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Full Version: Good morning kids...
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Kids... I even call my parents kids... so no offence intended!

Hello... My otherhalf and I met on an interfaith forum. We are so joined at the hip and heart that what the one does the other is thinking so ...We are one... We believe in the Bible and what it teaches and that in our humble opinon equals ...not what would Jesus do but "What did Jesus do?" So many who claim the faith of the Bible can not answer that... We don't always have the answer either but we know where to look.

The only stupid question is the one you know the answer to...unless you are asking to find out what the other person knows... so Exceptions to all rules... Cliches are cliches because they hold the common thread of unilateral thinking and or conditions.

Our family consists of the very young "less than a year" to the much older ... in the 80's... Married, divorced, gay, straight, believers, non believers and everything in between. One generation of this blended family consists of 23 children and foster and step children.

We are ordained ministers. We have done conseling for CASA. (center against sexual assaut) We have driven big rig, been a private investigator, done nursing, cooked professionally, cleaned professionally, Host websites, Computer tech, have degreesand certificates, done music profesionally...etc. Our list is long and varried.

We have critters dogs (Bear, and Blizzard) cats (Predator, Nudge, Tilly & Mufasa, one fish (vulture) The oldest of these critters the cat Snoe Toes was put to rest last month and the tender age of 21...we miss him. We do doggie day care for Thomas and Morgie... All dogs love the pool!!!
Welcome to Matazone's forum.
I hope you enjoy it here and stick around. Sounds like you could add interesting insights into the various discussions hereabouts.
Hello and welcome. No point in duct-taping you to the ceiling, you'd fall down after just one more post... So consider yourself lucky! See you around then.
Thank you... Yes I have opinions I like to share and I base those opinions on experience not just my own experience but those of others close to me... and sometimes not so close... but an opinion without knowledge is a scary thing to me... Someone in the family used to get very very irritated when I would ask they why they thought this or that but ... defining why can be very important.
"Because" always seemed to work for me. *shrug* tongue.gif
QUOTE (Izzy @ Mar 13 2007, 12:51 AM) *
"Because" always seemed to work for me. *shrug* tongue.gif

When I would answer because to my Mom she would say "Why because? because I expect an explanation." I have also heard from her "because I said!" Just never worked at my place.
Hiiiii! Welcome *hugs*

Have fun round here smile.gif
Halloo!!!!!!! I think you needs spangling!!!

Haven't done that in a while!
my god...

its true...

the spangles didn't last...

what is happening??


pardon the dramatism.....
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