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Full Version: Telephone!
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We've all played telephone right? The game where everyone sits in a circle and whispers an insanely long and confusing message into someone else's ear, and it keeps going around, and in the end it's all jumbled and funny? Well, we should play. Here are the rules:

1. Copy your name at the bottom of the list and post. No nicknames please, since this is via PM, everyone needs to be able to find you.
2. 7:00 AM Monday morning (EST) is the deadline for signing up. I will PM a story to the second person on the list.
3. This is where the integrity comes in - if you can't follow this rule - don't play. Read the story once, and then PM the next person on the list and try to tell them the story as verbatim as possible. When you do this, please CC it to me as well.
4. If you are the last person on the list, PM me and I will post the final version along with all of the previous versions so that we can all enjoy the evolution of the story. smile.gif

So far we have:
1. Yannick (haha, almost broke my own rule. >_<)
Heh, in the UK we call it Chinese whispers.
I'll do it!

1. Yannick
2. crazymat
3. michael1384
Only 3 people? sad.gif

Come on guys, this will be fun!
Hmm maybe we should extend the deadline then :/
oops just noticed your message! never mind then!

Ok I completely screwed up your story, lol. My short term memory is pretty rubbish.

oh and I forgot to CC it to you, Izzy... doh!
Haha, great. We're done. Mat, could you please send me my version? Michael, could you send me Mat's?

Once I have those I'll post the results.
heh ok. That was just a practice round right? I think we need some more players....
Yeah, we're definitely playing again.

*pokes people*
Okay, here it is.

1. Once upon a time in a galaxy not so far away, an M&M God reigned over the humans of this earth. He was a mighty ruler, providing peace to the ignorant and savage mortals of the Green planet (..or are we blue?). Unfortunately, the M&M god was dying. For he was allergic to chocolate. The world's most talented scientists were all on the search for a cure, but no one could discover one. A young boy, Edwin Blah, thought he had a solution. He went to the God, told him, had him tied down, and then smashed him with a sledgehammer. Because of Ewdin Blah, we all have the M&Ms we eat today. ..And the humans can rule themselves in peace!

2.Long ago in a galaxy far away there was an M&M God that watched over the blue planet (or is it green) umm someone told the M&M god about something and he was crunched up with a hammer or something. And thats how we get the M&Ms we have today. THE END
(Izzys version was much longer but I guess I wasn't paying much attention when I read it)

3.Long ago in a galaxy far far away there was a blue planet watched over by the M&M god. For some reason which I can't remember, the M&M god was destroyed with a hammer and that's how we get M&Ms today...
So... shall we play again?
Cool. *pokes Mat*

we need some more people...
Yeah... Oh, want to try Eat Poop You Cat? I tried it in another forum and it worked awesomely. The actual game starts on page 4. It's not over yet, but it's so much fun.
Yeah definitely, if we can get enough people to play. Shall I start a new thread for it?

Annoyingly, I don't think we have spoiler tags on this forum, so I guess we'll have to use PMs again.

lol, izzy what is it with you and m&ms? Oh and I can't see the pictures on that forum sad.gif
There are spoiler tags!
QUOTE (crazymat @ Nov 27 2008, 03:02 PM) *
lol, izzy what is it with you and m&ms? Oh and I can't see the pictures on that forum sad.gif

Lol. I started that game after we finished telephone. So m&ms were still on my mind. tongue.gif

The pictures are the best part! sad.gif

Yeah, we can just use these. Feel free to start the thread.
Ah, I was mistaken!

So can we hide images behind them or do we need to just link to them?

I started the topic...
..Would images even hide behind them?

*edit* Damn. Apparently not. We'll just link them.

Also.. don't ask. It was just a random pic from my photobucket..
Guess not. What is that?
Umm. >_>

There was this er, riddle thingy. And. So. Er. Green paper clip = 8, red paper clips = all the places we can't put another 8. So.. we needed 8 8's. And. Clearly there isn't enough room for 8 8's.

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