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Full Version: How Do You Know When To Believe Something?
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About 2 weeks ago, some friends and I were playing (American) football in front of this lady's house. She got pissed at us, claiming we were hitting her windows (which we weren't...) and called the cops. This girl I knows mom then started talking to her and the cops, straightening out the situation, saying we were just kids, would play somewhere else, and so on.

So we didn't get in trouble.

Well, the mom came up to all of us, and told us that. We we were all, 'okay, what now?', and I decided that a good way to piss the hell outta the cop-calling lady would be to get my guitar, plug in, and jam. But we couldn't find any outlet near her house to plug in, so everyone just came to my garage, and we jammed.

Jessica (mom that got us out of trouble) decided I was a cool kid and an awesome guitarist (seriously play Pink Floyd and GNR stuff for oldish people and they'll love you), and invited me to come with her and her kids to Halloween Horror Nights, as long as my parents say it's cool. So we exchanged phone numbers and she left.

That was slightly unimportant. It just shows how I met the lady and how little I know about her.

Today, I was swinging at the playground, and she started waving at me. I totally forgot who she was, took my iPod headphones off and kinda stupidly said "Wait, so you're waving at me? Hi. *wave*" She reminded me who she was, and we sat at a picnic table and talked. (Yes, I realize I'm going against the whole 'don't talk to strangers thing.') She told me about what she did for a living (not gonna go into a lot of detail... Something about this hotel where all these celebs stay at, the HoB, and having connections with all these talent show agency things), and started talking about how good of a guitarist I am, and how much talent I have. That kinda took me by total surprise, because I know I can play and stuff, but it's not like I'm a Slash or Hendrix or anything.

She said she'd like to take me some places with her, and get into the whole performing side of it. And my band too if they're good enough. As long as it's cool with my parents.

She also assured me that she wasn't a pervert or murderer or anything. Which, I don't really know if she's telling the truth or not. Because she has kids, but that doesn't really mean anything.

So... I wanna know how the hell I'm supposed to know if she's dead serious, or some lying kidnapper. Because if it's the first one, that's awesome. If not, I don't really wanna die or get raped. I'm physiked (how do you spell that...? Pronounced sigh k ded.. Kinda) but kinda creeped out.

Ask her if you can bring someone along with you if you go. If you have someone else with you it is usually enough to deter a deviant. I good choice is someone of the same sex as you and even better would be a family member, who you like and likes you.
Take your mum with you. Parents have an excellent sense for what is a con and what is real, and it would be good to have someone there firsthand to see what is going on.
It is always awesome when something positive and totally unexpected happens- during the summer, I was called up and offered a job from this woman I had met once or twice. I am now PA to the CEO of some rapidly expanding business- and I'm still trying to find faults with it. On the flip-side, don't get your hopes up too much. Some people are just all mouth and no trousers.

EDIT- just realised how English that last expression is. Just incase you didn't understand it, it means like... Some people bull**** about a load of awesome stuff, but they don't actually have the means to back it up. They're just making stuff up.
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