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Well the title is pretty self explanatory, but all you have to do is chose the most prefferable option out of those presented to you. (its kind of like the game this or that)
Then post another 'would you rather question' with your answer.

So i'll begin shall i?

Would you rather

Eat 3 lbs of hair or Drink a gallon of shampoo?
I would rather eat 3 lbs of hair, as long it has been washed with shampoo.

Would you rather

Ride a donkey to the mall or run around with cracked eggs on your head, going to a randon person, and ask if they'd like scrammbled eggs?
Ride a donkey in the mall - I'd have to be in the States though wink.gif

Would you rather:

Lie in a bath full of basked beans
Remove by shaving, wax or other methods EVERY hair from your body?
Lie in a bath of basked beans. No way am I shaving my head(or any other hair).

Would you rather gain 10 pounds of pure fat, or lose 10 pounds of pure muscle?
Hmm..... gain the fat i think, it'd be easier to lose.

Would you rather:

Pee out a marble
Carp out a bowling ball?
Ow and ow. But... for the sake of my rectum, the marble.




Would you rather:

Freefall off Sear's Tower with a parachute
Freefall off the Eiffel Tower with a grappling hook?
Hmm..... sear's tower with a parachute Oooh windy

Would you rather...:

Find your parents having sex
Have your parents find you having sex?
[color=purple] second one I think..but not now..more like in 10 years....

Would you rather

Be on Fear Factor
Do what they do on fear factor, with the camera?
I'd do it with my own camera. That way I can take a sip of ground up whatever, spit it back out and blow chunks at the comfort of my own home.

Would you rather almost choke to death on rotten brains, or almost suffocate from a rotten stomach getting slapped on your face, with all the juicy jucies on the outside getting in your nostrils?

I thought of this whilst reading about a really gory scene about a zombie.
Brains. Less acidic, y'see.

(Continuing on in the zombie references)

Would you rather wake to find that the stray dog you took in a month ago (three-legged Doberman) was zombified and gnawing on the person you live with OR be followed by a constant crowd of platonic but smelly zombie kids?
I would rath find that the stray dog you took in a month ago (three-legged Doberman) was zombified and gnawing on the person you live

Would you rather not brush your teeth for two months or not wash your hair for two months?
Not wash my hair for 2 months. No plaque that way.

Would you rather eat rotten fish or eat burned vegetables?
Burnt vegetables. They ain't so bad.

Would you rather put your foot down a toilet to get your wedding ring out but have it go around the U-bend (Reeves and Mortimer reference), or have your cuff button hanging by a very thin thread (another Reeves and Mortimer reference)?
Ummm. The cuff button?
Would you rather:
A] sit through yet another zombie movie marathon?
B] sit through yet another vampire movie marathon?
Vampire movie marathon!

Would you rather get tackled by a pro rugby player or get tackled by a pro football (american football) player?
Pro rugby player, they're trained to be good at tackling so it wouldn't hurt

Would you rather,

swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex for a week,
go naked for a day?

*Note* You can't stay inside all day, you have to go out in public.
Swap clothes with someone of the opposite sex for a week.

Would you rather be grounded from the internet for a month, or not be able to go outside for a month?
Not be allowed to go outside for a month.

Would you rather eat 4 tonnes of plastecine or drink battery acid?
I'll take the battery acid. One drop counts as drinking it.

Would you rather shove something up your nose until it gets stuck and the only way to remove it is through surgury, or hang upside down from a tree until you faint?
Hang upside down from a tree until i faint.

Would you rather spend the rest of your life in a small hole without sleeping or be eaten by a horrible plant with an eye!
Be eaten by the plant..Because that'd be kool.

Would you rather watch commercials for the rest of your life, or poke both your eyes out?
Poke both my eyes out.

Would you rather eat 400 cd roms or have to go through an appendix opperation without annastetic?
The operation. The cd roms I still need, appendix, kinda worthless.

Would you rather have a flying donkey rip every single one of your nails out, or do that laser surgury and be bald for the rest of your life?
Flying donkey, my nails will grow back.

Would you rather sit on a chair and do nothing exept eat, and sleep for the rest of your life, or dig a hole to the other side of the world, taking 90 years of your life?
Sleep for the rest of my life. I've this odd idea that whatever happens in your dreams is actually happening, and that whatever's happening when you're awake is actually just a dream. So, no loss, really.

