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Horrible pun aside -

I got this idea while browsing Flickr and seeing tons of photos that people had posted, showing the contents of their bags/purses.
Also, I've always found it interesting how much you can learn about a person just through the things they have with/around them daily.

So here's how it goes - you can post a description or (even better) a photo answering the question above. Then, at the end of your post you'll ask a question for the next person. The questions must be along the lines of What's in your purse right now? What's on your shelves? ect.

I think it'll just be a fun way to learn about what we all surround ourselves with and such. smile.gif

So, What's on your desk?
I don't have a picture cause my camera batteries are dead and I don't think theres an easy way of getting pics off my phone so this will have to be a description...

On my desk there is:
A computer
Some cookies
A cup of orange juice
Lots of rubbish
A GIANT BALL OF HAIR which I removed from my brush blink.gif
My old phone which doesn't work
Some batteries which need recharging
A printer
Some paper
A keyring which burping noises
Some tissues
o2 sim cards
some train tickets
a top up card for my phone which has probably never been used
a photocopier card
a blood donation card
some scissors
a bottle of water
some change
a pen
a library receipt
empty chocolate wrappers
some sellotape
paracetamol tablets
a set square
various bits of paper

I need to tidy up more :/

Ok so my question is...
What lurks under your bed?
This might be a long list - (edit for clarification, this would be my desk)
two small end table lamps, a rubber tree, my computer tower, on top of which are two paper chinese lanterns, another rubber tree, three empty vanilla diet doctor pepper cans, black rose milani nail color, two rings, a wine glass, prescription pain killers, nail polish remover, lavender hand lotion, chap stick, a black and white framed picture of a street in the rain, a bottle of tea tree oil, an incense holder, a box of nag champa, a q-tip, some henna bracelets, a couple of pennies, Lost Souls by Poppy Z Brite, the Picture of Dorian Grey, a bottle of lychee and strawberry sake, my monitor and keyboard, and a cell phone that lovingly woke me up from my food and sake coma - i wish it would ring again.

li-iiiittle disorganized.

edit: ahh! crazymat beat me! i'll answer that question too -
under my bed lurks several neglected high school physics books, a trunk full of childhood memories, all of the extra babies in China, and a couple of single shoes whose matching shoes are probably in my closet.

next poster person, what's in your underwear drawer?

There you go smile.gif

What's on your nightside table?
Aislinn Faye
This is kinda spamming, but when I was working at a fast food joint (DQ), I was on drive thru and this lady's purse had kinda opened in the passenger seat, and I see a half empty small vodka bottle. from that day on, I was always curious what people had in their purse.
I haven't anything on the night stand. The headboard however has loads of stuff.

alarm clock
venetian mask from the chocolate potluck
smiley balloon from Vern
plush Chulthlu
green hat and feather for St. Paddy's day
7 assorted scifi and fantasy books
a stuffed dino I won playing darts at the fair
a box of tissues
a cute teddy from Ian -haven't the foggiest why he bought it for me
a cool papyrus bookmark with the Egyptian god of writing on it
a box of assorted stuff. It changes. I generally holds whatever odds and ends are around as I'm tidying.
-earrings, sunglasses from hallowe'en, a prayer to St. Jude, a ribbon from a christmas gift et al.

So, what's in your pockets?
In jeans pockets:
phone, keys, handkerchief

In jacket pockets:
wallet, gloves, more keys, 2 usb sticks, pen, pad of post-it notes, spare phone battery.

Rarr, crappy webcam photo:

What's in your handbag? (if you don't carry one then pick your own thing)
My coat pockets (which function as a purse cause they're huuuuggee!) contain:
-debit card
-metro tickets (one used, one not)
-small notebook
-lucky rock
-red lipstick
-visa gift card-thingum which may or may not be empty
-mashed-up Djaram cause some quebecois slag sat on my jacket
-card for the capoeira class I'm taking
-lip balm
-crumbled up receipts

What's on the edge of your tub?
Is that a bath tub? Or just... my tub?

