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I've been having some odd dreams lately:

I had one last week where I was heavily pregnant (it was going to be a C-section birth!). There was another guy there who was annoyed that I was going to be the first man to give birth. When it was nearly time to have the baby, it started shrinking, and it was disappearing again. In the dream I couldn't decide if this made me happy or sad.

Last night I dremt that I was with Ryn and Smiler. They had heard of a trick with poi (although I can't remember its name now) and they wanted to find out to do it. After searching the internet without much luck I remembered so we went there... It was, despite being a website, a physical shop. There were photocopied pages of moves, and we found the one for the trick we were looking for, but a girl had scrawled on it. Her doodle was how to an ink-ish mixture, and there was a picture she'd crduely drawn on the instruction sheets with her having drawn a swastika on her hand with the ink to demonstrate that it worked. We asked the guy behind the counter if he knew the trick and he drew us instructions, but in a light yellow pen that was very hard to read.

So what on earth was that all about? And have you had any interesting dreams lately?
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 25 2008, 01:42 AM) *
I was going to be the first man to give birth.

I'm afraid Arnold beat you to that. biggrin.gif
Some very weird dreams Mata.

I can't remember my dreams anymore, but after I wake up I feel disorientated and it takes me a while to realise I'm not in a dream anymore. For five minuites after I woke up once I kept thinking, "Shouldn't I be in ancient Rome?" and, "Where's my toga?"

I did have a dream once where I was run over and then I saw a cat shaking its head at me.
I had 3 really weird ones last night.

The first one was about this really little kid in school named Joshua. He's a year younger than me, but just very small. So he built this big dark maze mansion thing, and there was a big monster (Josh in disguise) haunting the place. And he stole my roller blades! Eventually I got them back, and I made it through the maze thingy, and there was a room full of the cutest dogs. I got this uber cute black brown and orangish dog out of its cage, took him home, and named him Kodi.

In the next dream, it was Halloween or something, and all the teachers from school had big bubbles that they had to stay in because their classrooms were changed into haunted houses. So somehow my geography teacher escaped her bubble and she was hiding out at this pool area making dungeons out of legos. She was all, "Izzy, come here." And then these little kids starting taking her legos apart and she got really PO'd and I woke up.

And then the next one I don't remember as much. I was sitting on the couch, but there was a blanket there. And there was a lump under the blanket, so I move it, and it was James! So like, I cover him back up and lean against him. And then we're magically at some show, but he's sitting two seats to my right. And there was this girl with brown hair I kept trying to switch seats with, but she was all 'no'. And then I woke up.
Perhaps last night was just a creepy dream night. I dreamt that I went to the sea with my family, and my dad and I were swimming in the sea and standing on a cliff. But in the sea, if you wanted to get back to the shore, different rules of physics applied. the further away you were and the depth you were at meant that there was some gravitational field around the point you were swimming. It was so strange. Unfortunately, my sister was swimming and disappeared and she evidently found that the forces were too strong and couldn't get back to shore. Then I was sitting in her bedroom crying and realising how much I loved her and my dad came in and told me he would take a year off work to see if there were any 'suspicious circumstances' and that she may still just be in the sea or in a different country.

Having woken up from that dream all upset I then dreamt that my friend and I were both recently pregnant and went to an abortion clinic. The clinic was more like an indoor playground. We then had to rush through a cinema and get to the loos. And something about shoes. Oh man! And then when we were waiting to get abortions, we had to climb in through my bathroom window to get the abortion, but there was all this water infront of it. Two girls were standing on chairs there which was annoying because we couldn't get past, but also good because it meant that their mass moved the water elsewhere.

I'm sure that was a thrilling read... >.>
I constantly have very weird, vivid dreams.

A lot of them involve giving birth and it all going horribly wrong. In one dream I gave birth to twins, and I didn't realize until I went to nurse one of them that they weren't babies at all. They were loins of pork. This didn't seem to upset me -- I loved them anyway and was going to keep them in the freezer so they didn't rot. blink.gif Dream logic does not resemble rational thought in any way.

