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Full Version: It's not just good it's great depression!
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This was the result of my creativity today, this is taken from a note I wrote on my Facebook:

So with the grim reaper hanging out on Wall St these days I thought I would have a little fun about the idea if we move into a great depression like scenario, because mark my words our depression would be greater than the great depression and here's my list of why.
1. We will make bigger balls of aluminum foil.
2. We will save up even more cooking grease.
3. There will be a new college bowl; the Dust Bowl, which will be the best college bowl EVER.
4. We will have more images of the poor and they will be quickly uploaded to Facebook, Flickr, and MySpace as profile pictures.
5. More IT people will hang outside of Best Buy trying to get a job at Geek Squad; even if it's washing the Geek Beetle.
6. We will have bigger soup kitchens; sponsored of course by the good people at Campbell’s and Wal-Mart.
7. Our government would be in deeper dept; and ducking phone calls and knocks at the door from China, telling them the check is in the mail.
8. The government will employ more people; mostly IRS agents.
9. We wouldn't have black Tuesday; we'd have The Hunt for Black October.
10. We will have bigger mattresses stuffed with money.

Happy Greatest Depression
... Fun stuff.
Not only that, we can give the economy copious amounts of Prozac...
That is true, lol.
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