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It's halfway through October. Next month is November. And you all know what that means.


Yes, that's right. The month where insane people of all sorts come together to bang out 50,000 word novels. I plan on participating and, unlike last year, actually succeeding. I know candice is planning on joining me. Anyone else going to take up the challenge?

Look at that! A viking helmet this year! It's too awesome NOT to participate!
I'm in, of course.

Even though I've not even a vauge idea about what my plot is, who my characters are, ect...
This time of year so soon?! Blimey.

Sadly I shan't, I haven't got the time, and everything I write seems to come out sounding like pretentious, pseudo-intellectual drivel (a bit like this post actually...)
I haven't finished for 4 years in a row now I think it is...

I don't think another year would change that.
Yeah, I'm totally not doing it this year either. I think I've had three failed attempts now?
Booo! Don't let failure stop you! I'm going to try it for the first time and there is no way I am going to complete anything.

I have a gazillion other things to do so if I even last a week I will consider it a success. My plan is to randomly generate an idea using tvtropes and just write whatever nonsense comes into my head.
QUOTE (crazymat @ Oct 15 2008, 07:46 PM) *
Booo! Don't let failure stop you! I'm going to try it for the first time and there is no way I am going to complete anything.

I have a gazillion other things to do so if I even last a week I will consider it a success. My plan is to randomly generate an idea using tvtropes and just write whatever nonsense comes into my head.

That's the spirit!

NaNoWriMo isn't about writing good stuff. It's about writing. Just writing. Failure to reach the goal in the past is no reason to not try this year.
QUOTE (crazymat @ Oct 16 2008, 12:46 AM) *
Booo! Don't let failure stop you!

Yeah! Bunch of pansies! tongue.gif

As Vic mentioned, I am definitely going to be participating. I won last year, and I fully intend to do the same this year. My goal is to stay on schedule so I'm not writing 25,000 words during the last weekend of November. We'll see what happens. This year I have an OUTLINE. Oh, I am so prepared.

I love NaNoWriMo. It's been long enough since it had me screaming at my computer in frustration that my memories of it are mostly fuzzy and nice. It's a dang good thing it only happens once per year.
Heh, I just the coolest and most unexpected e-mail ever. The NaNoWriMo people are going to have to come after me though, because I'm still not convinced I should do this. tongue.gif

Dear National Novel Writing Month Author,

The noveling season is almost upon us. If you have already come back to the NaNoWriMo site and signed up for another year of literary abandon, we say: Hello! We're so glad to have you back. If you are thinking about possibly sitting this year out, we say: Don't make us come after you.

Seriously. The world needs your new novel. You may not know what you'll write about. That's fine. You may think you're too busy to write a novel this year. That's okay too. We understand. You're busy. It's a fact.

But you know what? Every year, you spend so much of your time doing things for other people. You show up at work and school close to on time five days a week, and you do a good job there. You're nice to your friends. You take care of your family.

Is it too much to ask for a single month of creative playtime in return for all your labors? Don't you deserve a 30-day literary vacation? One where you set sail with 100,000 other adventurers and discover one of your great, unwritten novels?

We think you do.

So we have a proposal: Come to the site and sign in. Check out the sweet word-count header. Listen to the NaNoWriMo Supercollider spin out your fortune on WrimoRadio. Update your profile with the cool new synopsis and bio areas. Think about coming to this year's Night of Writing Dangerously Write-a-thon. Survey the list of celebrity pep talkers who will be sending you encouraging emails in November. Settle in.

Then, if you decide you don't have time to write a novel, that's okay. You can shut off these emails under "Edit User Settings" and go back to real life.

But for now? A ship to adventure is steaming out of port on November 1. We want to see you on board.

Your fan,

Chris Baty

Cruise Director, NaNoWriMo
I love the e-mails they send out. Not the sign-up reminder ones, paticuarly, but moreso the weekly pep talks.