I haven't had any really weird ones lately, so I'm probably due for one. I keep meaning to put a notebook by my bed so I can write them down when I wake up. I usually forget them after telling a half-asleep moop what happened. His response is generally something along the lines of "You scare me."
I have some pretty weird dreams sometimes. A few days ago, before Easter, I had this dream that I met John Stamos, but I called him John Ramos. Then he said that I could just call him Jesse, as long as I didn't call him Uncle Jesse.
We went back to his sex den, which turned out to be my parents house, but moodily lit. Orgies galore and so on. But, before commencing with the sexing, I went up to the upstairs bathroom.
All the lights in the bathroom had burned out. Stamos was too lazy to replace the light bulbs, so he had lined up about 2 dozen lamps in the hallway that people could take and aim at the bathroom so that they could see where they were peeing I suppose.
I chose a few and ended up peeing with the door open and these mismatched lamps shining on me while very sallow faced skinny girls downstairs made out with John Stamos and ate things out of his/my parents fridge.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 25 2008, 09:42 AM) *
I've been having some odd dreams lately:

I had one last week where I was heavily pregnant (it was going to be a C-section birth!). There was another guy there who was annoyed that I was going to be the first man to give birth. When it was nearly time to have the baby, it started shrinking, and it was disappearing again. In the dream I couldn't decide if this made me happy or sad.

Your second dream has WAY too much going on in it to try and figure out what's going on, and I'm meant to be working... but your first dream is quite obvious: You have lots of plans going on in your head- you've recently got your doctorate, you want to do something with it! Your believe that your life is changing, but that all the plans you have and make just dwindle into nothing- something always gets in the way and your plans never go all the way to fruition. The jealousy from the other man could be referring to a relationship (dunno who with) you have with someone that is effected by your plans and he way you want your life to go. It doesn't necessarily mean that they are jealous of you- it could be more ambiguous as to their emotion (or your emotion), signifying more that there's friction.

I had dreams about smoking last night. I told someone to put out their cigarette and we had a fight.
I'd agree with that analysis. It's how I've been feeling about lots of things for several years - pretty much since the Blue Banana deal everything longterm that I've tried to achieve has gone wrong except for the PhD. Starting temping again to pay the bills means that I'm essentially in the same place I was when I was 24, except with a PhD and living in a more expensive flat. Feeling like seven years have produced very little progress is pretty frusrating.

Jaq's one seems like there's a general sense of missing out on life, being close but not being able to see things or be part of them. She's just next door to where the party is happening but has to go and sort out other things. The lights add to the sense of being unable to see how to change the things around her. At least, that's how I see it.
For the last week I haven't been able to remember my dreams, but I've woken up in a cold sweat panicking and hugging a pillow. The only thing I've been able to remember is something chasing me.

I guess I've been under a lot of stress recently, but nothing has caused those reactions in the past. It's getting a tad annoying.
You need to take a phantom machete to bed with you. Phantom machetes: for all your night-terror killing needs.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 25 2008, 02:42 AM) *
I had one last week where I was heavily pregnant (it was going to be a C-section birth!). There was another guy there who was annoyed that I was going to be the first man to give birth. When it was nearly time to have the baby, it started shrinking, and it was disappearing again. In the dream I couldn't decide if this made me happy or sad.

I don't know why I'm focusing on this so much but, apparently a man is pregnant in Oregon. I heard the story on the radio this morning and thought of your dream.

All my dreams lately revolve around cowboys, rodeos and bbq sauce. I think it has something to do with the western bbq restaurant I've been designing an identity for these past few months.
QUOTE (Mata @ Mar 26 2008, 06:15 PM) *
You need to take a phantom machete to bed with you. Phantom machetes: for all your night-terror killing needs.

I'd prefer a phantom m16 if you've got a spare. sad.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
QUOTE (LoLo @ Mar 26 2008, 06:29 PM) *
All my dreams lately revolve around cowboys, rodeos and bbq sauce. I think it has something to do with the western bbq restaurant I've been designing an identity for these past few months.

Or some bizarre cowboy fetish?

