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Full Version: Hey, Sarah!
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Miss gothictheysay, I was thinking about you the other day and realized the sheer awe and beauty you bring upon my life. well, maybe not quite that flowery/romantic/obsessive, but you are one awesome lady.

We love you. tongue.gif
Totally love my little sister (the one I wish I had) happy.gif

And there should be Ange-visiting in the future. The *near* future.
Agh, how do I choose between all of that?

I went with the Cambodian baby thing, but really I wanted to choose them all!

Yay, ego polls. biggrin.gif Sarah is long overdue to have one! <3
I couldn't put into words how awesome Sarah is in any human language. So here goes...

Awww. I love you guys. This is the perfect time for an ego poll, but of course katii knew all that. sniffle. you guys are teh best.
i love you sarah

[edit by syuu: careful with names in ego polls wink.gif]
I was very tempted by Whitney Houston being cheap like crack, for old time's sake, but I decided that she probably wears cute panties. I'm guessing the poll maker may have more education on this matter than myself, otherwise it would be an unusual option to have on there, therefore chose it to be the most logically supported option.
*fidget* I might..know a bit about it.

one serious option I did leave out was sarah's writing skills. now those..I should've remembered. and she plays a mean game of uno - next to moop and I of course.
I went for the last one.
I'm not planning on putting you in our basement when you come to England, Sarahs.


We only have a loft >_>
Anyways. Sarahs is an awesome person who needs to shut up now and again because then she thinks too much and doesn't eat enough candy hearts. And, you know, you LIKE candy hearts, don't you Sarahs @_@
*snugglehugs* And you also know that actually, what comes out of that mind of yours is pretty special. And Wytu found his Kaze last night.
No, she's mine. Just so I can eat most of the candies myself. smile.gif
Just to state- Wytu voted for panties.
This is true. I do think too much and don't eat enough candy hearts. Now I realize what I need to do.

"And Wytu found his Kaze last night."

Despite having talked about this earlier, it still seems dirty. tongue.gif
I'll say wink.gif
Oni Usagi
Sarah, you are awesome. They may have dragged me out of the casino but I went kicking and screaming your name. You stuck with me in irc when everyone else mysteriously disappeared for weeks even though I didn't talk much. You deserve much happiness and I believe you will find it because you're out there looking for it and that goes a long way. So keep on being awesome Sarah! *hug*
aww, thank you Oni. *hug* you saved my life that summer when I moved and had no friends. you are the awesome too.
Cath Sparrow
Of course Sarahbra's awsome I may not have been on IRC much of late but I still know this. biggrin.gif
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