They always make me smile and (more importantly) inspire me to write just a bit more. =)
Industrial Kybosh
I tried and failed last year, but was left with a few interesting ideas that may well work on again at a later date. That in mind, I might unofficially have a go again this year. I've got a fresh idea I wouldn't mind thrashing out, so why the hell not? Even if work and life commitments leave me a few thousand short of the target again, it's still a fun and worthwhile endeavour.
If you can keep to a schedule, it's actually not too bad writing that much in a month. I won't be joining in this year because I'm still working on the synopsis of the novel that I started writing at around NaNoWriMo time last year. That book, in the current draft, reached 105,000 words. I probably took about two and a half months to get to 100k, so 50k should be doable. I'm getting the Halloween animation finished then focussing on getting everything ready to send my book off to agents. Good luck everyone!

I do intend to write another book, so maybe if things go well over the next few weeks I might join in part way through November smile.gif
Once again I will be embarking on this journey even though I know my plans to finish will go horribly awry. But I always come back every November anyway. NaNoWriMo, I wish I could quit you.
I, alas, have not the time for novelling, though that hasn't stopped me in years past, and I would hate to break the tradition of failing at it miserably.
It's the end of the first day. smile.gif

How's everyone doing so far?

2,457 words today, and it was hell getting there. But worth it. smile.gif
0 Words. Easiest day evar. But not a good way to start.
0 words here, too. snoo and her boyfriend are visiting, and I can't write with people around! What if they read over my shoulder? I will catch up, though.

I have already requested that moop never read my first completed NaNo novel if I die first. I want his memory of me to remain untarnished, and it really is extraordinarily bad.
Hah, my first NaNo was so horrible that I've actually deleted any trace of it I could find. E-mails of me sending it to myself, excerpts I had posted, ect.

So yeah, don't feel bad.

Of course, that's assuming it really is as bad as you think it is, which things rarely are with most people. tongue.gif
Shucks. blush.gif

Get some words down today, guysss. If nothing else is motivation enough, I don't wanna be alone. sad.gif

edit: 3,849 words total, now. I got really into an arguement between my characters and ended up typing over my goal again, and I'll probably get a bit more written later, too.
edit edit: 4,216 ending the day. biggrin.gif yeeeah!
I cracked 2,000 yesterday. It took me a LONG time to get back in the swing of things. I really like my first few paragraphs, and everything I've written since then seems bleugh in comparison. I'm still struggling to not waste time by going back and editing. Today my goal is 4,000.

And yay Team Voices!
Day 3. Still at 0. Morale is low. Have disappointed others. Outlook is still good, as there's plenty of time to catch up.
Come on, Sonny, you can do it! My novel doesn't even have zombies and already I have a body count of 1. You need to catch up!
6208 words right now, before I've started writing for the day. If things go as planned, I should be able to afford a day off (which I need, due to my wisdom teeth coming out thursday) from writing soon.

Whoo, go Candice! My story worked backwards - the first few things I wrote are horrid, and now I'd starting to like it.

Vic, just start writing. Don't worry about form, seriously. as you're reading this. Open word, and start typing.
GOOD NEWS! I forced myself to sit down and write. An hour and a half later, successsssss! I have 4,100 words. Which is awesometacular. Not where I should be, granted. But all I have to do is write the same amount tomorrow and I'll be caught up. Woohooo.
Hell yeah, vic. biggrin.gif

I'm a bit ahead...but i can't think of any good ideas today...Instead, I sewed a hat. It is my official thinking hat.

sad.gif It's so far a pretty ineffective thinking hat...I'll just give it some more time, eh?

a total of 10,328 words now. smile.gif yessss. Go thinking hat!
hehe, I love your thinking hat, Voices!

Wow, you're doing really well! I am going to do some major catch-up this weekend. I maaay have allowed the election to distract me a bit. I'm getting to the part of the novel I'm really excited about, though, so hopefully it'll start going a bit faster.
The pathetic part is that I actually wear it when I'm writing in hopes the word-count fairies will come to me.

My word count is now a palindrome at 11611 words, And I think I'm taking a break today to let my wisdom teeth heal a bit.

Go cand! I know I've a tendency to write at least 2,000 words when I get to an exciting part, so I'm sure it'll be the same for you. smile.gif
After having my novel nicked, I might be back onto the writing wagon, but this time with editing as my target. We'll see. Excellent work Voices, and keep it up! Well done to the others for getting going. You can do it!
Woo! I got up to over 13,000 yesterday. I was at just 4,000 something on the 7th. Today I am going to reach 17,000. Oh, yes. I am finally getting back into the swing of NaNoWriMo.

