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Full Version: The forums are very nearly five years old!
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Same as usual... selling my talents to the highest bidder...

Trying to start out on my own properly.... as a heating engineer/electrition/plumber/anything that gets the bills paid....

But almost all of the registrations require to do half the jobs went out the window with the last job, so I'm in a fair bit of a rutt... but I'm working really hard and I think I see daylight.

Still I'm making a fair bit of cash... but at the moment its all going on the tools =o/

made 500 last week... ended up with 25. (thats not including food bills, etc. that the missus is stumping at the moment)

Got to quote a guy for returfing his back garden.... No idea where the hell he got my number, but I need the cash. But thats just how its going...

"Will dance for food."
Heh, self-employment. It's a tough gig. I did it for something like six or seven years. It's great to be your own boss, but the money is rarely fantastic and you always know that if you slack off then it's your bank-balance that suffers at the end.

How long have you been doing that?
I've only been trying to make it on my own for a few months... and purely for myself for a couple of weeks...

Luckily friends are cashing in on the discounted rates and are getting me to do everything... and I seem to be building a client base really quite quickly... There are a couple of complete house gut and refits that should keep me afloat whilst I tool up and requalify/reregister.
{Gothic Angel}
Not Spussy Pat?

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