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Whew, thank God. I was starting to worry someone at the post office had just forgotten to send it out!
And I still can't work out who sent me mine!!!!! Please tell me and put me out of my misery
That was, um.. that was me. smile.gif I'm glad you like it! I got given some of this chili chocolate too this Christmas (a new chocolate shop opened near my school and everyone's become so excited) - it's so odd, ''mmmm chocolate. Aahh fire!'. But err, yes, that probably isn't a very accurate. Sorry I'm rambling. Ok.
Ah, so it was you was it? I had one block of that chocolate and it almost put me off chocolate!!!!!!!!! However, the intended recipient, Ryn, loved it.
Cath Sparrow
I got my pressie today! I got Cathpants! (yes the size is fine GA wink.gif )

Thank you GA. biggrin.gif

ps. I've pretty much finished yours now so should be put in the post in the next few days. biggrin.gif
Has everyone got their presents now?

Thanks for the great idea Izzy, we'll have to do this next year too.
Matt is still secret santa-less!

He is sleeping by the letter box
I know who sent Smiler's. I checked and it was sent just before Christmas... Hm... I hope it's not got lost sad.gif
Cath Sparrow
I think mine took longer to arrive then it should of with the xmas post so it may just be still tangled up with that.
I've still not got mine but I'm not freaking out about it... yet! tongue.gif
Secret Santa
Ho Ho Ho, someone at the post office is apparently extremely stupid - Snoo's present came back return to sender. Santa is sending it back with a nasty word with them either tomorrow or as soon as he gets paid. This isn't the first time our post office has gotten themselves mixed up when the address does exist. smile.gif
Hooray for internet back on line! I started with the trying in mid-December. Not a joke. sad.gif

Santa, whoever you really are, I and cat loved our gifts. I'm still not technologically advanced enough to post pics but we received:
-Cat toys! His furryness likes the little one with a bell. At 3 am I'm not so keen.
- Chocolate.
- A highly odd wind up Nunzilla toy. biggrin.gif
- Cool postcard that's mysteriously vanished at the moment or I'd mention where it's from.

Possibly that's all. It's late and I opened it on Christmas morning. It was great. Friends were highly amused and the Nun toy almost wandered home with one of 'em. She's still keen to steal it so I'll have to watch when she comes to visit. laugh.gif

Thank you Santa.
Cath Sparrow
I have a nunzilla to! I got it from a friend a few years back for xmas. In return he got hamster jam ( I won the wierd gift contest biggrin.gif )
Sorry to be a pain but can whoever sent Smiler's pressie PM me? He is still sleeping by the letter box
hehe, I was Ashbless's Santa! biggrin.gif I had to fight moop to keep him from opening the Nunzilla toy so he could see her in action.

I will poke Matt's Secret Santa. I knew that snoo's got sent back without ever actually being delivered to us, I just forgot to pass that message on to snoo. Ooh, maybe it will arrive before Thursday since Santa re-sent it...I will be seeing her then!
Cath Sparrow
GA present wasn't sent yesterday it was sent weeks ago so she should have it already (or in the next couple of days). wink.gif
{Gothic Angel}

Cath is for the f***ing WIN biggrin.gif Thankyou so much! You TOTALLY win this thread!

(Sorry for the boob shots, my camera is built into the back of my laptop tongue.gif The third one is so you can see her little arms happy.gif)
heehee look at you GA turning the thread all smutty and R rated... that's for elsewhere on the boards wink.gif heeheehee

sad.gif Ryn's totally made me look bad... i've not been sleeping by the letterbox, i was sleeping on the door mat outside to intercept the postie before he even gets to the door wink.gif She's awful, can't stand suspense, due to the delights of sharing our new shiney pooter Ryn was left logged in so I know who my Santa was... the thought is what counts and I'm happy to be thought of often so all's cool
Cath Sparrow
Glad you like your Gothic Angel/Angle. I alway turn to the Aunty Grumbles Catalogue when looking for interesting gift's. tongue.gif
Yay! snoo's present arrived!

aargh, I want to open it, even though I know what is in it. I have a Thing about unopened parcels. It's probably a good thing I don't work for Royal Mail.

I will be a good candice and leave it, though. I just wanted you all to know that it is staring at me. O___O

Edit: snoo said I could open it, so I did. I took out the part that was for moop and I shall post snoo's gift onto her since I ended up not seeing her today.

MINE ARRIVED! It's awesome... probably from Syuu? Photos later!!!
I think my language in the card may have given me away..tongue.gif

But naw, I'm just glad it's finally there!
Yay! So this leaves Smiler, correct?
Nope, Smiler delivered mine! I couldn't take pictures, sadly, but suffice to say, it was a woooooonderful gift. smile.gif
I mean Smiler's not got his one yet, I think.
You are correct, I wander lonely as an elf
Have you been LARPing again? Had any knocks to the head lately? wink.gif

HYPER 'cos this stuff is mostly sugar!

EXCITED 'cos it's an awesome tshirt!

BOOB SHOT... mostly to get the tshirt in!

that OFFICIALLY made my day! I don't remember the last time I grinned so widely at a computer. I'm glad you like your shtuff. biggrin.gif
QUOTE (Mata @ Jan 25 2008, 06:47 PM) *
Have you been LARPing again? Had any knocks to the head lately? wink.gif

Erm... yes on both counts... wink.gif
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