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depressed lonely crazy person
I'm having a baby due in early september with jimmy von lucidious and happy as I am about the child and the way we're living together and not getting on each others nerves I still can't help feeling stressed and worried every other minute when I'm not specifically thinking about something.

Thing is I have no reason to stress, I have savings and will get the baby bonus from centrelink everythings paid for, we just decided not to move again, I'm fairly sure that they can no longer take the child since I'm now over 18 and have been out of the mental health system for nigh on 4 years and all of our families are exited, helpfull and happy for us.

The only things I still feel compleatly unable to deal with are blood tests the midwives are hassling me to have and centrelink forms.

So why am I in a semi permanent state of panic and what am I supposed to do about it?
I'm guessing that a fair amount of stress and panic is because the homones flying around in your pregnant body are going 'Oh my dayz! Imminent birth. Must make things just so. Aaaaaaargh'. Or summit along those lines, but I'm not a professional.

Maybe try to figure out what exactly it is that is stressing you out, and either make plans to deal with it bit by bit, or rationalise with it.

Do you have a needle phobia? And, are centrelink forms, just like pre natal records and that? The blood test, I would assume, are check you and your babe. So that if you have a high this, or a low that, the midwifes will pick up on it sooner and deal with it sooner.

Congrats wink.gif
Congratulations on the baby on the way.

Anxiety can come from a variety of sources, the most prominent of which is, as Froggie says, probably the hormones in your body playing tricks.

It sounds like your life is getting nicely organised at the moment. It could be that you are more accustomed to a less stable life, and your subconscious is expecting something to go wrong. That's not an easy thing to counter in any quick way, but here's one idea that helps some people:

Every single day, get a pen and paper and write the following: 'I have a good life, and in many ways it will always keep getting better'. Write that out ten times.

What this does is pass a message on to your subconscious mind to be satisfied with your situation and to try and continue it in the future. It might help!
depressed lonely crazy person
Centrelink is just making me look for work so I can get my payments and are making it more difficult because I have a partner who is in theory supporting me (which he is but it seems foolish to just assume that a woman with a partner is essentially being kept) and I just find dealing with government aggencies hard good thging is I only have one more form (2 more jobs to apply to) to fill out and then I'l be on youth allowance till the babie born when I can switch to parenting payment.

The blood tests are supposed to be to find out my blood type and test for low iron, herpes, syphilis, hepatitis, HIV, rubella and another STD. Yes I have needle phobia to the extent that I vomit, get shakey or faint at the idea of blood tests (peircing doesn't worry me) and I keep thinking the needle will break of inside me and be there with it freaky razor sharpness waiting to take out an organ for ever or I'll twitch and tear a vein and the needle will be gross and cold and go through my skin into my body and they'll stuff it up like a dozen times cos I have deep veins and all of that is horrible.

I do often think that my life is too good that somthing will happen to wreck that and the closest it comes to that that some of the white goods broke and our parents helped pay for new ones and that my mum needed $300 to register the car which she borrowed 2 weeks ago and has half paid back allready.
Congratulations on the baby to be.

What to do? Remember to stop and breathe. A few deep breaths when things seem tough. That'll help you remember that you can handle it. Whatever it is. You can handle it.

Make contact with new mom groups. That way you can scrounge free advice from others going through similar problems. Take advantage of the community nurse the gov't sends round and ask her/him many questions that seem dumb but you want to know the answers to. Hit the library for free baby books on what's going on and what's likely to happen. That way you'll have an idea when to worry and when to not to get too stressed. The mom group can also free up some time. You look after an extra little one for an afternoon and in return you get a couple hours free one day to catch up on sleep/housework/adult time.

Never been a Mom myself but the above is what I've observed with friends going through it. These are great, really. tongue.gif

Remember. Breathe.
Any and all blood tests they want to run are for a purpose, like Froggy said. Most of the time it's just a precaution, because any one of those diseases and/or viruses can cause harm to the baby.

The blood type is actually very important. If you have a negative blood type, and your baby has a positive blood type, your blood could possibly try to 'fight' the baby's blood because it confuses it for a virus or infection. If you have a negative blood type, they're able to give something called RHogam (here anyway), which makes your body accept the baby's blood (non-technical version tongue.gif).

I know that here, if you refuse to have your blood drawn, they will draw blood on the baby as soon as the baby is born, in order to make sure he/she does not have any of the above. Really, it's all about precaution and keeping your baby's best interest in mind. I know that probably doesn't help your fear much, but I thought I'd let you know why they do these draws.

Good luck with everything, and I'm sure either way you'll do fine!
Congratz on the baby!

