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Full Version: Hola!
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Hello (again) to everyone at matazone! There are probably not many who remember me, as I was never uber active, and hung out mostly in the games section, and haven't posted for about a year. Recently I got bored though, and thought I would come back to my old pals at matazone, and go back to my lurking habits. Hopefully nothing much has changed here, because this place is awesome. Anyways, I'm rambling, so I guess I'll see you in the rest of the forums!
Hey there! Welcome back, even though I never knew you the first time. tongue.gif
Welcome back! Nice display piccy smile.gif
*Hugs you* Hiiiiiiiiiii!!! biggrin.gif

I never knew you but I'm glad you decided to come back!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Wotcha, welcome back, stick around this time? tongue.gif
Welcome back smile.gif
Blimey, long time no see! Good to have you back. So... How would you describe the most interesting bits of your life in the last year?
Hmm... nothing much interesting happened actually. I did however finish a Nanowrimo, which I was insanely exited about. And... umm... I developed an addiction to using elipsises... yes...
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