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Full Version: Jack Thompson, alas we knew him too well
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For those not in the know, this is Jack Thompson.

He has spent the last several years of his life on a crusade against the greatest evil society has ever faced. The dreaded computer game! *Boo, hiss!*

However in his mad quest to ban this obvious horror (worse than terrorism y'know) he may have crossed the line several times. Several hundred times. Err, you get the point. In short he's been lying left, right, and centre, and using the death of every child or teenager to further his agenda. That finally came to a head when he started sending child and gay porn to judges to somehow improve his baseless claims. Smart thinking it isn't.

The full details can be seen on the Game Politics site.

I know I should be laughing that he has finally had to come to terms with what he has done, but really it is quite sad. He has been destroyed by his own failings and ego. So maybe not hillarious, but it's ironic that in his crusade to "Save the children!" by banning computer games that are already illegal for children to buy, he's done more harm than the computer game companies would ever have done through distributing child porn himself.

The man is completely insane and clouded by his misguided convictions. Whenever there is a national horror like a school shooting he blames computer games, even when there is no evidence to support his claims and even proof to the contrary.

He wants to instill moral values into society? What ones, his own? That it's good and proper to lie, cheat, perjure, send offensive correspondance to people, spread slander, disrupt the legal process, attempt to undermine the Constitution, and ghoulishly try to turn the death of innocent people into some kind of pissing contest?

If Jack Thompson should be remembered for anything it is that we should use him as an example on how NOT to live your life. He's harmed more people than Grand Theft Auto ever has.
It has occured to me that the new technology or form of entertainment is always blamed for misbehavior in young people. In the middlew ages they blamed jousting tournaments. In the first world war it was the cinema (Never mind that their fathers were in the war). Then it was telivision, now computer games. Thank God he's gone. Now I can play GTA in peace.
They were right though, weren't they? It's all been downhill since jousting tournaments. And you know what? One of the first arcade machines, guess what it was called... That's right, 'Joust'. I rest my case.

More sensibly, Mr Thompson was a complete idiot with no logical process behind his accusations. It's quite startling that in the ligitious culture of the US that he's managed to keep going for so long.
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