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Full Version: Life is beautiful.
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We all have those little entertaining moments.

You know, when things turn out just so... and it makes you giggle like a crazy person. I thought we could use a place for those little stories that make us giggle.

Recently, as in last night, Libby had the most awsome fart in wal-mart.
I am really not joking by how awsome this fart was.

There we were, me and ryan (who was holding Libby) walking around in a busy baby section trying to find Dreft.


It was so loud... people started giving Ryan dirty looks, despite the fact that he pointed at the baby.

Most people rolled their eyes and assumed he was blaming an innocent infant.

Little did they know.

I'll add more little stories later... Post yours, or somthing.
dancing hamster guy
One time, at work, we had a massive box (about 7ft high), and the guys at work put it over me, and I ran around the warehouse in it. It made a pretty funny video, until a customer came in. I was told to stand perfectly still, whilst they dealt with the customer.

I was stood there about half an hour. Trying so hard not to laugh.

Another time, at work, we decided to find out if double sided tape would stick me to the wall. So they wrapped me in it, and one lad just lift me up and slammed me into it. For a couple of seconds it worked, until I fell face first onto the floor.

Another time, we were really bored, and the radio was annoying them, so we made a load of really solid balls of vinyl to throw at it from across the room. We created a scoring system, 1 point if you hit it, 2 if you knock it out of tune, and 3 if you broke a piece of, first to 10. It was real close at the end, it came down to the last throw. The guy narrowly missed it but put a hole through the wall it was next to. I was rolling! Its still there but we've never been asked about it.

I hope my boss never finds out!

Good times...
Well, at lunch today one of my friends said that if she ever got a dog she would name it Virginity. So then another friend started saying that she would be a terrible dog owner, and that Virginity would either starve to death, run away, or get lost in the woods. So someone shouted out, "Melanie, you lost your Virginity?!" and there was a teacher right behind her, and she made one of those really funny adult faces.

And there was the time when Eli and I were biking, and there was a crack in the sidewalk or an acorn or something, and I didn't see it and went flying forward. So Eli turned around to see if I was okay, but he didn't see the curb and fell off his bike too. We laid there laughing until a car came.
It was a while back at my cousin's house. I was trying to get a ball out of the pool. And I slipped on the wet floor so I tried grabbing on the handle rail. Apparently it wasnt screwed in, so I took it down into the pool along with some of the fencing.
^ That just reminded me of the time we were playing soccer by my pool, and you tried kicking the ball, totally missed it, fell in and broke your cell phone. tongue.gif
I got really bored wating for my teacher to come out all ready, so while waiting in line I started banging my head on the wall and then it got really quiet. So all everyone heard was my the back of my head smacking against the wall. It only took untill the teacher looked at me to notice everyone staring.
Silver Star Angel of Da Towers
Well about two weeks ago, my history teacher was asking us what we should do to punish people who ruin textbooks. I've always had the suspicion that she was a bit kinky, so I ended up thinking, "Chain them to the wall and light them on fire!". But then, I realized, I had thought out loud.
In our town, there are benches along the "high street". These benches are kinda pathetic metal things which have regulated little holes in them. Anyway, yesterday, my best friend and I were really focusing on the study part of study leave and we sat on a pair of these benches for exactly two hours. They both have backs and stand back to back.

I can't remember who it was, but one of us wondered out loud whether or not we could have a conversation through the holes of the benches...

Yes, if you'd happen to wander through Lynn yesterday you would've perhaps spotted two year elevens sitting, hunched, having a detailed conversation through these benches...

Which we'd named Jermey and Geoffrey.
Today I was humming to Libby, and I wasn't paying much attention. Just hummed the first song that popped in my head.

A short while later, Ry walked in, and began staring at me.

When I looked at him confused, he asked me why I was humming the song from tetris to our daughter.
Yesterday, I put my nan's wheelchair in a doorway while i went to get something before closing it up and my dog got stuck in the room on the other side, so she stuck her head through the gap in the wheel and could not get it back out, my mum had to shove her head through, i did get a pic. Very funny the way she kept moving her head but could not see what was wrong (She was not hurt at all)
I was holding onto a door handle and swinging round to see if anyone was coming (we were supposed to be holding a group activity thing). As I swung back into the room, my feet slipped from beneath me and I fell to the ground in slow motion. My friend then proceeded to make a puppet dance on me, thus scaring off anyone who DID show up.
My cousin was just running around the house with my bra on his head saying he was Little Red Riding Hood. Now he's bouncing on a ball (the awesome bouncy one!) saying he's Super Man. lmao. Idiot.
My dog is absoulutely in love with my older sister's boyfriend. Last night, my sister and her boy left, and for five solid minutes the dog just sat at the door making the most pathetic whining noise ever.

Finally, my dad goes "hey, I'm still here!"
The dog stops whining, looks at him, then back at the door...back to my dad and then throws his head back and starts howling.

Funniest thing ever....
before dinner 2day we were playing (cheating) Poker, and my cousin & I both reached 4 the deck 2 cheat @ the same time & accidentally broke this old cool thing & my aunt freaked out. (Soz 4 spelling, on a PSP.)
My friend Nina and I were talking about how many push-ups/sit-ups we could do, and she complained about having no upper body strength. So I was like "Work out?" and she said "No, I think I'll just brush my hair more." And that made me laugh, a lot.
We were supposed to be working silently on our History, although we could listen to music if we wanted to. The teacher was sat behind me, and so I began mouthing lyrics to my friend opposite really dramatically, knowing I wouldn't be caught. My friend then decided to do the same, and began mouthing and bopping (yes, bopping) to the song that's used in the Lloyd's TSB was rather amusing to see the blush on her face and sudden return to work as she realised the teacher had been watching the whole time.
There was a mosquito flying around, so I slammed it into the wall with a book, and it kind of got stuck on the wall. So I called my mom to clean it up, not saying I killed it, just that there was a dead mosquito on the wall and she was like "*looks* Well. That's interesting. *walks away*"

I'm not touching it.
LMFAO, the news was running on the TV, and it went to health headlines. I swear to god this is what they said.

"And finally, we've found out the reason you shouldn't overeat!

It makes you gain weight."

LMFAO. And it wasn't one of those comedy news shows either, local news.

Bump? It made me think of this topic. tongue.gif
You'll have to have seen The Happening for this to make any sense.

I was watching it with my best friend, and it got to the part where they recieve the video of the man at the zoo provoking the lions to attack him. When the lady turns around and ask "what...what kind of terrorist are these?" My friend gets this severely serious look on here face and just sort of says to herself
"....Those are lions."
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