Good luck with the editing, Mata. sad.gif

Edit: argh. My muse, she has left the building. I only got up to just over 15,000. I need a thinking hat.


I was hanging out with my friends all day today and have a lot of makeup work...but I've also just drank a full caramal machiatto so i should be good to get it all done tonight.
As per my usual, I got up to about 6000 words, got distracted by the elections and other events, and can safely add this year's NaNo to my list of failures. Once I have enough of them, I'll compile them into an anthology of 50k and claim victory.
'Things I Haven't Acheived This Year' would be a great title. I'm sure most people could knock that out in a weekend. Do it!
biggrin.gif That is an awesome thinking hat, Voices.

It clearly must have inspired me because I am on a roll again! We will be halfway through the month on Saturday, and if I stay on schedule I will be more than halfway done by then. Woohoo!
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 13 2008, 01:19 PM) *
'Things I Haven't Acheived This Year' would be a great title. I'm sure most people could knock that out in a weekend. Do it!

Crikey, that does sound like a good idea! I wasn't planning to write anything for this (I never do, I'm not that creative) largely because I'm exerting my limited literary ability into producing a biggish document which I'm going to use as the basis of my own business. Assuming I ever find the time to finish it in amongst the other stuff I have to do. But seeing that, hell, I suddenly feel inspired! Shame I've only got two weeks left to get it done...
QUOTE (Mata @ Nov 13 2008, 07:19 AM) *
'Things I Haven't Acheived This Year' would be a great title. I'm sure most people could knock that out in a weekend. Do it!

Have I mentioned you're brilliant lately?
I am up to 24,057 words. happy.gif

It is getting easier, I think. 1,000-15,000 was brutal.

Voices and Vic: how are you two doing? And how's the editing coming, Mata?
I'm at 13,067. Which makes me at at least 20k behind. But I'm confident I can catch up. I just need inspiration.

I'm sure sitting my ass down and forcing myself to write would make it all better, too.
22,110 words.

I'm a bit behind but not too bad. smile.gif
(You're winning, Cand! tongue.gif)

Hopefully my muse will give me a swift kick in the butt tommorow to get me moving.
QUOTE (IrishGuy @ Nov 15 2008, 04:43 AM) *
I'm at 13,067. Which makes me at at least 20k behind.

Nuh uh, just 12k! Today is the 15th, which means it's halfway through the month. You only need to be around 25K today. You can definitely still catch up! biggrin.gif
How goes the writing?

I'm at 38,165 words right now, just a bit behind.
I am sprinting to catch up today. I'm at 33,000ish right now, and hoping to reach 40,000 by bedtime. unsure.gif
I've had the flu for the last week, which has given me the frustrating position of lots of time but not enough focus to do anything. It sounds like you guys are doing well though!
Mata, I know the feeling. I had some sort of something that made me horribly sick for two or so days. I wasn't in school, but I couldn't write either. Talk about annoying.

Candice, did you make it?
And where's Vic?

I'm at 42622 words right I'm thinking that if I gave up now...well it'd just be stupid of me.
I did not, sadly. I'm only at 37,165, but I'm feeling fairly good about that. I think that I had a LOT more words left to write at this time last year. And, well, my novel is about a squillion times better this time, which is awesome. I am going to try to play catch-up again tomorrow.

I don't know where Vic is. sad.gif On my writing buddies page on the NaNoWriMo website it says he's at 15,558.

I hope you're feeling better, Mata!
Wow, you guys are awesome.

I kinda gave up on the first day... ph34r.gif
Usurper MrTeapot
I really should have done this. I totally forgot.

It's nearly the end of the month. How are you all doing?
Teapot! ohmy.gif I thought of you about five minutes ago, oddly enough. Check this out:

biggrin.gif I am a viking!

moop spent almost all day today in Nottingham, so I had him hide the wireless router before he left. With no Internet to distract me I became very productive indeed! I also did quite a lot of writing yesterday, but the bulk of it happened today. I think I do not want to see my word processing program for at least 6 months now!
Usurper MrTeapot
You mean I could have really become a viking this year? Darn it.
Hooray! Go Cand! What is your novel about?
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