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Full Version: Fed Up
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I am currently fed up with everything.

My job, my partner, my house, my family, my fucking dog is even doing my head in.

Something tells me I am not doing what I want to with my life ( dry.gif ) and I have no idea how to go about changing what I have without devastating everybody around me.

I dunno, I can feel myself slipping into this self destructive pit of depression that I had fought so hard to keep out of for so long. This is a place I have been before and a place I would literally kill not to go back into. Self loathing, self harming, self denial. All things I have experienced in the close past.

I am sick of my mind. Sick of over thinking everything. Sick to death of my life.

Ignore me. ph34r.gif
Hey man, I'm only young but I've almost felt like that before. Sometimes for me though, it was more of a panicky type feeling, I just didn't know what I was doing or If I would ever actually make it in life, but then I think, hey, just stop for a moment, slow down and look around. It's okay, everything can change, but it takes time. You have the power to make everything the way you want it, but if you go crazy and try to rush everything, then you might just end up losing everything you've got. So just take it slow and confront all of your problems maturely and it should all work out fine. :-)
I guess a good place to start would be working out how you got away from this situation the last time, and seeing if that would work again.

You mentioned elsewhere that you don't do much exercise. Getting into a habit of regularly going for a walk after your evening meal might be a good way to start.

If you watch a lot of television then try turning it off if there's nothing good on. There are few things that can drag me down faster than mindlessly goggling at the bland babble that makes up 97% of all programming. Pick up a good book instead, play board games or cards with the others around you, or join a club.

I also find cutting down on alcohol and unhealthy foods improves my moods when I've been feeling bad for a while.

These are all small things that you can try without destroying anything you've already got. Do any of them sound like they might help?

... And there are always people on here who are happy to be friendly eyes to read whatever is going on in your life.
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