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Whoops! I just wrote 2000 words tonight. I try to avoid going too far over my 1000 word target because it just seems to make it harder to write the next day, but it was all flowing so nicely up to a really cool turning point that I couldn't resist continuing.

The turning point has happened one chapter ahead of where I was planning, but it's gone well, and it isn't far off of schedule at all, so I'm really happy.

I'm now 47,079 words into the book and in great shape for hitting 50k by Friday. Yay! I'm very excited that it's all coming together so well. There are challenges over the next few chapters, but I'm confident from what's happened so far that I'll be able to tackle them.

Right, I should really go and get some sleep... Night night!

Yay good job!!

...I submitted my UC app! Wahoo! *celebrates even though she didn't really do anything*
Yay for you!


But what's UC?
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 5 2007, 03:18 PM) *
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Dec 5 2007, 03:55 AM) *

...I submitted my UC app! Wahoo! *celebrates even though she didn't really do anything*

Yay for you!
But what's UC?

I'm pretty sure she's referring to the same thing as in this post on the previous page:
QUOTE (elphaba2 @ Nov 30 2007, 04:09 AM) *
I dropped out, which is inexplicably lame considering that I was nearly at 41k, but it's necessary for my sanity and everyone else's. This way, maybe I'll get into UCLA smile.gif and the way I figured that out, it'd be a lot nicer to go there and to be accepted than to have written a novel in 30 days. I can have written a novel in 40 days, I think, and be just as proud.

That's University of California, Los Angeles unless I'm mistaken.
Ah, I thought it would be something along those lines. Cool! When would you hear back about that Elph?
Well, basically never. I think they have to inform me by April. My guidance counselor says: "Wow, so--California. That's far." when I ask her if she thinks I'll get in or not. tongue.gif
You better go there so in... 3 years time? I can come and poke you and you can show me round. Yeah!
Also, so you get into the University of you choice etc. biggrin.gif
I did it! Got got past 50,000 words yesterday! I'm now on 50,602. Yay! I'm half-way there!

Okay, now to get everyone really pissed off (which is what happens at the mid-point of novels)...
Are we going to get to read your novel Mata?
When it's published, I certainly hope so! Naturally, I'll have to get an agent and a publisher first... Oh, and finish it too.

The target date for finishing is 2nd Feb 2008, but I may be a bit earlier than that. That date was chosen because it was the result of 1000 words per day for the remainder of the novel, plus five days where I figured things like Christmas would get in the way (I've already used two for job interviews, but I write more than 1000 per day anyway, so it balances out nicely). That date is only for finishing the first draft. I will then need to leave it for a few weeks before going back to it and editing it. I think I'm learning a lot as I go along, so I should be able to make some improvements to the early sections during the editing, although I think they already read fairly well.

So, assuming a couple of months for editing, then maybe a few months to get an agent, then maybe a few more months for publishing to happen, potentially it could be on shelves by next Christmas. That's assuming that everything goes really smoothly.

Due to my target of getting this published and on shelves, I can't put previews or sections on the internet because that would make it a lot harder to get a publishing deal.
I've just written a little over two thousand words, putting me at 57,596 words.

I have discovered some new writing music - two hour ambient electronica mixes by Digitonal. Tonight's choice (the September 30th mix) is especially good for me because it combines two loves of mine, Vangelis' soundtrack to Blade Runner and my usual writing music Future Sound Of London.

The full track list is:

Vangelis - Opening Titles
Input Junkie - FlowerSeq
Vangelis - Chew's Eye Lab
Lamb - Softly (Bola mix)
Mira Calix - Sandsings (BOC mix)
Esem - B4 lgo
Vangelis - Memories of Green
LJ Kruzer - Parleyvoo
Sense - Choice
Vangelis - Damask Rose
Plaid - Lazybeams
Kaom - All of your Mindz
Max Richter - Arboretum
SonVer - Until the Stones Melt
Elegi - Time Lapse
Vangelis - I am the business
Digitonal - Maris Stella (Animat remix)
Aphex Twin - Bbydhyonchord
Vangelis - Blush Response
Honeyroot - Heavy Drops
Brothomstates - Jak got stuck in Canada and this sounds like
Kritical Audio - Krup
Autechre - Clipper
Posthuman - Moment of Weakness
Vangelis - Tears in Rain
Future Sound of London - My Kingdom

Absolutely fricking lovely. (I had to find it on , which you have to register on before you can use it.)

Does anyone else write to music?
I write to music if moop isn't playing video games and making noise that will compete with it. biggrin.gif

That is, unless I have a lot to write in a short amount of time. Then I need silence. I usually prefer to write to instrumental music, because then I don't sing along and get distracted.

Eeep, it will be January soon. I am going to start editing my monstrosity of a novel then. I think I'm going to make a New Year's resolution to complete a second draft during 2008. We will see how it goes.
Instrumental music (or electronica as it most often the case with me) is the only thing I can write to. Lyrics distract me too much!

I just thought I'd mention that I'm now on 91,701 words. I'm nearly there!
QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 10 2008, 10:54 PM) *
Instrumental music (or electronica as it most often the case with me) is the only thing I can write to. Lyrics distract me too much!

I just thought I'd mention that I'm now on 91,701 words. I'm nearly there!

Good god man! You're flying!

I'm looking forward to reading it smile.gif
I plan to be finished on Friday. I guess we'll see if that happens, but it's very close now... I'm really excited about finishing it!

I'm going to leave it for a few weeks when it's done so I can get a bit of a fresh view of it. I'll give it a read through and then start on editing it into the second draft form. Depending on how I feel that goes I may go for a third draft too. It's only really around that point that I can start getting agents involved, then we've got publishing houses to work with... If I'm really lucky it will be out for Christmas, if I'm not then... Well, I guess I'll write another one and try with that instead.
Well if the publishing companies don't want to print it at first, you could always just threaten them with your army of ducks, yeah?
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 13 2007, 02:00 AM) *

I just clicked on that link and it told me I was reffered there by a known spammer! ohmy.gif
I think it's doing that for every site. He seems to have a very aggressive script set up to deter spammers.

And yes, I think I could bring in the Army Of Ducks to sort out any publishers that don't see things my way. Mwahahaha.
Yay, I have started the editing process! Well, I started it at the beginning of this month. I just forgot to post about it until now.

Taking a break from writing was definitely a good idea for me! I highly recommend it, especially since you wrote twice as much as I did. It helped me love my characters again. smile.gif I was pretty angry at them during the last week of November. You guys have no idea how close I was to typing "AND THEN THEY ALL DIED IN A FIRE!" by the time I finally reached 50,000 words.

Although, I used to end all of my stories with "and then they died" when I was a kid. It's not anger management issues, it's retro. Yeah. biggrin.gif
Any story that doesn't end with 'and then they all died' simply doesn't have a wide enough time-scale.
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