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Kids who complain constantly about how many chores they have to do and how hard they work - and then they get a twenty dollar allowance.

The fact that if our school is ever in a Lock Down situation, we are all going to die. I mean, the man came over the loud speaker to tell us all where to go. Thanks for giving out our location...
(I guess that belongs here because I really don't know why it makes me so mad...)
QUOTE (Righteous @ Nov 22 2006, 03:01 AM) *
I hate how people think Florida's always warm and sunny. Today, it was an average of 44 degrees farenheit with cold-ass rain and a seabreeze. Yeah, I know other parts of the world have it colder, but dammit, Florida is not a toasty place year round.

Yeah, but omfg I saw this one dude (ahem, 100 bucks it was a tourist) wearing a tank-top and shorts! Today! That really annoys me. ...Ri, just wait 'til the summer..*groans*

I hate tourists. If you're thinking about coming to Dinsey World, Universal Studioes, Islands of Adventure, or any other theme parks in or near Orlando, (that will create taffic jams in any major roads, such as I4) for the summer, for the winter holidays, or whenever, DON'T! Challenge yourself, think of somewhere else to spend your money.

I hate it when someone challenges the thing I just said above and goes, "but tourism is one of Florida's ways of getting money. blah blah blah".
Why is it that whenever I turn on the TV, the adverts start?

I hate a certain teaching assistant who assumes i'm always trying to skive, assumes i'm always not doing my work. If I talk to a friend for five seconds, I must have been talking all the lesson. She enjoys giving out detentions. Once in art I was painting and my wrist accidentally knocked a glass of water. I must have done that on purpose because she gave me my first detention for it. I started crying. I had been at the school for 2 years and this was my first detention. It came as a shock. She said, "Don't cry just because you've been caught out!" Detentions at my school are supposed to be if you are late to a lesson more than once. Not if you accidentally knock a glass of water.

You would think it's simple. If you don't like children, don't work at a school!
QUOTE (Izzy @ Nov 22 2006, 08:15 PM) *
[...] Challenge yourself, think of somewhere else to spend your money.

Okay, when you get a chance, do a search for Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island and see how much touristy crap comes up. Snow birds love it here. You can spot them and summer tourists from a mile away. They're sunburnt, they look around at everything and chicks that hot don't spend that much time with their families if they live around here.

What really pisses me off is when tourists come here and can't say the name right. One time when I was at Wendy's during my lunch break I overheard some old tourist dude with a New England accent on his cell phone talking to his buddy about this little town off I-95 called "Fernandino Beach." A few years ago, my fbrother, friends (including Dave and Matt from Cry of Crete) and I were skating when a Georgian came up to us and asked, "Do you boys know where Fernando Beach is?" Dave (being Dave) retorted with, "You mean Fernandina Beach? You're IN it!"

Almost as annoying is when people pronounce the name wrong. I live Fer-nun-DEE-na, not Fer-NAN-dee-na. Also, regerdless of what Georgian you talk to, I didn't go to Ferndina Beach High School, I went to Fernandina Beach High School.

And for the last time, refardless of what the travel brochure says, Amelia Island is a hunk of dirt on the coast of Florida. If you're here, you're in Fernandina. Deal with it.
QUOTE (Daria @ Oct 8 2006, 09:38 AM) *
Children who stand infront of you in a queue, even though you were there first and there is even someone infront of you. Their mother joins them at the side of the queue and when the person infront of you goes next, the mother has a go at them, saying their child was there first. Obviously she has magical powers to know what went on while she was away.

I despise people like that! I qued up at the desk behined someone else. I was next. Then some kid actually qued up behined the guy being served in a different place! Then his mum came along and joined him. There was no way I was going to let him do this. As soon as the guy being served had left, I jumped in. I was served. As I was leaving I heard That kids mum complaining to the guy at the desk at how her son was first. But I don't care what they think. From the look on that kids face it was probably the first time trying that had gone wrong for him. His face was like this:

Cath Sparrow
Design Clinic have stopped doing they're cool fossils! (fossil fairies and memaids and stuff) I was going to buy one for someone for xmas and all. (bloody hell he's a bugger to buy for) sad.gif
My internet is in-cred-i-bly ssslllooowww. At the moment I'd guess that it's sub-56k, I have to wait at least a minute and a half for a page to fully load. Even the most basic of server interactions (Like Flash apps) have a soaring Ping. Thing is, I've got DSL.

It was fine before, but yesterday it just went whacko.
QUOTE (Righteous @ Nov 24 2006, 02:37 AM) *
QUOTE (Izzy @ Nov 22 2006, 08:15 PM) *
[...] Challenge yourself, think of somewhere else to spend your money.

Okay, when you get a chance, do a search for Fernandina Beach and Amelia Island and see how much touristy crap comes up.

