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Full Version: SNOW!
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Those remind me of metal stairs that I had outside my house in the first year at university - steep and slippery, even in only wet weather. When it got cold the damn things were deadly!

I think we had sleet here today. It wasn't very exciting so I stayed inside and tried to keep warm.
Yes they are metal stairs and very deadly in any un dry weather, they have made me really hate the snow. That and the damn people that don't shovel their sidewalks, it's a city people do walk from place to place.
It's snowing again, god I swear when I lived in a building where they shoveled for me it didn't snow this much, and they are talking about another winter storm this weekend.
It's still pretty hot here. Although it was pouring ice daggers this morning. It's so confusing!! I stayed home today because I didn't want to go to the end of year school pool thing (its not compulsory) so I don't know but there is a chance the pool party may have been canceled.
Ugh, I'm really tired but I've got two parties to goto on the weekend as well...
It's a hard life being a social butterfly.
Yea they are talking about some nasty stuff tomorrow night into Sunday morning here, snow and ice and then we are supposed to get hit again with snow on Wednesday. Whats the deal this year really I don't remember a winter that has started off like this since I have been alive, mostly thanks to global warming, hehe.
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