I'm gonna go with bath. On the edge things woud just fall off, but we have a lovely wooden (and rotting) shelf right next to it, holding:
- an assortment of shampoos/conditioners/body cleaning products
- a funny wooden brush. Do people brush their skins in the bath?
- a bar of soap
- a plug
- a razor shaver
- a loofah (loofer, loufa, loofa...)

What quirks lurk in your fridge?
- A can of Strongbow cider (someone left it here)
- Assorted jars of things (may or may not be mouldy)
- A bag of parsnips
- A bag of potatoes
- Ginger root
- Half eaten tub of Philidelphia
- Tub of leftover spag bol sauce
- A yellow Pepper
- A bottle of Rock's Organic Blackcurrant Squash with a tiny dribble in the bottom
- Some cheese I don't think I want to investigate this evening
- A metal cat with dangly legs that sits where the eggs should be (but I never put my eggs in the fridge)
- Lemon juice
- A very very old carton of Pineapple Juice that I will never drink

I think that's it.

Ok, what's in your 3rd drawer down in your kitchen?
Assorted (used) jiffy bags.

What's on your mantelpiece?
- two small wooden statues carved by my mum's best friend's late brother, of multiple faces
- a jar full of fake glass ice cubes
- two shot glasses from different countries
- a clock
- a rain stick!
- a couple of candles
- some paperwork
- some certificates from various competitions
- some pokey metal sticks maybe for munching olives with?
- some small china perfume bottles
- an egg with an oldman face drawn on it and 'eggbert the VIII' written on it
- 4head
- some RNLI badgey things
- a postcard from Newquay
- a photo

What's under the stairs?
Alternatively, for those sans stairs, what's at the bottom of the closet?
My bathroom is under my stairs biggrin.gif

Bottom of the wardrobe is a selection of hats and handbags that I have collected, including billions of cloth totes.

What's on your pinboard/ wall?
Haha, I am the wrong person to answer that question. I spent the time I should have spent studying for my psych final last semester covering my horrible green wall (psych-ward green, matter of fact) with cheerful fabric and then the other walls (blissfully white) with fliers, postcards, paintings and song lyrics. Pictures are taking waay too long. I'll itemize:

-zebra scarf
-fake flowers
-happy 70's skirt that is way too hoochy to wear but has excellent pattern
-photo of Etgar Kerret
-sign found on Rue St-Catherine, cardboard. Permanent marker scribble: "NEED BEER!"
-photo of William Gibson
-Spanish vocabulary words (concerning internal organs, botany, animals and airplanes)
-letter from my older brother
-photo of the White Stripes that I've always liked
-sheer floral scarf
-letter (in clumsy French) from my aunt
-Beirut lyrics (part of "Cliquot")
-fabric I bought in Ghana
-photo of flowers taken by another aunt
-a Lorca poem
-ticket stubs (Brazilian Girls, Of Montreal)
-cover of a Times Magazine that says "Can Obama Close the Deal With Those White Guys?"
-funny things clipped out of the student paper
-Rufus Wainwright lyrics ("Barcelona")
-fabric with Chinese symbols all over
-fabric that looks like a mad boat-builder's blueprints
-acid green scarf
-leather painting bought in Ghana
-painting I did on big white paper while very stoned (it has mole tunnels running through it--but get. this. The moles are people, crouching!)
-record cover
-postcards (19 in total, mostly PostcardX)
-fliers from the street (4)
-Viking Laws
-setlist from the Brazilian Girls show
-card a crazy Jesus-man gave my friend, saying "You Cannot Save Yourself"
-my absentee ballot envelope (the one they sent it in)
-ScaryGoRound cartoon
-the first French political cartoon I ever understood
-drawing my friend did of a sculpture I made
-Cheesemoose's very happy Christmas note
-silly cartoons I drew
-amazing note I found in class once ("wat about dem otha boyz, have u talked bout dem?" "Naw he hasn't asked so wateva")
-painting I found impaled on a church fence somewhere
-my college pro-con list (now completely hilarious)
-second French political cartoon I ever understood
-amazing Art Deco dress that looks awful on everyone but is made of a great fabric.
-Halloween card my friend's mother sent me
What's on the shelf nearest you?
Phone, my mom's glasses, some candles, gum, magazines, colored pencils, a full but cold coffee cup, and a wallet.

