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Full Version: Lymeric time
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Lymeric is a very simple game but can be chalenging. Each person says a line. This pattern follows on to make a lymeric. e.g.

person 1:
In the middle of singing a psalm...

person 2:
Michael Hesletien turned on the charm...

person 3:
He shook his wild locks...

person 4:
Removed both his socks...

person 5:
Which set off the fire alarm!

When one lymeric finishes anyone can start a new one. I'll start.
EDIT: I forgot, a lymeric can only be 5 lines long. No more no less.

One day I was driving a car...
Not meaning to go far...

**likes this, could be cool thread, care needed to keep 5 line format**
I stopped to buy a bucket...
But then thought "Aw, _____ it,

What? there are many words that would complete the rhyme that are totally non-bad: buck, chuck, shuck... the list is endless! (or only about 3 or 4 more...)

I also think this is a good thread; just need to be careful to keep on top of the rhythm and form bit.
Went and got drunk in a bar!

Drink driving! mad.gif mad.gif mad.gif
Well thats a very good one! I'm sticking that on my wall. This will be a hard game, but the results will be hilarious I'm sure.

New one:
One day I was walking along...
And I thought of this maddening song:
"The World is just a great big onion," ...

*grits teeth and shudders, always just hated it*
and tastes like a bunion
So let's stick it on a prong!

My this is a hard game.
New one:

One day while singing a carol...
When attired in my finest apparel..
Someone threw a tomato...
While I was singing vibrato...
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