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Full Version: Oh the Beemanity!
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cheese is funny

Epic cross forum linking maneuver.

Either way, its safe for work, I believe.
funny the first time... still halarious now. biggrin.gif


(god my post was near spam)
Cath Sparrow
Poor Bee's sad.gif
I'm all up for letting things live outside, but if they're in your house... Well, that's a different rule set. I found out yesterday that the place I was living in about a month ago had a rat's nest in the kitchen... And one of the residents knew about it, wasn't bothered, and didn't tell anyone. WTF?!!? Why on earth would you not tell anyone that there's vermin living right next to the food? Yeuch!
Wow.... poor bee's i may not like the little things but i won't kill them. The flat i lived in till i was 5 had a major beatle infestation. Was gross and our landlord would do nothing about it.
cheese is funny
If you attack a man's home, you might as well attack his country. Those bees had it coming!

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