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Full Version: The Lost Art Of Making A Poll
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Industrial Kybosh
Back in the day...

(gather round, children, grandpa is telling a story...) couldn't move around these here forums for polls: polls about how much you love people or how much people love you; polls about body parts; polls about polls... The variations were as endless as they were pointless.

Yet nowadays...

(crossfade from fields as far as th'eye can see to bustling metropolis)

...there's bugger all. Not a peep.

This is not a criticism of Mataforums2.0 - merely an observation. However, it does intrigue me - do people not feel the yearning for polling that we did all of those five years ago? Are polls passe? Is there a reason for it, or am I overanalysing? Is this thread becoming too involved for Daft?

A far too bored mind needs answers. Kindly assist me in my tedium.
I have no answers! Besides that maybe Whitney Houston's bodyguards and/or legal team have come out from the woodwork like termites and threatened each of us privately. She says the 'Whitney Houston is Cheap Like Crack' that has been passed down from generation to generation is defaming her character, a--

I can't say any more, pending lawsuit threats. o_o
I was toying with "Meh" but the truth is that people do still make polls. Unfortunately the media in general hopped on the bandwagon and now we're inundated by numerous pointless polls telling us what we're already thinking, such as who should win a Sony award, what the worst film of the year is, how depressed we feel watching Eastenders, which colour alcopop is best... you get the gist.

Maybe we don't do polls on here any more because the useless poll is now so passť that we can't possibly seen to be behind the pace. Or maybe we can't be bothered. I don't know, I've not been here for ages. I hadn't even noticed until you pointed it out.

For the love of all things sacred, someone please take over and stop me blathering wacko.gif
LoLo there really any other answer?
I voted Whitney. Then was delightfully surprised to see that 5 others had too biggrin.gif
Cath Sparrow
Well you see Whitney is always the way to go when voting in a Matazone poll. biggrin.gif
Snugglebum the Destroyer
Forever and always and as inevitable as death and taxes, it's Whitney.
oh its all a bit retro.
Industrial Kybosh
Retro is the future! Yesterday is tomorrow! Today is yesterday! Forge ahead into the past!
I had a strange premonition when I saw the thread title... I got a weird feeling that an option might involve slander towards a singer... Spooky!
it's only slander if it isn't true.

cheap like crack!
Meh, yeah there are polls, but very infrequently.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Ah, the old ones are the best. *wipes tear*
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