Holy...1,100,000 results. 168,000,000 for Orlando though.
QUOTE ('Ri')
They're sunburnt,

The funny thing is, if you ever go to Pointe Orlando, when you leave the parking garage, 9 times outta 10 the side you came in on will be closed,at you have to take a detour through I-drive. You can always tell who the British tourists are. They're pink and wearing red and white.

I hate how hard it is to find clothes that fit! Jeans and t-shirts are okay, but for long sleeves...

Me: I like that one.
Mom: Try it on..Ok, put your arms out..Nope, too short on the arms, try a bigger size.
Me: Ok..
Mom: Nope, now it's too baggy.
Mom: Nope..either put on a few pounds, or grow shorter.
Me:..Gee,you give me such a choice!
Mom: Stop being a smart alick, and look for more sweaters!

Customers who come in on Christmas Eve and get upset if you don't have exactly what they want. Also customers in the Christmas season in general, who do stupid things like waking up at 2 a.m. and standing in line outside a big shop just to be the first one in and get maybe a free pin that will break in 2 days. Or the ones who get mad if your store is not open everyday or closes early on days like Christmas Eve. I can't tell you the number of times I was told on Christmas Eve, "Where's your holiday spirit?" when I was trying to close up shop. The last person who asked me that got a response of, "Where's yours? I've been here for 13 hours today. I am sick. I have family at home too who are waiting for me to get home so we can have a nice dinner. If you want product now, go to one of the big stores with no concious like Wal-Mart."
Form members who expect me to give up my free time to write our assembly, muck about during practises of assembly, and then moan about how crap said assembly is going to be.
Parents who drag their kids out of after school detentions and keep them off on detention days because they think their kids are little angles who could never do anything wrong when actually they're getting people in headlocks and punching them for "dobbing".
QUOTE (michael1384 @ Nov 25 2006, 05:58 PM) *
Parents who drag their kids out of after school detentions and keep them off on detention days because they think their kids are little angles who could never do anything wrong when actually they're getting people in headlocks and punching them for "dobbing".

"It's not my fault he's obtuse!"

I am sorry, michael, to make jokes about typos, but it was taunting me in a punnish and tantilizing way.
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (MrTeapot @ Oct 24 2006, 01:12 PM) *
Urgh. The snobby people. My family were once bumped up to first on the Eurostar and all we got were funny looks. They were the sort of people who when offered tea or coffee or something from the breakfast menu, as it was morning, demanded "wine, why can't you people give me some wine".

Me and my Dad used to go first class on the Eurostar every so often because when the allocation of staff (my dad worked on the railway for 25 years) seats in second class were gone, it was cheaper to go first class than pay full price for second class. Imagine the looks you get from first class people you get when you're sat with this man. Priceless.

(Yes I realise I'm replying to a post made over a month ago.)
Bus drivers who make you wait for nearly an hour for the friggin bus to come in the rain, very heavy rain, and your umbrella handle breaks cos it cost 2. Then they have the cheek to look down their nose at you when you get on and pay them like you shouldn't be getting on the bus.
I'm going to be on a customer kick I guess.

Customers who don't control their kids in stores.

The store where I work has tons of breakables and people just let their kids run (which they do a lot because it makes cool noises on the hardwood floors) and touch anything they want.

Yesterday this woman just walked off and shopped while she let her child play on the stiars with no supervision, and when she was ready to go she told her daughter to come down and the daughter (who was like 3 years old) just kept yelling "5 more minutes" and wouldn't come down. The kid didn't know what "5 more minutes" meant other than it meant her mom would leave her alone for a bit, and she did. When a clerk picked up something broken no one said anything to the mom but she immediately said, "That wasn't my kids fault" and I was wondering how she would know that since she hadn't been watching her freaking kid the whole time she was shopping.
My aunt, when she decides her precious plants are more important than I am. Yesterday, I was wreslting the dog, and he's a giant, so I get tackled on the ground. I land on the plants, but hit my head on the concrete. For some reason, this makes my ankle hurt as Hell, and I can't get up. Quote my aunt "Izzy, get off the plants, you're smushing them!"

This one teacher at my school that decides no one can ever get hurt. I tripped over a rolling bookbag a while back, and landed on my face. My nose starts bleeding. .."Be careful. Clean off you face. Clean floor. Go to class".

I'm not clumsy, btw, I just don't pay attention a lot.
I dislike people who tell you how hard it is to find a picture to represent say Germany while you write the VERY important speech that if you screw it up all three people in your group will have to write a TEN page essay. Annoying?
I hate it when your friends chicken out in the middle of doing things, and then decide to do it anyways.
Steph: I'm borrrrrrrrrrrrred
Eli: Same, whatta we do?
Me: It's too hot to do anything..
Steph: Anyone up for City Walk>
Me: Do we have to walk there?
Eli: It's down the street.
Me: But we've only got 2 and a half hours to get there and back.
Steph: I'm going if you guys are going.
Me: I'm in.
Eli: Let's go.

