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Full Version: MEAT WEAVING!
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I don't know what might be going through your head...

But this is my most important discovery within the past 6 months, and I'm about to go weave some meat.

No more awkward bacon piles on sandwiches for me! ZOMG SO AMAZING.


New band name idea: (Silly name or reference) and the Meat Weavers
Industrial Kybosh
It may just be my own dirty mind, but I looked carefully over my shoulder before opening this thread...

Truly, though, this is a major development in the field of bacon.
You, sir, win the internet. Congratulations.
Wow. I have GOT to try this!
Hmm. If I get stuck helping prepare food for Thanksgiving this year, I'm so doing this. If anything, just to get told off and banned from the kitchen.
It was DELICIOUS. I definitely checked the kitchen for bacon the instant I saw this picture.
Aislinn Faye
Yeah, that does seem like a good idea for BLTs but....just the idea of weaving meat (mainly bacon I assume), seems kinda disturbing. And you'd have to do it in the microwave or the oven...I don't think you'd be able to do it in the skillet.
Just printed a copy to show missus Wod, told her that's how I wanted my bacon for breakfast....

...I won't repeat exactly what she said ....
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