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Full Version: Retreat! Fall Back!
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I only made one of those introvert type topics of the three I remember there being (no really, I only spawned one of those). There were enough people on the, "needing to escape and shut down daily" persuasion that I figure I can get some useful advice here.

Since working as a graphic designer, and again at uni, I seem to have fallen into a position that to me feels like I shouldn't be in it. But, I apparently do it well enough that I keep being placed there repeatedly by my peers. I end up in this leadership role, well I assign people what to do, organise things, and I am also often the face and voice of projects I work on.

If you've met me you know I am very quiet, and if you know me well, it's less through shyness and more difficultly speaking to people I don't know so well in person (long and complicated issue I won't go into here). So I kind of have to operate in something I geekily call 'high energy' mode to be able to be loud, and confident enough to be able to perform this role. Admitedly, I do feel proud of myself for getting things done well when it all goes to plan. But then after a while typical introvert syndrome kicks in and I start suffering from burn out and that's not helpful slap bang in the middle of a project when people are relying on me.

So far I have managed to escape only by dumping a high proportion of the work load on myself so that I can sit on my own and do it. I can't keep doing that forever, because I'll likely collapse from exhaustion at some point, and also with everyone all working hard then the amount of quality work that can be produced increases (assuming you work with good people of course).

I'm not really sure what to do, it's doing my head in. I can be in that role for short periods of time, but after a while I just feel like my batteries are flat, and I lose all ability to form decent sentences, and I have to hold my tongue or else I get snappy and grumpy with no good reason to be so (so far I haven't in work/uni situations yet).

So to anyone else that has that feels like god gave them the battery size smaller than was stated on their instruction box, what do you do when you know you need to retreat from socialising more than you are being able to, but still need to be in good working order because life is demanding it? So far all my old habits are failing, I used to go for long walks and stuff, well I still do, but I find my brain filled with so much stuff now that I am not turning off quite as much as I used to. Same thing with listening to music. Computer games still work, But I just don't have the time to play them as much like I once did.

I would like to be able to continue this leadership role thing I keep getting though. I am growing as a person for it, and I am developing my social skills and body language skills no end through it. I am just worrying that I can't keep it up.

Anyways, any advice twould be lovely.


(On a side note, I really can't get my head around those people that say "they need to be kept busy". Scary folk, how do they exist like that? I'd explode if I lived like that.)
My granma says she needs to be kept busy, mainly because she is refusing to be like normal 86 year olds and be "old". She still does all her gardening, decorating (she has recently re-decorated her lounge, including the 16' high (at one point) beamed ceilling) and used to knit until her arthritic fingers stopped her from doing so.

Anyways... I probably don't have alot of useful information, seeing as I don't get the "burnt out" feeling- when I do, I either cry, sleep or write, so not a lot of use to you.
I've experianced it quite a bit, though it gets better as I get older. I tend to like simply sitting by myself, outside. Sitting, just watching things change and stay the same helps me refocus, and recenter myself. I find that if I'm around too many people for too long, I start to get irritable, and very stressed. It also helps to have a completely safe place where you can go and be alone. For years this has been my bedroom for me - nobody but me goes in, so when I'm here, I can feel completely comfortable. Before that I found places in parks that few people knew about, and rarely was intruded upon.
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Welcome to the adult world. smile.gif

I AM one of those people who need to be kept busy. After I had my son I spent two years working from home, mummy by day and career woman by night. I had no social life and pretty much lived through the net as I could do this along side my work. Multi tasking rules!

I have a seriously high pressured job and I don't switch off. Ever. My other half gets so annoyed with me because I'm in work mode 24/7. I can guarentee that the office we call me at least once on my day off and if I've phoned in ill.

I don't really have any advice for you. I just know that in some jobs you have to do whatever you can to get the job done. In my situation I'm building a career and that means that I have to push my boundries all the time in order to get where I'm going. Success is so very important to me.

Anyway, to chill I read. A lot. Also, Sunday bath time is my sacred time. Set myself up with cigarettes, book and a beer if avaliable and for two hours I am on my own. No partner, no work, no child - just me and my time. I do know how you feel - I managed to burn myself out this time last year (dad died, just started new job - easily done) and after three 12 hours days in a row and working through the bank holiday I had to have time off because I just crashed big time. That scared me so I'm far more careful now.

*example - I did begin to go into a long tirade about what I do and the pressures involved before I stopped, had a cigarette, pulled myself together and decided that winding myself up on a Sunday morning is a supremely bad idea. I've talked myself out of going to the office today... smile.gif*
QUOTE (Snugglebum the Destroyer @ Apr 8 2007, 07:54 AM) *
Welcome to the adult world. smile.gif

tongue.gif. I didn't mean life in general is annoying me. It's specifically being this 'leader' person that my brain seems allergic to.

Still not fixed sadly. I am doing better now at the moment, but that's because I have been working on a lot of solo projects. So I have just got on with things without issue. But I know next year and possibly summer it will happen again.

New forms of escapism I plan on trying:

a ) Go on long train journeys to places I have never been that begin with the letter's X, Y or Z and spend the day there having an explore with my camera.

b ) Finding reliable people I can share the responsibility of being in charge with. (That would require getting over some other issues on my part.. hm..)

c ) Find a social circle full of socially undemanding folk and 'fall' into their lives.

d ) ODing on chocolate and ice cream.
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