AM) *
I'll be picking some food up in London. Froggie, do you have spare poi and five juggling balls that you could bring along to save me bringing them up on the train?

I'll have three balls with me, they seem to permanently reside in my bag. They're hackey sacks, or so the shop assisstant seemed to think, but I've never seen hackey sacks look any more like juggling balls. Also, whoever's duty it is to bring the frisbee please don't forget the frisbee. I shall be most upset should I be left throwing an imaginary disc. Perhaps I too shall bring one, though, just in case...
Usurper MrTeapot
I refrained from posting until I had confirmation but my boss is bent on my working all weekend so unfortunately I shant be able to attend.

Unless it is possible to get to Grove Park area from James' Park before 5.
Tea pot you are officially RUBBISH!!! Well OK your boss is rubbish. I'm not sure whether we'll be there for that long however should you be up for a traipse Smiler and I will be in Victoria for bday drinks.
Usurper MrTeapot
Cool, I could well do that. What day is that?
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 3 2006, 10:27 AM) *
I'll be picking some food up in London. Froggie, do you have spare poi and five juggling balls that you could bring along to save me bringing them up on the train?

I will have 5+ juggling balls and some spare poi you can borrow if I can watch you juggle 5 balls since I seem to be having difficulty aiming the damn things well enough to keep a cascade going.

Edit: Thanks Smiler, A mini Tescos will do nicely.
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