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Full Version: I've Never Actually Been Duct-Taped To The Ceiling...
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Or adopted, but I think I can manage my way around.

Hey everyone, this is Izzy. So, I've changed name, genders, and font color so my mom won't think I'm coming online. Possibly countries, haven't decided on a location yet. Tempted to add "u's" to words. Mum. Colour. Favourite. tongue.gif

Yep.. Be nice to teh nooblet? sad.gif <-- Puppy dog eyes, not a sad face.

*promptly duct tapes Iz... I mean Yannick to the ceiling*

Heh. *struggles* Nicely done.

Falling's gonna hurt though...
Well now that you are up there I wonder where Ryn is with her Spangles....

You really need to be Spangled...

...that and you need the primer on the scuttlers and your introductory cookie.

I must go poke Ryn...

Gah I keep typing purple instead of green.
Loading Spangle cannon.....

SPANGLES AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For the Ultimate Duct Tape Experience ™ try our new 'belly of a jumbo jet' option. Now available with free oxygen tank!
Industrial Kybosh
Free, Mata? Since when? Oxygen doesn't grow on trees, you know...
Oxygen can neither be created or destroyed, but it can be turned into jelly. Strange, but true?
Industrial Kybosh
What flavour jelly?
But how is a breathing-tank full of jelly not going to kill people?
Avocado. You only don't notice that oxygen already tastes of avocado because you're so used to it. Funnily, avocados decided to taste like air in the 1970s to prevent further confusion.
What, you mean that avocados had a vote and they elected to taste like air? Was this some vain attempt to stop Mexicans from mushing them up into Guacamole? Or was it so that we could eat one today and realise how good or bad the air quality was all those years ago compared to now?

And do Chinese avocados taste like smog? We must be told!

Edit: Removed the unnecessary punctuation markings. Must've been asleep...
Industrial Kybosh
And furthermore, do they come with an erroneous apostrophe? Sort it out, 'pold.


Edited by Leo: All right, Obergrüppenführer Kybosh, we're all entitled to have an off day tongue.gif
What, they're was an introductory cookie? Man I got jyped.. All I got was duct-taped to the ceiling and a bed of nails.

Soo if chinese avocados do indeed taste like smog, then does smog taste like avocados?
Cath Sparrow
If you've not been duct taped that obviously mean you've not been grenaded either *get's out her step ladder and starts muttering* I'm out of practice never use to need a ladder..... *steps up and stick on the obligatary granade*.... It will only sting a little.**
Oh guy you might want the briefly move the avacardo discussion into the next room over it may get a little messy in here. *wanders off leaving a needle and thread on the handy cabinet*. Hope you can sew Iz... Yanick

**sting a little - will blow you into to little pieces, also can not be removed as removal will cause an 10x worse exposion. Please refer to earlier noob threads for referance.
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