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Full Version: Global Consciousness
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Not really an issue, as such, but something that perhaps people might venture an opinion on.

Anyway, a while ago, whilst browsing El Reg, I came across an article about an organised event called Global Orgasm. This is basically an idea proposed by some people who believe in collective consciousness between all humans and want to, as the writer of the article so succinctly puts it, "inject some positive input into the Earth's energy field", although they don't put it quite so crudely as the article itself.

Now, this isn't actually what this post is about. The brief article is also about something I'd come across before whilst doing some research, and had long since forgotton about; the Global Consciousness Project (GCP). Now, essentially, the GCP is an ongoing project which collects packets of binary data output from devices called REGs (Random Event Generators), also nicknamed EGGs (meaning electrogaiagrams), which produce a supposedly random output based on the application of an algorithm to the white noise produced by a radioactive source. The results are collated in Princeton University, though the REGs are all over the world, and are around 65 in number.

What is the point of this, you ask? The general idea is to see whether global events that engage many people match up with deviations in the data stream from the statistical average. The GCP Website has more information on what they wish to conclude from it. There are supposedly many instances of major world events which correlate with deviations in the data, by varying degrees, again, examples available on the GCP site. Group meditation sessions also supposedly have altered the output of the REGs. Naturally, the reason this was linked from the Global Orgasm site, was that they expect that the event will cause some such deviations, or at least, are interested in seeing whether it will or not.

Now, I don't really categorise myself as a believer or a skeptic towards this, I just find it interesting, and was wondering what other people think of the idea of global consciousness. Do you believe in it? Do you think the people at the GCP are wasting their time? Do you feel the methodology is too unscientific?

If there is a Global Consciousness then someone forgot to plug me into it.
No, I don`t think there is any such thing.
What I do believe is that, as individuals, we can have a feeling of community and this can be shared by, often large, numbers of people with some kind of common experience. Perhaps these forums are case in point?
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