I remembered something about one of my dreams...I only really remember the ones I have when I'm snoozing in the mornings. I was on a boat which was kinda crossed between a yacht and a galleon, there were something like 12 other men and it was some kind of long distance journey. All the others died and all of a sudden I was sailing down a flooded road near my house, except it was about 25 years ago. I met my parents before I was actually born and my sister was only a baby. I was talking to them and not straight out telling them who I was, but dropping hints. The house was all dirty and I kept trying to think of little hints to give them to make their lives easier or whatever.

There was also another one which involved an underground supermarket that was getting looted but there was no booze anywhere.

Anyone else feel weird telling strangers the bizarre/intimate workings of their minds?
QUOTE (michael1384 @ Mar 26 2008, 03:23 AM) *
I can't remember my dreams anymore...

Me too, I can't vividly, or even faintly remember a dream I've had for quite a long time. I can still remember some particular ones from the past, quite faintly, but that's about it.
dancing hamster guy
I can usually remember them pretty well.

Last night I had a good chat with Heikki Kovalainen and Nick Heidfeld, which is of course bizarre, being on different teams and all.
Yes. Different teams. Obviously. ph34r.gif
I just had a really bizarre one.

I was at school, it was a new semester, and there was this guy with me about 16 or so. I walk into my 3rd period geography because no one told me about a schedule change, and the only person that was in that class before with me was Jacob. So the teacher tells us that we're probably supposed to be somewhere else, and sends us into the reading class. Even though I don't take reading... When we walk in, it's totally dark, and the desks are in a semi-circle around the teacher, occupied with little kids. We're told to find a partner and listen to them read. Also, the first thing I noticed when walking in was a baby tiger in a fish tank. And then this alarm sounds and we're all told to go to the grassy area behind the school. In the hallway I run into Eli and his little brother (who doesn't exist in real life.) We get down and outside, and everyone's told that we must evacuate to the Real World immediately. So Eli's bro is one of the chosen ones that gets an evacuation device. It was the size of a chess board, had the picture of a dragon on it, and he was supposed to hang on to it, and it would fly him home. But since he doesn't want Eli or me to die, we decide the best way is if Eli holds onto the board, I hold onto him, and his brother holds on to me. We also decide that the best way to do this is to get totally wasted first. We walk to where the P.E. room would be located, but it kind of looks like the cafeteria, just smaller. So everyone takes a seat, but I run upstairs to make sure I don't still have any detentions. And then I notice my friend was gone. So I ask the detention teacher. She's like, "Oh, he faked sick, so I let him go home."
Me: If you knew he was faking, why'd you let him go home?
Her: Because he fakes it way better than you do, and I let you go home all the time.

Apparently he faked the tiger attacking him or something. So I go back to the P.E. shed, drink as much as I can before time runs out, and then go back into the field with Eli and whathisface. So, we're getting ready for take-off and I wake up.

It was a long dream...
dancing hamster guy
Last nites dream was not so nice.

For some reason I was with a mate (Johny) who was visiting someone he new at uni. He lived in a massive bloc of flats, and we had to climb up what seemed like miles of stairs. When we finally got to the top, the guy we were looking for wasnt there, just his room mates. So Johny decided to hang around for a while. There was one room with loud music playing out of it, so Johny decides to go lie by the door of this room. A few minutes later a girl comes out of the room and starts yelling at us. I try to explain why we are here, whilst Johny just lies there. Then she rings some guys who come through the door, one of the them grabs me and pulls me out of the room. I turn around, and the last thing I see is this girl giving Johny some toast. I then get dragged all the way down these stairs by this guy. At the bottom theres a woman who asks if I'm alright, I try to get to her to explain what happened but as I do I stumble, fall over, and pass out.

After this one I remember buying loads of really cheap easter eggs because easter was over.

Most of my dreams happen when I've woken up and gone back to sleep again, they all run into each other, not really making much sense.
{Gothic Angel}
You guys are in my head, provin' my theories on psychology biggrin.gif

I always have had and still do have both really, really, intense, vivid dreams/nightmares, and night terrors. I thought it was normal till I was about 15 at which point people started telling me to grow up and I surmised that it wasn't (I'm sure I whinged about it on here at that point, actually... sorry tongue.gif). I further surmised that it was to do with being overly thoughtful and introspective and having an overactive imagination coupled with a ridiculously strong emotional response to everything ever. Win!

