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Full Version: Outness
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Not sure about what things will be like after today, I sort of got outed/came out to my mum, think in my shock I hinted at playing with bois on occasion too. Not sure where things go from here :S

It will work out somehow. Things tend to. Your family loves you in their own way, yes?
I think you've been very brave. It's not easy being authenticly yourself.

*hugs again*
How did that happen, and what was the reaction?

Experience tells me that people usually get used to things if you follow two rules: don't throw it in their face, and don't rush for full acceptance.
You are very brave for doing so. Hang in there and although it might be crap, you'll be ok.

Well mum today was asking how well I can walk in heels, still awkward moments at times though
That sounds like she's adjusting very fast to the idea, or at the least that she's making an effort. Those are very good signs!
^ Very true; if she's making the effort then she's going to stick with you and things will probably get a bit easier from here. Just go slowly and I wish you the best of luck.
I'm always proud of and in awe of anyone brave enough to show the world who they really are.

One week on and I've had a couple of comments mostly positive, I agreed that its best that my Dad doesn't know about this which is fair enough. He isn't as Tolerant of such things.
Incidentally, what have you outed as? Gay, bi, tg, tv? Or just a big fan of high-heels? smile.gif
TV/Bi ness
Aislinn Faye
Well... if your dad does find out... I mean, he loved you being bi even if he didn't know, remind him of that if the beans get spilled. And mothers can never turn on their children, lock up your cosmetics because women are nortorious for "borrowing" make-up, and your mom is prob. dying to see your stash.
QUOTE (Aislinn Faye @ Oct 19 2006, 03:42 AM) *
lock up your cosmetics because women are nortorious for "borrowing" make-up

Gaah, tell me about it, one of my housemates asked to borrow some of mine this weekend. While my parents were here, which was nice, given that MY dad was standing right there.

Seriously, stick with it. Things will get easier over time.
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