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This is mostly for me to air my views on Sarah Palin and to try and learn more about Biden. I literally know..nothing about him, and I want to know why people support/dislike Biden so that my view is a little less one-sided. As for Palin, this is what I've gathered:

- Wants to eliminate sex ed from all schools (because abstinence totally works!!)
- Wants to teach creationism in schools (because we ALL believe in Christianity and raise our children that way!)
- Wants to overturn row v wade (because if abortions are illegal, everyone will stop having them and realize that it is evil, sinful murder!)

Basically, she scares the crap out of me. She's about as conservative right wing as a human being could possibly get, and if she had her way, we'd probably start burning witches (see: liberals) again. It isn't much of a political statement, but the photo of her with a giant dead bear carcass strewn across the back of her couch (another animal she happily shot) sure seems to say a lot about her. I also think her mere existence as a VP candidate is McCain's attempt to pick up a big fat swing vote. Hey, I wonder, if she were an unattractive male, do you think people would be a little more frightened by her views?

Again, these are all just things I've picked up. What are everybody else's thoughts on Palin and Biden?
You know, I usually try to defend the other side but...she's pretty indefensible. Maybe the best thing about her is that we don't know too much about her...otherwise we'd actually know what we might be getting into.

Biden's pretty cool, lots of legislative experience, lots of understanding of how to get things through the House and Senate. He'll be good to have by Obama's side as he tries to enact new policies for change - without someone who is good at getting things done, Obama would risk the possibility of being a candidate for change and being unable to actually enact anything of any magnitude.
I was watching Mock the Week last week (a UK satirical news panel comedy show) and they drew some interesting comparisons between Palin and Vladimir Putin... it was funny in a they both live in the cold and like to hunt sort of way...
Anyway, from what i've seen (and admitedly that's limited at this point) I'm just really wary of the borderline Christian fundamentalism that seems to boil beneath the surface, you need strong held views but a creationist pro-life hunter seems a little at odds
Things I've heard about Sarah Palin (note: these are from memory so somke details may not be totally correct)

When pregnant with one of her children (the one with Downs Syndrome) her waters broke just before she was scheduled to give a speech in Texas. Rather than go to the hospital, she gave the speech, then travelled back to her home town in Alaska, via Seattle and Anchorage, finally getting medical care more than 30 hours after her waters broke.

She fired some government official in Alaska because he wouldn't fire her sister's ex-husband.

She's brought 14 unsuccessful lawsuits against her ex-brother-in-law (same guy)

For some reason the brownian motion of information on the internet that's given me these hasn't given me anything at all about Biden.
She's a hockey mom. That gives her all the experience she needs! Right?


She was on Wasilla City Council, Wasilla has 7,025 people (2008 quote). She later became mayor of Wasilla.

Palin has no national experience and less than two years experience as governor, but she is unabashed about that. "That's a healthy thing," she told TIME. "That means my perspective is fresher." (obviously no experience means you'll be better at a job. Taken from Time)

Now for silly ones...

Sarah Palin once carved a perfect likeness of the Mona Lisa in a block of ice using only her teeth.

Sarah Palin doesn’t need a gun to hunt, because she can throw a bullet through an adult bull elk.

Sarah Palin is courageous and tough enough to shave Chuck Norris’s beard - and face off against his third fist disguised as a chin.

And a video:

Or two, just for laughs:
I saw an interview with Biden's son the other night, and here's a little anecdote that I got:

Biden was elected Senator of Delaware when he was 29, with two very young sons. He went to DC to start on some of the logistics of becoming a Senator while his wife took their sons to get a Christmas tree. While on that trip, she got into a bad car accident and was killed, along with their one year old daughter, and his two sons were badly injured. He came home immediately, and stayed by his sons' sides. He wanted to resign from the Senate, saying that "Delaware can have another Senator, my sons cannot have another father" but he was convinced to stay in the Senate by another Senator. Not wanting to expose his young children to the nasty problems with politics, he chose to live in Delaware, and commute an hour and a half each way to DC. He was, according to his son, a constant presence in his children's lives, despite the extreme commute.