The weirdest dreams I have are the ones which are really really sexual. The other night, I dreamt I cheated on my boyfriend with Slash from Velvet Revolver (yes, alright, I went to see them on Wednesday, that's why tongue.gif), then afterwards, I was feeling really guilty in the dream because I had a boyfriend and he's obviously, y'know, married with a kid >_> In the dream, my friend consoled me and said it was ok cos his marriage was going wrong and my realtionship was on the rocks. Neither of those things are true, but apparently my conscience doesn't stop working in dreams.

Have you ever had one of those nights where you have a dream about someone then wake up and see that person during the day and feel weird towards them cos you can't separate how things were in the dream from what was really the last thing that happened?

I'll take the phantom machete if it's going.
The other day I had a dream I was at Izzy house but her room was like some test lab. Izzy was wearing a lab coat with these goggles with like a bounch of lights and switches. Then she put me onto some table and I fell asleep. Apparently I was doing some dream test and then Izzy would turn on the machine and then I could control my dreams. So in my dream's dream I was at shcool in 2nd period and my teacher was wearing a bikini. Then some kid started yelling at me because I stole his look. We were both dressed like captain underpants. Then I ran at the classroom and grabbed one of the 6th graders into a bathroom. The kid started screaming about something so I took my shoe and flushed it for some reason. So after that I walked out and everything was dark. I walked down the hall and the students had all been killed some how so I went back down the hall and found Izzy. I told her that I was able to break free of my dream and control what happened so we celebrated by jumping out the window...
IIIIIIII had a morphine dream the other day! Very strange. Open to interpretation--I can't make head or tail of it.

Set in my house, with the typical structural alterations of dreams. I had just invited a vague acquaintance to my house for dinner--boy a year younger than me. We eat dinner, and then head up to my room so I can find him a book. We're sitting there and he comments, "You know, this would be a lot easier if one of us had some herb." He runs down the stairs to get some out of his bag, and my mother swoops into the room. He comes back up, waving the bag of green, talking about how great it is, and my mother calls a private security force and the cops. A private security officer picks me up the instant he arrives, and henceforth I'm dangling down his back. We all move to the roof, where it's pitch dark and windy, and my mom is lying to the cops. I wriggle away from the officer and correct her, and she suddenly feels bad and sends them away. I go running out of the house after the acquaintance, in superhuman leaps, and suddenly all the teenagers in the county are partying in the woods behind my house. I throw my cell phone at him. Then I go from couple to making-out-couple, trying to borrow a phone so I can call mine. I bump into a guy from my English class and his nasty girlfriend, and he loans me his sidekick. I find a phone but it's not mine. I notice that the grass is astroturf. All of the girl-halves of the making-out-couples are getting mad at me for interrupting, and then they grab pitchforks. I hide under my porch and stumble across a middle-aged guy from my volunteer group. I explain what's going on and we both go into a yoga pose with our feet braced against each other. He helps me find my phone, and I wake up.
The craziest dream I had recently was Friday night/Sat Morning(it's was 4AM when I fell asleep so call it what you will). I had to call off work on Sat because I was back in my hometown for the day and I had a dream that I called off then went into work for some reason and then my managers had a talk with me about my recent call offs and what not. For some reason I woke up really pissed off and it made me mad anytime I thought about work the rest of day and it spilled over into Sunday when I was at work. I'm actually really waiting for them to talk to me, because I have had a lot of attendence problems these days so I'm thinking the dream is my fear of this talk because up to the talk I will talk about everything I will say to them, then I talk to them and I end up not saying any of things I wanted to say.
I like how the solution to your lost phone problem was to do yoga under the porch, elphaba. Ahh, dream logic.

Last night I had a dream that moop was pregnant with twins (I have no idea HOW, that part wasn't covered). He was paranoid about the doctors making a big deal about a pregnant man, so he came up with a brilliant solution: we would fake a pregnancy for me and make it seem like I was the one delivering the babies. blink.gif I think all this talk of pregnant men has confused my subconscious.

