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QUOTE (Izzy @ Jan 30 2008, 10:07 AM) *
QUOTE (Eli @ Jan 24 2008, 07:28 PM) *

Heh, yea thanks for actually "calling" me about that. I guess I'll go. It's not like we have anything better to do anyways; unless you want to like burn your sink or mine...again. HEY, maybe we could take pictures of the tourists burning things inside your sink!

I called. You just never called back.

We're going tomorrow! My hat's all cool and colorful, Eli still has to make his.

My hat is kind of a non-exsitent one. There was only one ever that makes me special.

This grew out of a little magazine (which I routinely buy) that documents weird and strange things in NJ. It has expanded and they now have books dealing with other states (and England, apparently).
I celebrated Mata's birthday with a day trip to Vancouver to see dinosaurs.

To continue this touristy time thing this weekend I'll be heading into Chinatown in Victoria this weekend to celebrate New Years. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Welcome year of the Rat. There will be a Dragon dance and probably Lion dancers. Pity you can no longer set off small firecrackers within city limits but maybe they'll set off some large ones in the inner harbour area.

As for my elastic gun project - I have wood and have located clothes pins. I just need to get carving and sanding. Er, look over there, new year's celebrations! *hides from project*
Yay! Tonight we set off a mentos gyser!

Our inspiration, my buddy and I, were the loonies at eepy bird. Go see!
This sounds like a very cool idea. I'd be willing to go on adventures and take pictures of said adventures if anyone is interested in Edmonton...
We've got North America's largest (or second largest?) mall, a couple historical parks, complete with 'pioneers", one of which (the dorkier one) I may be working at again this summer, a beautiful very large river valley that people often sleep in during the summer, lots of festivals with more being added every year, some museums, and this coming in June.
I know no one exactly challenged us to do it, but! I dragged Wytu to Epping Forest which is this huge old forest in East London/ Essex that used to be royal hunting grounds and from which you are still allowed to gather one faggot of wood from each day, on Saturday. We went on a hack through with a riding school- I was on a horse that decided it wanted to kick every other horse near it, and Wyt's horse didn't want to go faster than a slow walk. (Annoying when the rest of us were trotting/ cantering.) It was pretty awesome. Afterwhich we had a couple of pints in the pub next door to the stables and headed home.
... I just kind of wanted to tell people about it because it was awesome >_>
That's what this thread is for! It is for awesome things! Your trip sounds awesome and it is cool that you went on a horse even if it was a cruel horse.

/slightly drunken encouragement
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