According to wikipedia, he has served on the Judiciary Committee, including chairing it for many years, as well as serving on the Foreign Relations Committee.
Just came across this article talking about Sarah Palin's policy of charging rape victims for the police "rape kits" used to gather and preserve evidence after a sexual assault, and also removing emergency contraception from said kits.
The rape kit thing is a bit of truth being stretched. It was actually Fannon who implemented that and it was NOT the victim that paid for the kit it was the offender and when possible the victim's insurance company. This was an attempt to reduce the burden on tax payers for something not everybody will be using or some other crap like that. Also the policy has since been made illegal. That's not to say the contraception bit is a myth as Palin does not support abortion for rape victims and an upcoming bill (as pointed out by cand at one point) places emergency contraceptives under 'abortion'.

Although... She personally is not making statements about this 'new information' only her spokesperson... Kinda makes you wonder if she's worried about being caught in a lie (again).

I still don't like her though.
She scares the hell out of me period. Well I'm hoping and praying Obama wins I just ordered my absentee ballot today since I don't really live at home any more and I haven't registered in Chicago yet. I was reading comments on CNN today and a lot of people have said that they support Obama much more now than before because of the economy. As for Biden I know one of the big things that the Republicans have been getting on is that he was involved in some kind of scandal years ago, oh and he called Obama unqualified in the primaries.
8 leading / world leader position politicians in something like 8 hours and after one with no actual visible discussion on any matters that matter she tells the paparatzi she 'nailed it' ... genius or madness?

Not sure why she's being hidden in plain view so much though either there's a very controlled press management shtick goin' on it seems.

Gotta say it's probably best not to get my main american presidential run news from the Daily Show with Jon Stewart but it's so damn funny!!!
There's no way I'm gonna vote for McCain/Palin anyway, but it seems to me that some in the media and many on the internet have been working their darndest to associate her name with shame and scandal. She is a very socially conservative candidate, that's no doubt. That fact alone will put off most all voters left of center. But there has been an excess of half truth and lies that build her up as a strawman republican wacko which, I hypothesize, has more to do with her "boogeyman" image than her actual policies.

An example would be the troopergate thing. The officer tasered a 10 year old kid for no apparent reason. Since when is that not grounds for dismissal?
I'm seeing quite a lot of things like this: about Sarah Palin, complaining about her being unfit for office. I've seen similar things for Obama and McCain, but I've seen nothing complaining about Joe Biden. Is this just due to the circles in which I move on the internet, or are people just not objecting to the guy?
So my favorite thing today had to be when I watched the clips of McCain sitting with Palin and calling a tax paying citizen who asked a question that Palin's answer sounded much like an Obama answer something that McCain got all over Obama about. Then he tried to say it was "gotcha" journalism, I smell a lot of bullshit.
Not really the right place to put this I guess, but thought I would share!

Also: NB- it is Sarah Silverman. Which obviously means racist jokes and profanities. But we love her anyway.
I'm not going to answer any questions about Palin, lol. God what a joke seriously, all she proved tonight is that she can read a script from memory, if McCain/Palin win this election I'm either going to shake my head in shame or riot, I won't take another 4 years of this crap.
QUOTE (patback87 @ Sep 30 2008, 10:12 PM) *
So my favorite thing today had to be when I watched the clips of McCain sitting with Palin and calling a tax paying citizen who asked a question that Palin's answer sounded much like an Obama answer something that McCain got all over Obama about. Then he tried to say it was "gotcha" journalism, I smell a lot of bullshit.

