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Full Version: We Have A Chat Room Through Irc!
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QUOTE (Sun Tsu @ May 31 2003, 12:18 PM)
I finally got mIRC to work!

Yeah! Go Sun and HB! We need more chat zombies, yup yup.

.. Mm.. braaaaaaaaaaiins..
Sun Tsu
Someone pleez go into chat. Im sooooooooo bored.
Um, is the chat empty, or am I having irc issues?
Sun Tsu
QUOTE (syuu @ Jun 1 2003, 09:54 PM)
Um, is the chat empty, or am I having irc issues?

The place is as empty as a wheelbarrow full of air. dry.gif
/me sighs, here we go again...


at the moment, there are LOTS of issues going on with certain people on IRC. right now, i would avoid chat like the plague. i know, it sucks, but until something else is sorted out, it's a HUGE security risk even being there...
Sun Tsu
...and i know what the risk is. I don't think d-man wants me to say it though....
As of the 3rd June the IRC chatroom is no longer the official chatroom for The Other Side. It will still be there but you use it at your own risk!

The new chatroom is here,

Please update your links and suchlike!
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