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There's a hostel thingy about seven minutes walk from town (it's on my way to work, so I've walked it a few times). It's very close to where we'd be going out. It's on the other side of town from my house, but that's still only about 40minutes walk if it were needed.
Hmm, oxford meet eh? I might be able to come to this, and I have a mate at uni there so I wouldn't even have to scrounge mata's floorspace.

Depends on finances nearer the time though...
OK. If anyone needs me to book a Travelodge or YHA then let me know. I can only really take up to 3 people in the hotel or we can have larger numbers in the hostel. Mata, I'm still happy to kip on your floor if you and Sues are happy with that (so don't give away my space wink.gif) but just thought I'd offer everyone options smile.gif
So Mata...should we start a new thread for 8th November or not?!? unsure.gif
Bada bing.
QUOTE (Mata @ Oct 8 2008, 01:24 PM) *

Thank you Mr Soprano tongue.gif
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