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Full Version: Older story, but interesting
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I found it interesting, figured it might amuse some. I know it's oldish, but I haven't checked my RSS in a while.
I like the punchline at the end of the article biggrin.gif
What punchline?
I remember seeing this. Crazy!

Of course, it's always what I thought would happen to me on moving to Montreal--that they'd find me in the spring thaw. ("We thought she was a funny-shaped snowman," authorities said of the girl's rescue. "A Quebecois snowman.") As of yet, I have not been frozen into a drift but have become painfully familiar with the phenomenon of the "font-de-neige sur la tete".
QUOTE (Yannick @ Jan 7 2009, 06:53 PM) *
What punchline?

The woman was buried when she went out to get the groceries, then at the end that's what the guy who has the rescue dog says he was going to do.
Yeah I saw this all over the news in around Christmas time. It was one heck of a miracle.

I do hope he gets his steak biggrin.gif
I saw this too, quite something. He should get two steaks!
No steak yet. Apparently it's been three days...
ba doom bum, thsha
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