So we stick a pillow under my shirt and head for the hospital. There are no doctors, only nurses, and they all have these weird metal spidery looking things strapped to their foreheads for checking the status of babies. After signing in at the front desk (complete with some impressive acting on my part), we sneak to an empty room. He goes into the bathroom by himself and comes back with a sleeping baby girl, though exactly WHERE it came out of his body is not discussed. He tells me that we have to put the baby inside me so the nurses will completely believe our clever ruse. Yeah. So he greases her up (!), sticks her in the oven, and calls a nurse. I push her out, and they take her off to weigh her and put her in one of those cribs that look like a baby aquarium.

A couple of moop's work friends show up, and he decides that it's going to be a while until the second one comes out, so we should all walk to the Sainsbury's in Mickleover (which is about 2 miles from our house, so around 3.5 from the Derbyshire Royal Infirmary). By the time we get back, the second twin is about ready to make its appearance. The nurses yell at us for not calling them to check on me when we get to the room, and moop starts to make weird labor noises. I woke up around then, and it turns out that the noises were actually the sounds of some construction work going on down the street.
I had this dream where Logan from Dark Angel (the guy was the character not the actor) is talking to me and someone who is supposed to be my older sister. We see this wheelchair with glow stick like spokes and I start telling him how he should get one so he doesn't have problems in the dark.

For some reason he then gets out of his chair and I'm laying on the ground and he's holding himself up above me shirtless. At this point the dream seems to be turning sexy because he says something really sexy to me and is hovering over my face like he's going to kiss me, then I start laughing and I exclaim, "I just farted on you!"

Thats where I woke up.
Woah, I had like 6 or so dreams last night, but I can only remember two.

I was with my cousin, in his closet, getting dressed in his clothes. So once I'm dressed, his mom says she's going to drive us to the gas station and leave the car there with us. We were pretty excited when we heard this, because we were thinking of the time when in a previous dream she left the car with us at George's Music Shop and we drove like all over Orlando and avoided a bunch of near crashed. So, to get to the gas station we have to go to through this tunnel. All of a sudden, this middle eastern dude like puts his purple car in reverse and crashes into us. He gets out, and he's asks me if I'm alright and stuff. I shrugged, but for some reason he took offense to that and accused me of cursing at him. And then my mom comes out of no where, because some white guy crashed into her. She was like "This is a huge drug bust. The white guy and the middle eastern guy are meeting the black guy at the side of the road." So my aunt didn't realize this, and she was talking to the middle eastern guy about how goofy and annoying my cousin and I always are when we're together. So, he turns to me, still thinking I'm cursing at him, pulls out a gun, and is like "Who should I kill first, you or him?" so now my mom's freaking out, I'm freaking out, and my cousin's sleeping through the whole thing. And then I wake up.

And then in the other one, I got attacked by a bear. So then my mouth started foaming, which looked a lot like toothpaste does when you're brushing your teeth. So I'm like "Mom!!!!! I think I have rabies!!!! Hospital!!! Now!!!" And she was all calm and relaxed, telling me I need to go to the dentist instead. So she calls him up, talks to him for like an hour, and we never go anywhere.
My dreams are always odd. I dreamt I was in a house last night with two ex boyfriends and we were all being attacked by vampires and werewolves. One vampire was about to bite me and I thought hang on he's quite fit actually and we ended up snoggin!! blink.gif I can't explain it really but it wasn't really a very useful relationship when he couldn't go out during the day laugh.gif

Then I was dreaming that I was outside a huge Boots Chemists running to get in before the hoards of children and parents and I had to use my Boots Advantage Card to get through the turnstiles like an Oyster/travel card in London!!

i alwayd dream but have to then wake up to reality and boy thats a come down at the mo rather be a sleep and dreaming of all the nice things in life than what i go threw each day
I've just been having the same dream over and over again lately.

So there's this scar in the shape of a heart on my leg, right? It's very faint now, as it's pretty old. But lately this dream I've been having will only last for a few seconds, but it's always the same: it's just me, looking in the mirror after I get out of the shower, looking at my legs. And then all of a sudden that scar will re-appear like it's a fresh wound.

