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Full Version: Back, maybe sorta?
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I have resurfaced. I don't need to be escorted around, I don't think, but.. I thought I'd see who was around and still paying attention. ph34r.gif
Hello again! I was thinking about you a few days ago. How've you been? Anything new and exciting in your life recently?
Yay, it's Lynners!

Welcome back happy.gif
nice to see you're around Matazone again, Lynners. we bother eachother enough on AIM anyway. :P
Mata: Aw. It's good to see you again. happy.gif And a bit of good and bad. There's a new puppy, my brother visiting for the holidays and other neat stuff on the plus side. On the bad side, one of my oldest friends recently passed away. ._. How're you?

Cand: Thanks. ^__^

Syuu: Not enough, but that can be fixed. ;P
Me? Redundant, job-hunting, starting temping again, I've written a novel that I'm editing at the moment... Basically I'm pretty good, although slightly poor!

'Sorry to hear about your friend. *hugs*
Hello and welcome back.

Sorry to hear about your sad times. Hope this year is better.
Mata: A belated thank you. *hug* Now that the funeral and various other things are out of the way, I will at least try to lurk.

Ashbless: Aw, thank you. It's good to see you too.
Lynners! I missed you! *huggles lots*
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