Would you rather fail your last year of Uni until you're 50, or work at McDonalds for the rest of your life?
Fail uni! McD is more than anyone should have to deal with!

Would you rather be hatefully remember or die alone?
Hatefully remembered. It's still a memory!

Would you rather get sprinkled with nasty sprinkler water or have the prize machine eat all your tickets?
sprinkler water, if you define nasty sprinkler water

Would you rather never have any of your dreams realised or to have someone else take credit for your work?
Have someone else take credit for my work. My dreams stay in my head!

Would you rather see a person get their head ripped off, you see someoen set your computer on fire?
Bye bye person's head

Would you rather have your puppy die or never find love?
Puppy go bye-bye..It's mean, but I'm selfish. tongue.gif

Would you rather be 10trillion [enter the currencie you use here] in debt, with no means of filing for bankruptcie, or accidently shoot yourself?
Accidently shoot myself, as long as it's in the foot or leg or arm or somewhere stupid like that biggrin.gif

Would you rather see your best friend marry your true love or have no one at your funeral
Have no one at my funeral, at least I wouldn't have to know about it.

Would you rather have 7 hours worth of homework, or drop out from school period?
7 hours of hwk, my god I'm such a dork

Would you rather flunk all your subjects or fall out with your best friend?
I'm not 100% sure what you mean by 'fall out' but I'll take that one.

Would you rather wear a garlic necklace, or cut 1000 onions?
Wear a garlic neclace. For a day.

Would you rather drink 50 gallons of sulphuric acid, or take a pill the size of 40 laptops?
The pill - I'd rather die from having my head ripped off than die by having my body destroyed from the inside out.

Would you rather - have $1,000,000,000, or have $2,000,000,000 donated to a charity of your choice (anonymously)?
Charity, assuming I can split it between multiple charities because that is one hell of a lot of money to only go to one cause

Would you rather never be able to hear music again or be paralyzed for life?
Go to a quiet room, clear your mind, concentrate and listen to every note of Max Bruch, Violin Concerto #1 a wheelchair.
Disabled persons are entitled to equality and respect.

Would you rather be alone on a desert island or lost in a crowd ?
Deafness is a disability, especially for those deafened later in life... they don't get enough respect.

Give me a crowd and I'll get lost.

Would you rather be forever upside down or inside out?
Inside out, 'cause face it, that'd look kool and freak everyone out!

Would you rather eat an egg and toenail sandwich or drink someone's spit?
The spit, as one drop counts as drinking.

Would you rather lose all your teeth or lose all your hair?
^ Lose all my hair, because I can always get a wig or wear hats. Or, just regrow it. Teeth don't come back.

Would you rather get caught wearing a pink bunny suit to school or get spaggeti dumped on your head during lunch?
The spaghetti. I would never live the bunny suit down.

Would you rather have to walk through the sahara desert or have to swim the English channel?
Eek, which do I answer?

Michael: Swim the English channel. People have done it before (right?) and I like swimming way more than walking!

Alstan: Perched on a high cliff. I like heights!

Would you rather be sick for a year and have to go to school and all that stuff or be stuck in a doctor's office for 18 hours?
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!Sorry folks, you`re quicker than i am.
After i saw simultanious post with Michael, i deleted just as Izzy replies!!

In the Doc`s ( be sure to take a good book).

Would you rather live in the Stone-age or in the modern madness ?
^ Modern madness. Let's just say I know this from a thread I once started.

Would you rather be a gay guy or a lesbian girl?
Without drastic surgery, I am equipped for just one choice,
and you would only ever have my word whether I am or I am not. huh.gif

Would you rather tear up the winning lottery ticket or say goodbye to the one you love.
Tear up the lottery ticket, so long as the love was guarenteed to last forever.

Eat an apple with a maggot in it or eat the worm from a bottle of tequila?
I'll take the apple, because if tequila smells anything like wine, I'd never touch it!

Would you rather wear shorts and a t-shirt in the winter or wear a heavy snow jacket, boots, a bunch of sweaters, and all that other winter stuff during the summer? (For the whole seaon, indoors and out!)
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