Yeah. Any ideas on what that could mean?
Well you couldn't ask for more well-established symbols, could you? Wounds and hearts in the same context--hmm, could be that you're experiencing a fresh heartbreak, a fresh strain on your heart that you're not allowing yourself to feel, maybe? So it's showing up on your body because you're squishing it inside? When you're right out of the shower you're vulnerable and alone, so that's when this wound surfaces. But I don't know. I just spent an hour chilling with some postmodern lit and am primed for symbols.

(I had a dream last night where there was a garden party with a newborn baby and then we all wound up being shipped to Panama because there was a new government)
I dreamt that my band was doing a concert and we sat in the wrong order.

It was my second most boring dream (the first being a dream about bus routes).
So last night I dreamt my reading teacher's baby popped out of her belly and hopped on the table. She vanished or something and left the baby on the table. So I started talking to the baby. He started eating pie or chicken. Then dream ended when the teacher came back grabbed the baby and then jumped throgh the 2nd story windows.
Elphaba, I can only hope that my mind is eloquent enough to come up with such great metaphors.

In other news, I haven't been dreaming lately! Which is better than the above dream I had been having, but leaves me without anything to think about in the morning.

Ah well.
I keep having dreams which leave me feeling uncomfortable and uneasy in the morning, without remembering what the dreams are about. As though I have done something horrible, and my brain is trying to hide it.
The other night I dreamed that I was Gina Torres's character from Angel. I didn't have a maggoty face and I didn't eat people, though. I was basically just a higher power in the form of Gina Torres. I could also do things that the character couldn't -- like shapeshift.

I was very excited to show this new power to moop, but no one seemed to know where he was. My parents' neighbor had a tiny plane in his cow pasture, and he offered to help me look. The person who flew the plane somehow managed to crash it into a freaking mountain. After I crawled out of the wreckage I said something to the effect of "Oh, cool. I must be immortal. That's handy."

I finally found moop at the bottom of a ravine, leading a tour group. I shooed them away so I could demonstrate my shapeshifting ability. For some reason I didn't want to do so in front of strangers. Once they were gone I morphed into a really colorful bird, and then into a camera lens. Moop was especially impressed by the camera lens. That's about the time I woke up.
{Gothic Angel}
Moop was especially impressed by the camera lens.

That is the cutest thing ever to dream about your husband...

<spam> And I love your avatar.</spam>
Last night I dreamt that I was in high school, but it was some high school that doesn't really exist, and everyone I know magically skipped 8th grade and we were all in school together. And it was like insanely stereotypical. There was this guy, who I later found out was the band and PE teacher (and looked a lot like my uncle), and he was telling all the new kids that we could only hang out with people that had the same amount of popularity as us. So I see my friend Senea and I wave and say hi, and the teacher dude comes up to me, and gets all PO'd and is like 'You two aren't allowed to talk to each other!'. Then I spend a lot of the dream trying to find the bathroom, so I miss like 4 classes. And then I go to the band room, which is all dark and creepy, and it was in the shape of a circle, with a band playing at the bottom, and stands coming up high into the ceiling. So I was sitting pretty much at the very top row, and I look down, and all the people playing are wearing cloaks, and playing instruments I've never seen before. And then they start playing Fear of the Dark, and it was just all really creepy. And then the scary teacher dude comes out of no where. So then he takes the class to the entrance to the PE room, and he's like 'How long can you hold your breath?'. It's like this underwater cave thingy, and like, we swim, for a *really* long time, but it's more like floating, but underwater. It was just.. weird. So the PE room is just like a huge game room. And then I'm magically at the main campus thingy again, trying to find the bathroom,. and the dude is like following me!

And then my mom woke me up and I had to pee reeeally bad.
I dreamt my dad might be on The Apprentice. And then some other things happened, but I can't remember what they are.
I was really tired today so I took a nap in the middle of the day. Then, I dreamt I was really tired and fell asleep at the top of the stairs.