Yes! I saw this, fantastic.I love that look of panic after the "Isn't that pretty much what Obama says but you dismissed" line, flashes a second in her eyes as McCain answers.heehee

Did you see the one where the same interviewer, at a different location, asked what Palin read to keep abreast of world affairs before/since appointment? She says something like 'all of them really, any media in its forms, whatever is in front of me". When asked to be specific she circulated and repeated the same then avoided direct answering. Proper political programming.
QUOTE (Smiler @ Oct 3 2008, 08:11 AM) *
Did you see the one where the same interviewer, at a different location, asked what Palin read to keep abreast of world affairs before/since appointment? She says something like 'all of them really, any media in its forms, whatever is in front of me". When asked to be specific she circulated and repeated the same then avoided direct answering. Proper political programming.

That's what she does best, "is it just me or when you become cornered do you become more adorable?"
QUOTE (CheeseMoose @ Sep 30 2008, 03:44 PM) *
I've seen similar things for Obama and McCain, but I've seen nothing complaining about Joe Biden. Is this just due to the circles in which I move on the internet, or are people just not objecting to the guy?

He's a generally well-respected guy on both sides of the aisle, so there isn't much that anybody really has against him. He has a tendency to shove his foot in his mouth (look up information on why he had to drop out of presidential races...twice...).

Also, in case any of you brits don't fully understand our crazy electoral college system, here's a good site where you can play around with different potential outcomes and see who would win:
this is the op/ed I wrote for the newspaper that I work for (headline included):

