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Full Version: Izzy Told Me To Write An Intro
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Hey, so I'm Eli. I'm not very good at introductions, but Izzy wouldn't stop nagging at me. So hi. Not really sure to write so yea. I like music and stuff? Oh, and Izzy told me to beware of ceilings...???
Nooo, no ceilings to beware of around here. *whistles innocently*

Welcome to my forums!

What sort of music do you like? There's usually at least one person on here who seems to know more about anything I like than I do, so they may be able to help you find some new cool stuff.
Hello Eli.

Welcome to the forums. *reassuringly leads Eli over to the side*

Don't be afraid or worry about anything here... We're all perfectly safe and good. I can vouch for everyone that I have met on these forums as good, fine, upstanding individuals. Mind you I have yet to actually meet anyone..

*promptly duct tapes Eli to the ceiling*

Prepare to me Mata-ized!

*maniacal laughter*
Velkom Eli. Ve ave 'eard a lot about zyou.
*Strokes bond-villain cat*
Hey Eli,

Keep your arms and legs inside the thread at all times, and enjoy the ride
Aren't they pretty Spangles are the best!!!!!!
Nice welcoming party; love the hospitality. I can see why Izzy wanted me to join. I do have a few questions though. 1) Should I be worried about the blood rushing to my head? 2) Spangle? and 3) Just how much has Izzy told you about me?
Ignore the blood rushing...

its perfectly normal...

*positions a large bucket under your head*

oh and spangles are...

well I'm not allowed to say...

The Tribe members can say...
Whats the bucket for? Tribe members? *confused*
The bucket is absolutely not to collect the blood. Nope, definitely not.

The Tribe... The first rule of the tribe is that you do not speak about The Tribe. The second is that you must have a magpie attitude towards anything that sparkles. The third: see number one.
*sighs in relief* Well thats good, for a second there I though thats exactly what the bucket was for. So how long exactly must I stay duck-taped to the ceiling?
Until you fall down.... That may take a while of course... but its definitely worth it... ya... thats right..

*slides a bed of nails under Eli*

*whistles while waiting for the fall*
But if I fall down, wouldn't I fall on the bed of nails?
no most definitely not...

*looks to each side and then modifies the bed of nails so that they aren't all the same height*
I'm lucky. I was never duct taped to the ceiling.

Welcome! I'm Michael and I'm here to shove you in the vending machine and see what comes out!
Hullo! You'll certainly enjoy yourself here. The forumites are swell folk. Just be sure to keep a hand on your wallet at all times. Oh yeah, and watch your kidneys, for safety reasons.
Eli! *pounces*

I wasn't actually going to say 'hi' in here until I got my internet back at home, but I came on in Mr. C's class to check something, and I was already logged in. So hi!

QUOTE (Eli @ Jan 25 2008, 09:59 PM) *
Just how much has Izzy told you about me?

Absolutely nothing. You shouldn't believe everything you here. tongue.gif
So then how can I believe what you just said?
Yo Eli, welcome to...well, this place.

You've got Izzy, I assume, to tell you how things work and ect., but it's also important that you know basically anyone on here is fine helping you with any question you may have. Just PM whoever you think has an answer, and we'll help ya out.

Anyway, Greetings from the South - Hey Y'all! biggrin.gif

Have a cupcake:

And enjoy. smile.gif
Oh, and you may find that being adopted my some random forumite may help in some strange ways...

That is if you survive long enough do be deserving of their adopting...
Well at first I was adopted by Izzy, but I never actually posted in the adoption thread to be adopted. So I guess you could say Izzy took me from my care-free life on the non-exsistent streets of matazone. But soon she realized adopting me was only to her downfall and a waste of her time. So one day she opened the door and kicked me out into the cold bizzare world we call matazone.
You seem to be getting the hang of the place nicely with or without any help, so I guess adoption is optional.

In other news...

*duct tapes Michael1384 to the ceiling* MWAHAHAHAHA!
Good Show old boy!

*moves the bed of nails under Michael1384*

C...Can't we all just get along?
Course not. *prods Michael a something sharp* (But the sharp thing is pink with smiley faces and rainbows, so that prettyfulness makes up for the ouchiness*
*opens cabinet of hard and spikey objects*


*grabs an excessively large mace*

what was that about getting along?

*menacingly smacks the mace into hand a couple times*

I'm going to laugh if you accidentally hit your hand a little too hard. tongue.gif
Aaaaaaaw oh oh oooow!!!
Welcome Eli
*hands up a cookie and a beverage*
Hope you're enjoying it here.

*Notices Mata is still holding duct tape and eyeing people in a funny way*
Er, I'll see you around.

*vanishes in a swirl of purloined spangles*
Just wanted to let ya'll know that this thread reminded me of the days when I was a n00b. I miss those days =)
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