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Full Version: RIGHT THATS IT
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On the front page of the forums, at the bottom it says when the most people online ever at the same time was.

well its alot of people. why? why wasnt i here? lol. its been annoying me for ages now.

i bet it was awesome. i want it to happen again. and i want to be here.

yeah ok pointless topic :S
Id also like to say im actually physically CRYING here...

WITH LAUGHTER!!! ive been re reading all the really old threads and OMG :'(


i really did spam alot... oh crud... am i doing it now?!?! :S

*hides* i wont! i promise.

i actually found one where theres like 8 posts in a row all from me :phear:

i was a naughty naughty spammer.

anyway yes... *cries some more* so funny.
bots. we've had TONS of bots on at one time.
Cath Sparrow
If you can hunt him down ask the Mr Fuzzy if I remeber correctly it was his fault.
oh i thought it had to be members... well that sucks then. sad.gif

DAmned bots >:(
Industrial Kybosh
Makes us look like the happening-est party forum on the interwebs, though, doesn't it?
lmfao! yeah it does!

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