Sarah Palin: The Paris Hilton of Politics

Republican mouthpieces have been harping for months about Senator Barack Obama’s inexperience and his idealism, crying as loudly as they can that he is unfit to be a candidate for the presidency.
All that criticism halted once Sarah Palin, Governor of Alaska for the past 22 months, stepped into the limelight as the Republican Party Rockstar.
Let’s start with a short biography; Gov. Palin is 44 and has been involved in politics since 1992, when she served on her city (Wasilla, AK) council. In 1987, Gov. Palin received her bachelor of science in communications-journalism from the University of Idaho. She worked as a sports reporter after graduating from college. She has five children; Track, Trig, Brisol, Willow, and Piper, and recently celebrated her 20-year anniversary with her husband Todd Palin.
That’s enough. Anyone who watches CNN has noticed that she seems to pop up with one scandal after another.
Gov. Palin believes in abstinence-only education, and is strictly pro-life (even in cases of rape and incest). On September 1, the New York Times ran a story announcing that Sarah Palin’s unwed 17-year-old daughter is five months pregnant. Sure, family matters shouldn’t be a factor in a person’s political decisions, but who was there to save President Clinton when his extramarital affair got him impeached? In addition, Gov. Palin’s fifth child, Trig, was born with Down’s Syndrome - a terrible tragedy, but what kind of mother cares for a child with a genetic disease by going on the campaign trail?
Family means a lot to Gov. Palin; cue the “Troopergate” scandal. On July 11, she fired Public Safety Commissoner Walter Monegan, allegedly because he refused to fire State Trooper Mike Wooten, Gov. Palin’s ex-brother-in-law. Apparently, the Palin family had been ringing up Monegan’s office for over a year, demanding to know why Wooten had not yet been dismissed. At the time, Wooten and Molly McCann, Gov. Palin’s sister, were involved in a heated divorce and custody battle. Obviously Gov. Palin knows how to abuse power when she has it.
However, she also knows how to blow crowds away with her speeches. At the Republican National Convention, she explicated her beliefs about America’s gas and oil.
“Our opponents say, again and again, that drilling will not solve all of America’s energy problems, as if we all didn’t know that already. But the fact that drilling won’t solve every problem is no excuse to do nothing at all.”
\ A little tricky with the words, but she continued later, “we Americans need to produce more of our own oil and gas. And take it from a gal who knows the North Slope of Alaska: we’ve got lots of both.”
Because oil pipelines actually help Alaskan creatures like the polar bear, and by digging up one of America’s oil reserves, we put ourselves in a better position in the global market. Not. She vetoed clean coal and wind-power bills
Drilling for oil in Alaska will not only damage the ecosystem and the unique beauty of America’s largest state, but it will deplete a resource that might be invaluable in the future, when other oil deposits are less yielding. It would make only a minor impact in our current economic crisis, and is, just generally, a bad idea.
In addition, According to an October 2006 profile in the Anchorage Daily News, Gov. Palin opposes stem cell research, physician-assisted suicide, and state health benefits for same-sex partners. She claims not to be a Pentecostal, despite having attended the church throughout childhood and most of her adult life and raising her children in the church.
Gov. Palin is quoted stating that, "as governor, I've stood up to the old politics-as-usual, to the special interests, to the lobbyists, the big oil companies, and the good-ol'-boy network."
And yet, we take a trip down memory lane to Wasilla, Alaska, where Gov. Palin, then Mayor Palin, hired a lobbying firm to secure close to $30 million in federal earmarks for a town of less than 7,000 residents. $15 million of this was to go toward a rail system in a town smaller than Cleveland. She claims that she saved Alaska money by rejecting the “Bridge to Nowhere” construction, and yet in 2006, she campaigned for Governor on the premise of supporting Ketchikan’s Gravina Island bridge.
As Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin also spearheaded the construction of a multi-million dollar sports complex, botched the land purchase, and managed to cost the city (according to CNN) $22 million.
It’s almost anticlimactic to add that she fired the Police Chief of Wasilla, allegedly because he was interfering with the National Rifle Association’s belief that everyone should be allowed to carry a concealed weapon, and that she “might” support the censorship of books (long story short, Palin asked a librarian if she would be comfortable censoring books - when the librarian said empathetically no, months later, the librarian received a letter from Palin that stated that the librarian would be fired).
Sarah Palin was not chosen as the Vice Presidential candidate because her beliefs accurately represent the American people, or because she has a good track record with economics, public policy, and environmental preservation. She was chosen because, and I’ll admit it, she’s a good speaker. She’s pretty. She looks great on camera, and people want to listen to her because she’s a woman, she speaks intelligently. It seems to me, though, that no one seems to be listening to what she says and comparing it to what she does; she’s a face for the GOP to hide behind, someone they presented just to say, “look, look, we’re hip, we’re breaking ground, we support women’s rights” when they have in fact given us a woman that tramples all over women’s independence. She would make a terrible vice president; it wouldn’t surprise me if the GOP chose her to fail, to show America that maybe women aren’t right to lead. There are plenty of conservative women in government with more experience, better education and cleaner records than Gov. Palin. Like Paris Hilton, Gov. Palin inaccurately represents American women in the global media and will do a great disservice to the American people by displaying the most hypocritical and sleazy of politics.
Republicans hope that enough men will vote for her because she’s fun to look at, and enough women will be fooled into voting with rash feminism rather than the rational assessment of the candidates that I hope will dominate this election.
Let’s face it. John McCain, while not as frail as Democrats might want to believe, is 73 years old. Who knows what will happen in the next eight years; assuming reelection, he would be past 80 before he left office. Is Sarah Palin ready to be President of the United States? Does she have the experience, the flexibility, the ideals and the wisdom to lead this country? Is she the woman that you want the world to judge us by?
I don’t think so.
I'm not really to into politics or the people usually involved in them (not the common people, but the cadidates, and such.) mostly because the U.S has made a turn for the worse with our current president (who's causing us to spiral down into an endless void of our certain doom.) but theirs just something about Palin that seems..whats the word.."doom-bringerish"? (and yes doombringerish is now a word as of 10:08 PM Eastern U.S time.) I think it has something to do with a picture with Palin sitting on a bear skin couch with an elk head mounted on the wall.
Keep in mind that while GWB was/is a terrible president, the US will rebound from it, just like we have every other time, and even a Palin presidency wouldn't be an end-of-the-world scenario. I don't like her, and I think that the world would be better off if she went back to Alaska with her tail between her legs come November fifth, but the US would weather the storm for a few years. That's one of the great things about our government, it is designed to not accomplish too much, so in the long run it gets better and better (kind of like the stock market - over time it grows, but in the short run, it can plunge...).
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