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Full Version: Christmas Eve Worker's Support Group
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Industrial Kybosh
I'll be working tomorrow, and I'm not happy about it.

I also know that I'm not alone in this. Christmas Eve, damn your eyes, should be a day for sitting about watching seasonal films (Muppets Christmas Carol being a personal fave), sipping mulled wine and generally putting your feet up, not slaving away at your nine-til-five whilst other people are out having a good time.

This thread, then, is for the poor and put-upon among us who have had fate pee in their ice cream, and now find themselves working the 24th. Moan! Complain! Be pathetic and whiney to your heart's content, without fear of judgement!

For a kick-off, I'd like to point out that my shift tomorrow is entirely redundant. I work in store technical support, and the latest that our stores will be trading til is 4pm. I'm in until 9:30. Where's the justice in that, I ask you! The upside of this is that I'll most likely be able to give each one of you the sympathy and encouragement you will need to get through your seasonal shift, given that I will have nothing better to do. More accurately, nothing else to do. At all.

That's me done. Anyone else?
Sir Psycho Sexy
Get his, I'm working Christmas Eve to get the sale prepped, will be out at 6 at the earliest, then I'll be starting 9am Boxing day to open by half past to get buggered sideways by hammer wielding customers! Best of all, the big shopping center in town doesn't even open on Boxing day!
I have four hours to do tomorrow: one in the morning at 9am and then three when I get to my mum's house in the afternoon/ evening time.
On Christmas day, I am working six hours scattered through the day- the first at 8am and the last at 11pm.
On Boxing Day I am working again at 8am, on the 27th I'm working 3 hours and on the 28th I'm working for an hour. Doesn't sound like much, but I don't have a day off until I go up to Orkney and hide away until the new year comes!

I guess it's not as bad as having to be in an office, though- I can work in my jamas and eat mince pies whilst doing so!

However, I will be in with the moaning biggrin.gif
I'm working 9 - 2pm though we have a "if you know what you want to buy we'll let you in past close on the 24th" policy so we may very well not get out until 4 pm.
Working 9 - 5. Have to give those shoppers a last chance to get their medications.
Please Santa, send the doctors in to check their fax machines and respond to urgent requests for heart pill prescription refills.
Still, I then get two glorious days free. No relatives to see, no one expected to visit. Just me, the cats, a good book or four, peace, goodwill toward fellow mankind, and maybe a walk through the snow. Luxury.
I have to work saturday or I'd be able to have 4 days of freedom. dry.gif
Maybe next year.

Shudder with me. I work in a retail pharmacy. Last minute shoppers a plenty. ph34r.gif
Industrial Kybosh
I'm so glad I'm not alone. It brings tears of joy to my eyes. Solidarity, brothers and sisters!

Daria - for once, couldn't they just let the pregnant lesbians flame each other? Is that not the spirit of Christmas?

Last Christmas, instead of giving you my heart (you'd just have regifted it to someone else, I know what you're like), I was in a sale prep situation much like our gender-bending SpussyCat. Mine was done overnight, though. I started at 9pm on the 23rd, and only got home at about 6am the following morning. Inevitably, I slept through most of Christmas Eve, and then couldn't get to sleep all night. I've not been so awake in the early hours of Christmas morning since I graduated from junior school...
I was going to be working 8:15am to 4:45pm then taking a wander around the shops to pick up a few small bits, but my boss didn't turn up to the building until 9:30 so I've got no idea when I might be going home... Hopefully at the same time as I planned but technically I won't have worked a full day. Buggrit.

I don't mind too much - it's nice that the office is quiet and I can get on with what I need to do at my own pace. I have a friend who is going to be orking in a pub until 1:30am tonight, so that's going to be a long one for him. Then again, he does live above the bar so at least he hasn't got far to travel afterwards.
Industrial Kybosh
QUOTE (Mata @ Dec 24 2008, 01:51 PM) *
orking in a pub

I've never done that. Does it hurt?
Ha ha haaaa ha ha haaa ha haa haaaaaaaaaaa laugh.gif

Sorry but it HAD to be done tongue.gif

laugh.gif laugh.gif laugh.gif

I'm off down the pub wink.gif

*runs away before getting pelted with staplers, screwed up paper and coffee mugs*
Industrial Kybosh

I will be burning an effigy of you tonight, slaaaaaaaaaaaaag... ;P
QUOTE (Industrial Kybosh @ Dec 24 2008, 04:42 PM) *

I will be burning an effigy of you tonight, slaaaaaaaaaaaaag... ;P

I've already got one of you smouldering nicely as I had time to fashion that today while you were WORKING tongue.gif

I repeat....HAAAAAA you slaaaaaaaaaaaaag wink.gif
Industrial Kybosh
You are a complete bumhat, Sam. But I still love you. tongue.gif
Industrial Kybosh
449 of our stores have cashed up and closed for the night. We have 451 stores. I'm in for the best part of two hours.

For. F@ck's. Sake.
Yay I got to actually come home by 3 p.m. today!
Sir Psycho Sexy
Work an extra 2 hours. We don't have enough stock for more than a week of sale, and I just got back from my sister's where I've been helping with the wrapping....and drinking wine.

My duvet is like a giant marshmallow, not relevant, but awesome.
It's not Christmas eve but can I grumble about interrupting a potential 4 day weekend to go to work on Saturday?
*grumble* people wanting *not quite audible* heart drugs that they haven't renewed their prescription for. No, the pharmacist can't write you a script for antibiotics because you're unwilling to wait at the clinic to see a Doc. No, the pharmacist can't advance you more of the antianxiety pills you overuse and regularly come in 2-3 weeks early to beg about that you haven't renewed your prescription for. I don't care if you've been on them longer than I've been alive, your prescription has run out and your Doc doesn't take calls for renewals from the pharmacy. You've got to go get a new Rx yourself. Why didn't we warn you that you were almost out? The no refills on the label isn't a big enough hint? Because you're a grown adult?
End Rant
Industrial Kybosh
Post-Christmas ranting is perfectly acceptable, Ashbless. Otherwise this thread would now be utterly redundant. Heck, why not just make it an outlet for complaining about having to work when you don't want to? Such as on Boxing Day, after shovelling large amounts of food and booze down your throat for the entirety of the previous day.

Once again, I am some distance away from happy. -__-
I get to work today too and tomorrow....woo looking forward to being trampled by hoards wanting after christmas sales. Oh and explaining to many people how not all ornaments are Christmas product and how trees aren't Christmas product either.
I took some holiday to allow me to miss the X-day eve work misery (although it may have been a giggle in the office), I've got to go back in on the 2nd though, work gave us the festive week or so off but why make us come back on the Friday... it's just not right! wink.gif

I've also got to work about 6 Saturdays looking after exams through the year, they invariably get in the way of my LARPing! sad.gif

I've not got much to whine about in all reality but it does me good to get it off my chest wink.gif heehee
Aww, how sad sad.gif I booked annual leave so I could bail out at lunchtime on the 22nd and I've just started back in this morning tongue.gif

But I'm not going to be a complete arse about it.

Last year, due to a monumental cock-up in the holiday booking arena, I ended up having to work a half day on New Year's Eve. Which was a pain enough, but due to family celebrations and the like, and in order to get some peace, I ended up having to go in to the office, which is a 70 mile round trip. Waste of time, really, cos there was absolutely nothing doing and I had the entire wing of the building to myself.

And next year I suspect I'll be working on at least one day twixt celebrations, as it's more than likely my turn to volunteer.
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