*ten minutes outside our neihgborhood*

Eli: What if our parents see us???
Me: Heh, you're the only one aloud to come, remember?
Eli: Yeah, that's with a 16+ year old.
Steph: We should go back.
Me: What!?!?!?!?

*30 minutes later*

Eli: Now I wanna go to City Walk again..
Me: *groans*
Steph: Let's go!

Thanks for the detour guys!
When it rains and the leaves are on the pavement they become this brown, soggy leafy mush. It's disgusting. Bleurgh. One of these leaves got inside my shoe on Friday. They squelch when you walk too. I'm glad my street is tree-less.
I hate how a phone company, which offered free broadband forever, now seems to be trying to drive people away with unreliable service. It`s been a week now since I lost my connection and I`m posting on my sons machine.
What ISP are you using? Orange?
I hate it when I've had a perfect day, then it just ends badly.
QUOTE (Felander @ Dec 19 2006, 12:12 AM) *
What ISP are you using? Orange?

Talktalk, ( I`m not sure whether I ought to name them ), but I had a very helpful guy from their technical dept phone me this evening and he`s helped me get going again.
He`s also promised to send me a more up-to-date modem and software, so its looking up.
I hate it when I'm playing some sort of car game on my PS2 and I'm in first place, and then out of no where, some van just flies through the screen and hit me. Then all the other cars pass me and I have to start the race over. Gah!
I hate when people have been in my class all %$#@ing semester and don't know who I am. Come on people we've been in class together for 3 and a half months and there are only 29 other people in there, you'd think you could at least remember my face.
I hate it when I have a weird conversation like this, where I end up not knowing what to do.
Mom: Come help me wrap Christmas presents! (Not shouted in a mean way, I was upstairs when she said that_
Me: OK, coming, gimme a sec.
*walks into living room*
Me: *starts playing with the candles*
Mom: Stop that.. You're not helping. Go back and play your little online games.
Me: *happy* Ok
*5 minutes later*
Mom: I thought you said you were going to help me wrap these presents!?
When people park so close to the driver's side of my car that I have to get in on the passenger's side and climb over.
Sir Psycho Sexy
I hate getting it in the neck for wasting gas on having a long shower to warm up in the morning after my mum turned the radiator in my room off the night before. I also hate getting a lecture about how much gas costs and that having a shower after coming home from work (in a hot, smokey pub) is wasteful when my mum insists on using a 20+ year old gas fire to "take the edge off the chill" (aka. turn the living room into a furnace) when we have central heating which is barely 2-3 years old, so is therefore MUCH more efficent and heats the WHOLE of the house.

...I also hate mum logic.

Edit: I feel this isn't really a petty complaint, this is a legitimate bitch, I just can't be bothered to put it on lj.
I hate that niggling feeling of being right but knowing that everyone will think of you as a snarky little pedant for pointing it out.
I hate it when I'm over at my friends house and she makes me get off the comuter. T_T

Also, I hate it when I confuse Scooby Snacks with cookies...
I hate it when you are actually right and the other person won't accept you are right- even if it is a fact that you can prove- but they lose interest and so just agree to make you shut up.

They don't really acknowledge you are right and you can tell by their tone of voice.
I hate the fact that everytime I sing intensely, scream, etc. I get a sinus headache.

On the bright side, when I do scream, sing intensely, etc., I sound really good and don't get a sore throat like I used to.

I hate Christmas. Enough said.
I hate it when adults say that we have to go, and then end up talking with each other for another half hour. ...*waits to leave home*
QUOTE (Izzy @ Dec 24 2006, 08:24 PM) *
I hate it when adults say that we have to go, and then end up talking with each other for another half hour. ...*waits to leave home*

I'm 18 and that STILL annoys me!
I hate it when relatives stay till gone 12 after they`ve been here nearly all day.
Cuts into my internet time!
I hate putting on socks and feeling a renegade lump of lint/sock-material in the toe-region. 'Cuz then, you have to take off the sock; find the little bugger (which may, in fact, entail turning the entire sock inside-out); then put the sock back on (including lining up the seams and getting the heel reservoir in the proper place), all just so you have a small mountain under your pinkie toe, laughing at you the whole day. >_<
I hate it when my mom excepts me to call her at a certain time throughout the day. I mean, yeah, after school and stuff I can remember, but during the middle of the day during the holiday break? *Is not physic*
I hate being sick. I was sick all day and still have to go to class tomorrow (and wake up early to get to the computer lab, none-the-less). I'm having a Ri's-Birthday-Sucked-So-Let's-Go-To-Denny's-And-Eat-Pancakes celebration, but I might be too ill to go. That would suck so bad.
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