I think I "woke up" again at some point, but I'm not sure when. Anyway I also dreamt my tooth was loose and I wiggled it out, leaving a gap in my mouth and lots of blood. The roots of the tooth were really long and all twisted. It was quite weird. I think dreaming of teeth falling out is quite common though.
I had a dream that my family was suddenly very poor, and thus had to break into people's homes for food. Our (obvious at the time) first choice was the house of my best friend...when I was seven. (It's weird how many of my dreams take place at her house despite not having been there in 8 or 9 years) So we're wandering around, eating their food, looking at their stuff, when they pull into the driveway... We run out the front door (Also odd I would remember so many details about her in my dream: they only used her side door to get into and out of the house.) to our getaway car...which turned out to be the car that is in reality owned by my sister's boyfriend (A beat up blue firebird, fyi). So yeah, we take off and then realise that since we're in South Carolina...we don't remember our way around.

It was the most vivid dream I've had in ages. I actually impressed myself with the little details my memory brought forward. I have noticed, however, that her house only shows up in eerie or otherwise bad dreams. But I never had any paticuarly bad memories with said friend...?

I dunno.

mat: Teeth dreams are suposedly the most common of all, second maybe to dreams of being chased. Here's the interpretation from a dream symbol website:
In the Greek culture, when you dream about loose, rotten, or missing teeth, it indicates that a family member or close friend is very sick or even near death.
ohmy.gif good job I'm not greek!
I dreamt that I shot someone in the head. It was a psychotic one. I don't even own a firearm of any kind (I think I've only held a gun once or twice in my entire life). Three people were lined up in some strange room, and I was there with a gun. A tall person, my same age, said angrily, "that gun can be used against you!" and before he could finish I shot him in the head. Suddenly, the dream transported me a few days in the future. I was agonizing over what to do, what do I tell my family, where do I go? Do I turn myself in, etc. I woke up thinking I was actually a fugitive. Yikes. What did I eat that night?!?
I' m not fdreaming but I'm not feeling grea.
So I fell asleep on the couch around 6ish, and I dreamt that we ordered a vegetarian pizza from Papa Johns, and that my mom left to pick it up, and Isaac and I were running around a huge, empty house playing tag.

So I woke up, called out "MOM!" really loud, and then a few minutes later she came home with pizza. biggrin.gif

I had half a slice before falling back asleep. sad.gif
Is it wrong to post twice in a row...? unsure.gif

Well, I don't want to forget this dream, so here goes.

I was at home, and someone knocks on the door (which is at the wrong side of my house...), I open it up, and Eli's there. But with him are Hamilton (who's okay) and Michael (most annoying kid ever!). So, my mom has a bad habit of always coming home when I let people in when she's not there (seriously, every time), and Eli have gotten pretty good at communicating without words, so it's basically like 'Why are they here?' 'I don't know, I think they followed me.' So I'm like "Come in, I guess.", and they come in. We just do stuff for a few minutes, Hamilton and Michael raid my fridge, I get pissed off at them over something, so I'm like "Guys, my mom's coming, get out! Quick!" So Eli goes and hides in my closet ('cos he knew I was faking), but Michael and Hamilton go outside and leave. But then minutes later they're back again, sitting on my couch. I look out the window, and I really see my mom coming up the driveway, so I'm like "GET OUT! HIDE! SOMETHING!" but they just sit there, so I keep screaming "GET THE F**K OUT OF MY HOUSE!" but they won't budge. So I run outside before my mom comes in, and I'm like, 'Hey mom, there's these two weird kids sitting on the couch. I opened the door when they knocked to see what they want, but they just ran in and sat on the couch.' She believed me, but now I'm magically at Hamilton's house, inside near the stairs, and his mom (who's a teacher at school) comes home. So he's like "Mom, Izzy's here!" But he said it in a bad way, so I started running up the stairs. "Mom, Izzy's running up there stairs!" Gah! I ran back down, noticed there was a curtain, and to my luck, a window behind the curtain. I jumped out. Then I was magically outside somewhere, with Isaac, trying to do tricks and stuff with a soccer ball, but for some reason I was sucking, really bad. Like, my highest record for keeping it in the air was 10. So he ran to go to the bathroom, and I got it to 33, but he wouldn't believe me when I told him. And then the dream changed again, and it was something about a Buzz-Light-Year roller coaster. And then... changed again, something about everyone from school, and there were teachers there, and kids from school, and all the desks were arranged on this rectangle, but like, bolted together with iron, and miles long, and I was sitting near the end. And for some reason like 7 teachers were taking up the 10 desks (well, it was like a desk, but... just all together kind of..)at the end, I couldn't help but think, "Wow, I really want to sit next to Mrs (last name of insanely cool teacher.) But.. I think it was... Emily and Mrs Whatsherface already sitting next to her. So I was sitting in between Marissa and I want to say Safira, but I'm not sure. So, McKenzie was sitting two/three seats to my right, and we kept talking and giggling about things. And then Mrs Stewart said something about us all being smushed back here, whenever she said "S" we would all push forward so we could get more spread-out.

