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Full Version: Whats been stolen from you?
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My now ex boyfriend stole my mr snaffleburger t shirt and wont give it back! He has no idea who mr snaffleburger is but thinks the t-shirt 'looks cool' mad.gif

Whats the most annoying thing someones stolen from you?
A compilation CD from a magazine (so, one of a kind) that had some really amazing tracks on. I lent a friend a bundle of CDs, but she didn't give it back. Petty, but I miss it : (
The most annoying thing that has been stolen from me? Eeerrrrmmmm.... Not a lot- I lost a book on Wicca once to a complete nut case of a kind of ex but then again... I 'm more of the thief I'm afriad- I "gained" a copy of the Guns n roses live album from an ex- very cool! And I'm always nicking things from Matt!
My purse with my phone and NI card and keys and cash and and debit card and grr. I will find my revenge on that skank one day. *fumes*
my friend stole my mittens shirt sad.gif
I had this rad little blue backpack that you could fit a weekend's worth of stuff in without looking like a mountaineer--really light, quick to open, four or five years old--and some puta stole it when I hung it out on my lawn to dry one day.

(Or the wind blew it away.) But I prefer to think that some self-serving little nit ran off with my amazing backpack. It was so rad!
Cath Sparrow
I lent a friend a first edition hard back of Reaper Man. I kept the Dust cover so she wouldn't need to worry about it getting damaged (yes I'm random at times) and I've never seen it since.
My lunch! I don't know who did it, but when I got back to my lunch table my cookie and milk were gone.

Also, when I was eightish, some jerk stole my Gameboy Advance. But then I got an SP.
My boss took my limited edition version of Shrek on dvd. She says she won't give it back to me unless I can PROVE that it's mine.

Ex-friend took my high school yearbooks, even though she was 12 years older than me and didn't know anything about the people I was in high school with, my mighty mighty bosstones CD, my Lauryn Hill CD, and my hair cutting shears. This was back in the late 90s

Ex-roommate took my Lauryn Hill CD I bought to replace the Lauryn Hill CD that my ex-friend had taken, and a dragon mirror I got my ex-boyfriend.

I could accuse my ex-boyfriend of taking things, but in all honesty I left him anything I didn't want anymore.
My frekkin car.

With damn near everything I owned in it.

did you not get it back? who took it??? lol
Some scrote swiped the satnav out of my car. Not a biggie, but it was a company car which is only insured third party, so the insurance won't cough up or return the receipt. And my company won't pay to replace it even though I only bought it so I could find places where I work at. And the home contents insurance won't cover it because, although the car was outside the house, it's - ta da! - a company car and therefore not covered.

Oh, and even though there was a glove next to my car (in a private driveway with no thoroughfare) with enough DNA to rebuild the scrote, AND the fact the police actually nabbed the individual concerned, apparently there's no way to convict them because the glove wasn't inside the car. Circumstantial evidence, see; it seems a glove found next to a car which has been broken into, on a driveway with no through route and with no conceivable reason for anyone to be there other than to steal stuff, isn't enough these days.

Erm, does that sound like it miffs me at all? Well it blimmin well should, I'm 300 quid down because of that mad.gif
My innocence.

Damn her. Damn her hard!
QUOTE (Calantyr @ Jun 6 2008, 12:56 PM) *
My innocence.

Damn her. Damn her hard!

Lol..... that was not me!!!
My shoelaces. I went to summercamp over the summer and my friend made like a shoelace wristband and then never gsve them back. I have like no shoelaces now.
My shoe. In a field where the only way out was over broken glass. I eventually got it back, but only after it had been down someone's trousers.
^ Ooh! One time my shoe got stuck up a tree. It landed quite smoothly on top of some branches and we could never get it down until about 3 weeks later. But that wasn't stealing, that was more just a game of 'how high can you throw the shoe'.
One of my favorite soccer balls, technically. Someone took it without asking, kicked it into a tree, and we could never get it down.
I cannot recall anything that has been stolen from me in recent years, but I do have a vivid memory from when I was about seven, that continues to linger in my mind, now almost 20 years since.

One year on holiday, my dad and I were in the child-friendly bar area of the resort which had an arcades area attached. Held within was the deeply addictive "10p" game, where you put your ten pence into a slot, and it falls to a moving tray - it holding several more ten penny pieces. If you are lucky, your inserted coin pushes several previously inserted coins out towards your waiting pocket.