Remember not to drink, smoke, or do any of that kinda stuff. tongue.gif

Are you hoping for a boy or a girl?
depressed lonely crazy person
I know all blood taken is for a purpose and I've gotten myself to a point that I even think it's a good idea but it still doesn't make me freak any less.
I and my boyfriend are both hoping for a girl, him cos he hasn't had much to do with girls and me because I have and think I could understand one better.
How are you doing?
Have you told the nurses that you have a fear of needles? I know it won't stop them from taking the blood but maybe there are other ways of getting some of the info they need. Also it should make them more aware of your needs during the pregnancy/ birth etc. Needles are scary things and I completely understand your fear but if you make the medical practiioners aware of your fears they will do their best to make the process as delicate as possible
congrats on the baby!

i wish i had somthing in depth to say... but i cant think of anything...

depressed lonely crazy person
I'm kind of more and less paniced by the day. I made up 7 sheets and 4 quilt covers yesterday and washed them and all the baby clothes today, both activities were soothing as was assembling relevant baby furniture and tidying a space for it's things.
I have tried to make the docters and maternity people well aware of how I feel about needles and the history behind it their response was to try and guilt me into having the tests while standing between me and the door with a blood nurse setting up a bunch of freaky looking implements followed by telling me how I don't really love my child, I'm a terible person and I should think about somone other than myself... the whole experience left my in tears for 2 hours and then freaked out for 5 days afterwards and they showed no remorse even after my boyfriend phoned them and told them in no uncertain terms how un-impressed he was with them and their behavior.
I hate the idea of being in a hospotal for any amount of time, the smell brings back bad memories and I hate the idea of having no control over my suroundings but unfortunatly the only private midwife in town left 18 months ago and hasn't been replaced.
And my boyfriend doesn't like the idea of me trying to stay ay home for as long as possible I havn't been able to get out of him why that is but I find it upsetting.
Overall I'm fine but other times I feel massivly overwhelmed that I want to cut or rip off large chunks of skin to bleed out the fear.
He will be thinking of you and the babys welfare surely?
depressed lonely crazy person
I hate everything today
nothing is working
tafe people are being difficult
centrelink are gong to cut off my payments if I can't stop tafe from doing what they're doing
my bank has stuffed up my savings accounts
my coffee maker is broken
I can't stop crying and every time I think I'm feeling better somthing else happens
Oh Sweetheart!!! All I can do is send hugs in your direaction. What's happening at TAFE? Is it anything that can be sorted out. Wehn lots of things go wrong I find the best thi9ngto do is list them in order of what you can do to sort them out. There is no point stressing about something you can't do anything about. AND ask for help from friends. More hugs hunny bunch. I hope things get better
depressed lonely crazy person
I did the scary blood thing today... Be proud of me cos even after I tried to explain the needle problem they still stabed me 3 times and dug around in my arms, One still hurts and I feel traulmatised, floppy and sad.
That's great! It sounds like this whole process is pointlessly bureaucratic and awful and it is fabulous that you can overcome a fear even with their insensitivty.

Congrats on the baby, and here's hoping that all goes well with hospital visits, etc, in the future.
I don't have anything particularly insightful to add, I just wanted to say that I've been following this thread (even when not posting) and I'm proud you did so well with the needles. You've overcome this, even if you feel rumpled by the experience, and you'll overcome everything else too. *hugs*
QUOTE (Mata @ Aug 31 2006, 06:38 PM) *

What an excellent word...

Same as Mata, I don't have much to say apart from well done with the needles thing. I think we are all very proud of you and more *hugs* go out to you smile.gif
*hugs hugs and indeed more hugs :]
depressed lonely crazy person
Trystan Blaise Orkney was born at 2:58am friday 8th at 6lb 7oz 52cms after me being in labor for a fun 32 hours I took him home on monday 11. He's beautiful and he does new and cleverer things every day I have him. James is getting right into daddying and everyones being really nice and helpfull giving us advice and baby things and cooking food for us it's really nice to be home with him even if our sleep is very interupted.
*hugs* Congratulations! I don't have much else to say, but I am smiling alot biggrin.gif
QUOTE (depressed lonely crazy person @ Sep 13 2006, 11:53 AM) *
Trystan Blaise Orkney was born at 2:58am friday 8th at 6lb 7oz 52cms after me being in labor for a fun 32 hours I took him home on monday 11. He's beautiful and he does new and cleverer things every day I have him. James is getting right into daddying and everyones being really nice and helpfull giving us advice and baby things and cooking food for us it's really nice to be home with him even if our sleep is very interupted.

congratulations! (hi you dont know me im new!) i read your earlier posts and i know how you feel, i used to feel anxious at the slightest thing when i was expecting my son and would flip out for no good reason (i also convinced myself i was gunna stop breathing at any given moment), it got better recently (took a while seeing as hes now 6 months old) but the best part as im sure you'll agree is that after all the months of worry etc as soon as you start to bond with him you wonder what it was you were worried about in the first place.

also after 32 hours of labour i take my hat off to you! (mine were only 6 hrs and then 90 mins for my 2nd!) if you ever need any baby advice il be happy to help if you want?
Aislinn Faye
Awww Trystan that's adorable! Yeah, same here, if you need any advice (I'm sure you're getting alot of advice, and alot unwanted advice) just ask. Newborns are so adorable... relish the cuddling, because soon he'll want to be everywhere but your arms, I only get my cuddles in when mine is tired. You have to put up pics! We should start a mommy thread, ya know?
Congratulations and all the best for Trystan and his family. May he let you sleep occasionally. smile.gif
depressed lonely crazy person
my photo bucket
this has Trystan pics now
password chloe
happy.gif Those are lovely photos- especially the second one along from the left, top line, of you and him. You must be so proud smile.gif
Museum Girl
He's adorable.
Baby! Babies are always cute, especially yours. smile.gif
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