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Full Version: People who smiles without a reason
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Hi all.. this is my first topic here.
Anyways, I'd like to start with something thats been bugging me for quite a while; People who smile even though they're not supposed to...

You ask someone where the cinema is located and he goes..
- Well son, you better take Carl Johnson street til you see 7/11 and turn left there (starts smiling), walk like 2 blocks and then cross the park on your left (stops smiling) and then you cant miss it..

I know this is a rather common behaviour and I acctually know a dude who just spontaniously giggles between sentences...
When someone starts smiling while talking I suppose they are about to pull a joke, so I also start smiling to show that Im following... the trouble occours when the other person stops smiling but keeps on talking and im left with a stupid smile on my face with no f__king reason..
yes, thats a big concern of mine right now.

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I like to smile- it makes me feel good, as does laughing. I don't see how it could upset or worry anyone. I find if someone receives your quandary with a smile on their face, it makes me feel more inclined to A- accept their directions/ advice/ whatever they say and B- makes me feel more at ease.

*Shrugs* Each to their own.
I'll just be doing my thing sometimes listening to my brain static and I'll just smile and I won't notice until I realize, "Holy crap! I'm smiling. I thought I was the negative one." I often don't smile when I'm laughing. Someone told me I constantly have an "I hate the f*ckin' world" look on my face. Sometimes I just smile at things and it scares the living sh*t out of the people around me.

That said, it's best not to assume that if you ask a dude for directions and he smiles, that he's going to kill you or something. If the dude stops smiling and you keep smiling, enjoy you smile, especially if it doesn't happen a lot.
I end up with stupid expressions on my face all the time when I am walking along thinking about something funny and then I get really self concious and think "ahh stop smiling!!"

biggrin.gif <- me

I dunno if I smile a lot when I'm talking to people but I'm beginning to suspect I have a very confused look on my face when I ask questions, since people never seem to believe that I actually understand them..

Stupid facial expressions mad.gif
Sometimes I'll point at things (like for example, a chair or a roll of toilet paper) and start laughing hysterically. My friends will play along and then I really can't stop laughing. They think I see ghosts. rolleyes.gif .
Alright.. I can see that you didnt really see what I meant by "smiling though not supposed to", so Ill try to make it more clear..

Im talking about persons who smile to point out or underline the importance of certain words...
Anyways.. I guy at work does this and its quite annoying.
He also leans forward while doing this and sort of looks from underneith his eyebrows...
People often smile when talking to hide their own nervousness.
Sir Psycho Sexy
I lost 3 points for not smiling inanely at a mystery customer a few weeks crap is that?
QUOTE (Sir_Psycho_Sexy @ Dec 30 2006, 03:07 PM) *
I lost 3 points for not smiling inanely at a mystery customer a few weeks crap is that?

I think that someone is neither conforming, consuming or obeying!

please see this pic for my oppinion on Americanised customer services practice
I'm always smiling. I mean, my face isnt stuck in the postion of a smirk or a smile...but...
Even when I'm crying I will end up smiling. I smiled the whole time I was at my Grandmaz funeral...
My friend punched me in the face, and I smiled the whole time while I kicked the sh!t outta her.
I smile when others cry. Even all the many times a girl named Aizha threatened my life...I just couldnt stop looking happy. Teachers never took me seriously. Neither does my family....
I'm a freak for other reasons (but not this one) and I'm not morbit...I am just a happy happy person.
There is nothing wrong with it. Other then people get madder at me, because they dont think I'm taking them seriously! *laughs*

Oh Well...tis Life!
Ok so as an adendum to this topic, something that does get my goat is people that LOL/ROFLMAO/AHAHAHAHA in comments for no apparent reason.

Over on DevArt I have recently posted a tutorial on manipulating bone structure and creating ridges for photorealistic image manipulations. This morning I received this comment on it

very cool man!

I'm struggling to see what was so funny!

Grrrrrrr, Rant over.
I think that people who generally express an outward cheerfulness/friendliness find those who scowl or portray unhappiness just as strange. As a person I tend to be happy about 95% of the time and show it. I'm just one of those people who doesn't really care when things are going wrong (obviously some people think I'm a bit slow for not acknowledging mishaps as they come, but then they feel bad if they point it out laugh.gif can't pick on the stupid kid and all that).
Being in the service industry it almost scares me how many people can go out for dinner and be meaninglessly angry throughout the entire thing. I just really dont get it. Your out with your friends having lovely drinks and more then likely a wonderful dinner without going through much process to get it. So why not simply have fun?
There is also the idea of courtesy which I suppose is taught to each of us differently. Smiling when you answer someones question could be considered a way to show helpfulness without annoyance. All up to perception really.
in the simpsons the doctor giggles between sentences, even when he is saying : youŽll be (hihi) dead by sunset.
I know someone who kind of laughs after everything he says. I think it might just be when he is nervous/uncomfortable though. (I don't know him that well) He even interrupts awkward silences with "heh heh"s. ohmy.gif

Another one of my friends just can't deal with other people being miserable bastards. Instead of just being sympathetic and complaining about stuff with us, he'll point out something positive in every situation. It's incredibly annoying. Damn optimists!
Aislinn Faye
Complete spam here but yeah, I never noticed that the Doc on the Simpsons does laugh all the time...
QUOTE (Izzy @ Dec 12 2006, 05:36 PM) *
Sometimes I'll point at things (like for example, a chair or a roll of toilet paper) and start laughing hysterically. My friends will play along and then I really can't stop laughing. They think I see ghosts. rolleyes.gif .

you dont?

/end spam
Snooze ya loose I suppose, how did I not see THIS! biggrin.gif

There's nothing wrong with a smile, even in dire situations, although I do get your point. You can get people who smile a bit to much or a bit to hard when just a neutral would be less.... um odd I suppose.

Smiling is a way of life, I've now moved away from the retail sector but I've still got that mentality and it really helps. If you can smile in adversity you'll go far methinks.
When I was still a little'un one of my good mates got knocked down by a hit and run driver. Blood all over, ambulance, police, he was really banged up good. Nearly died. For some reason I couldn't stop smiling and I think I may have laughed. Must have been the stress of the situation.

So I can see where you're coming from, I know I was in the wrong. Anyone who laughs inappropriately gets at least an odd look from me. I can understand why but it grates on me.
I was food shopping the other day, and in a relatively happy mood because a few minutes ago I met this really, really, REALLY nice elderly lady. So I'm just kinda smiling, and then I thought of this thread. Yep. smile.gif
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