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Full Version: Hmm
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I'm new here.

I'm also a bit weird, so don't mind me!

Hope noone minds me joining in. Everybody seems to know each other so well, seemed like a very attractive place to sign up too.

Sorry. I'm a bit shy. ph34r.gif
Oh hai. Welcome to Matazone forums. We are all a bit weird in our own weird ways, so you will stick out as much as the rest of us. We do know each other a fair bit, and it's nice that that's attractive to you. So, get your teeth in and enjoy biggrin.gif
Hello! Welcome and enjoy your stay!

..Who'll do the honors? *points up*
Cath Sparrow
Cant do my bit till someone else does the other bit but your more than welcome to take over the honours if you like Yannick seeing moop and I are virtually retired from it.

Oh and Hey and welcome! biggrin.gif

*duct tapes Darkness to the ceiling* Muwhaha. I've always wanted to do that. You'll fall down eventually.
Welcome to matazone! *throws confetti*
I'm still stuck...

and I don't really like heights. tongue.gif
Post weight usually snaps the duct tape. I find stylish those who grasp the tape as it's breaking and swing lightly to the floor. Let's you avoid anything on the floor by pranksters.

*Hands up a cookie and a beverage of choice*

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