It was... confusing.
I got in a car accident in last night's dream. Those suicide lanes, that allow double-yellow-line traffic to make left turns? Full-on collision, very accurate from what I can tell--the impact and a'thing. I kept cycling between that one and cruise-ship one, where I shared a spa with a giant fat hairy old guy. Terry cloth robes and uncomfortabiliy.

Wonder what that means?
I don't think dreams necessarily mean anything. They can reflect certain anxieties and feelings that you have when you're awake, sure, but most of the time it's probably just random crap. No one really knows the precise function of dreams, much less if the contents are meaningful.

I had a very disturbing dream last night about finding moop's grandfather dead in our bathtub. At least he was fully clothed, though. :S
Cand - I don't know if I completely agree with that. While some of my dreams are quite obviously related to my day before (If I had pizza, I dream of eating pizza. If I had a hard day at school, I may dream of impossible test, ect.) but sometimes I get the unexplainable feeling that they are TELLING me something. Or trying to. I'm a lil' bit crazy, though. wink.gif

Right so here's my lil' dream story for you all. I have a few recurring dreams that have come back to me a million times and have never made any sense. One of them involves a massive and complicated play-ground gym thing, and another is only recurring in location - a house with an extremely complicated layout, and a bedroom that is connected illogically to the rest of the house. I used to write down the details of these when I woke up, just in case. Yesterday we went on a trip to a nearby town that I had never been to to visit a friend who had recently moved. Bingo. She lived in the house I had dreamed of (the random bedroom was hers, and had used to be a garage.) and we ended up visiting the massive playground to hang out. The details were crazy. Thought that was cool enough to share...onto last nights' dream.

The connecting story line is a bit hazy but it had a lot to do with water - one point we were crossing a lake, then a river, and then looking at foutains at a type of store. Later on there was a group of indestictive people with me in my bathroom - except my shower had become a bathtub instead. There were a few people in the tub (clothed, thank god) playing with toy boats...and the water was tinted brown and the whole bathroom was totally disgusting and dirt-coated. I looked the in the mirror and my front tooth fell out...I was Saying how much I looked like a Hick now right as I woke up. I only found that worthy of sharing because of the amazing clarity of it all. If I didn't wake up this morning with all of my teeth accounted for I would've sworn it had happened.
^That dream story is scary, but it made me think of when I was little, and there was a summer when I constantly had dreams of people's occupations. Just random occupations that they've never mentioned and that didn't seem like anything they would do. I told some of these people what I dreamt about them, and always got responses like "Yeah, I'm actually going to school to _________ right now!" or "No way, I'm in a band and it's working out pretty well!"
QUOTE (voices_in_my_head @ May 4 2008, 11:19 PM) *
sometimes I get the unexplainable feeling that they are TELLING me something. Or trying to.

I sometimes have dreams like that as well. Very powerful ones that have made me cry upon waking up. I'm not saying dreams NEVER have meaning, just that it's not necessary that every dream has meaning. Given the fact that there is no theory that has proven exactly why we dream, I don't think it's really possible to say "when you have a dream about your hair falling out, that means blah blah something about vanity." It could mean that, or it could mean that you rolled over onto your hair in your sleep. Or it could mean something entirely different.
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