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Full Version: Song Recognition!
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Kinda just a thought, dunno if it'll actually catch on. What you do is create a new speech recognition profile, and give it 2 - 3 training sessions, so it doesn't know your voice 100%. Then you open up Microsoft word, and say (not sing!) lyrics from a somewhat well-known song. Then you copy and paste it here. If someone thinks they know what it is, they can guess. If they get it right, it's their turn to do a song. They can pass if they want, or if they don't have a mic. Got it?

I'll start. This one's easy.

I one alone in a
The only one that I have ever known
Donít know where it goes
But its hands the NL law:

I want this and to share the
On the world order that contains
When the city states
And Iím the only 111

Iíll walk alone
Iíll walk alone

I walk alone
I want the

My shadow is the only one that walks inside the
My shadow hearts the only thing that speaking
Sometimes I wish someone out there and find a
Till then Iíll walk alone

Iím walking down the line
That devises someone in my mind
On the borderline
Of the engine that one,

Read between the lines
Whatís more, and everythingís all right
Check my vital signs
To no oneís bill Lyon one

I want, and
I will call

Machado is the only one that looks inside a
The shallow hearts the only thing thatís the name
Sometimes I wish someone are they will run
So then I want:
I knowww!!! That's "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" by Green Day. biggrin.gif *bounces excitedly*

And I would be so up for this but I don't have a mic. So I'm offering my turn to someone else who wants a go?
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