I put a coin in, and it hit a "Jackpot" sign which caused many coins to tumble down. My seven-year-old smile was wide, as I gathered up my winnings. As I plunged them into my pockets, two "bigger boys" came around the corner to ask me if I would give them some of my money. I politely explained that my, "father wouldn't let me" and then returned to the bar to gloat to dad about my winnings.

Returning for another go, I once again hit upon the wondrous jackpot but this time, as the wealth of coins tipped, the two boys pushed me aside and grabbed my silver. I ran to my dad for help, explaining through floods of tears what just happened, but by the time we returned they had spent every last one.

*wipes eyes dry*
cheese is funny
Leeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeets see.

My brother tried to steal my belt and managed to for about a year but it got reganked and is now in my possession again.

My most recent ex managed to run off with a couple of my favorite band t-shirts, including the t-shirt I bought at my first Aquabats concert (That bitch!)

A guy I worked with in the navy ganked a dvd I lent him. Another guy I worked with in the navy ganked my multi-tool and knife, but I stole them from someone in the first place, so thats not too big a deal, though they were probably worth about $100 or so combined. /shrug
A Cartier 18k Gold lighter.

That got me mad.
My sanity. Please return it. I do miss it ever so much. evil.gif
Aislinn Faye
haha, when I was a teenager and I'd get in trouble my dad would take the door to my bedroom (I highly valued my privacy), I always saw it as stealing since it was the door to my room.
That's dedication - stealing the whole door. smile.gif

I had my TV, laptop, two digital cameras, and a DS with loads of games nicked. I didn't mind about the physical stuff, but the data that was lost was a real blow. Ho hum.
Usurper MrTeapot
QUOTE (Hobbes @ Jun 23 2008, 10:49 PM) *
I cannot recall anything that has been stolen from me in recent years, but I do have a vivid memory from when I was about seven, that continues to linger in my mind, now almost 20 years since.

One year on holiday, ... spent every last one.

*wipes eyes dry*

I vividly remember another case of holiday arcade injustice.

I was given a whole pound for the night, while the parents went to watch the evening's entertainment, I chose to spend it on Point Blank or something similar. So I put the pound in, started playing, and some bugger hit the 2P button and played on my credit. No amount of shouting and trying to get the gun off him helped and both credits were wasted in the fight.

Such small childhood events get branded on the brain.

I am usually the steal-er not the steal-ee. Small things. Shiney things.
I still have haunting memories of when I was young boy. It was a..well..I think it was some purple thing that shot plastic darts and broke a bunch of times, but I was like 6 so when my friend stole it, I stole it back. (Technically it wasn't stealing if it belonged to me in the first place, just because he didnt know I jimmed his window, slipped in when he was out and took my toy back dosn't mean anything)
QUOTE (Aislinn Faye @ Dec 5 2008, 02:45 PM) *
haha, when I was a teenager and I'd get in trouble my dad would take the door to my bedroom (I highly valued my privacy), I always saw it as stealing since it was the door to my room.

So did your dad get that idea from "Freaky Friday", perchance?

I had a similar experience in an arcade as a kid. Was playing on this fruit machine and I got the jackpot! Woo, nice, four quids! The machine made that buzzy noise like it was spitting out 10p pieces but stopped after dropping 30p. Aghast, I tried to attract someone's attention. In the end I went to grab the attendant guy and told him. He asked to see the machine, so I took him - and some gorp was playing on it! And he spent my last two credits mad.gif Anyway, the attendant basically decided not to honour the debt and left me 3.70 down on the deal. Oh, and the 10p worth of credits the gorp stole off me as well. Gah!

Had another fruity machine in a pub spit a dodgy 50p at me once as well. Someone had carefully crafted tinfoil around a 10p piece to make it more 50p-ish. I took it to the bar to complain and the barkeep laughed and said "Tough luck". I told him that it was illegal to pass dodgy coins and I wanted a refund, but he just told me there was no chance of that happening. So I tried to buy a pint with it, saying it was from his machine and he should accept it, and he threw it in the bin and told me to leave it or he'd throw me out. Bastard!
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