What's in between the pages of your books?
Or for people that don't actually keep things there, what's behind your couch?
Oops, forgot to ask a question back there. Thanks, voices!

Condoms (in Marquez, which always makes me giggle because his face on the cover is a total bonerkill). Secrets. Papers I don't want to lose but don't always want to see. Leaves and flowers. On trips, things that could get smashed up in my bag (like earrings, business cards, etc).

What's your alarm clock set for?
Don't have an alarm clock. My iTouch is set for 7:00 on weekdays.

What's in your back-pack?

Brown pack:

Change of clothes
Various power cables
Wireless mouse
Rubber coated mechanics gloves (also exploration gloves)
Moto-cross magazine
Various scraps of paper

Black pack:

Change of clothes
Wrench set

(Great, now I want to go make a pack O_o)

What's in your DVD player?
Well, in my computer Little Miss Sunshine is still in there. smile.gif

What's on your kitchen counter?
I don't have a DVD player.
*opens laptop dvd drive* nothing.

If it counts then I left the dvd for Tim Vine Live in my parents' dvd player yesterday.

What's on your computer desktop?

Edit: beaten by Chelsey. Okay, on my kitchen counters are:

Microwave, toaster, 3 rice cookers, sandwich toaster, couple of bottles of cooking oil, a few dirty plates and related crockery/cutlery.

What's on your computer desktop?

What's on your dresser?
Dresser #1

My alarm clock
A fan
A stack of audio books
plastic water bottles
Aluminum cans

Dresser #2

iPod speakers

What books are on the top shelf of your bookcase?
Might be too blurry but it's some Gregory Maguire, Philip K. Dick, Tom Wolfe, Gibson, Marquez, Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Vonnegut, Francesca Lia Block, Bradbury, Shakespeare, foreign dictionaries, et cet-e-ra, et cet-e-ra. Also: lotion, a notebook, Buddhas, a small ceramic foot, coffee-table-book about punk rock, CD-Rs and innumerable bits of junk and stuff.

What's in your Stickies? (might restrict to Mac users, so if not: what's on your Post-its around the house?)
Shopping List, Cancer = Evolution?, High Riddle, Base of Stuff, and Convo (from when my cousin and I were trying to talk without my mom noticing)

What's in your 'fridge?
Ok, I have two places where notes and post-its reside. This is my pinboard and this is the wall by my desk. That pile of notes is about half of what is usually there- they fall off periodically.
Edit- just saw Izzy's answer, so as I already said what's in my fridge, I'll carry the question on:

What's in your fridge?
A neverending supply of leftovers, shredded cheese, mayonaise, eggs, milk, two gallons of sweet tea, sour cream, cream cheese, tortillas, Cheese dip, hamburger meat, yogurt, and other assorted condiments.

What's in your hamper/dirty clothes pile?
I've only been back a couple of days so not a lot:

Black Stone Cherry t-shirt, Flobots t-shirt, Ottheinrich Gymnasium t-shirt. 2 pairs of socks, couple of pairs of pants.

What's on your walls?
My work uniform tunic, about 6 pairs of socks and pants and the tshirt I took off before I got into bed a few minutes ago. It also has clean bras hanging over the edge of it because I don't have any drawers to put them in.

What's in your spare room?
A bed, a computer, a dresser with hundreds of pictures piled up on it, a ball, some boxes, random junk, probably some food.

What's in your washing machine/dryer right now?
Edit: read the wrong post

A couple of my sweaters and some black socks.

Whats in your freezer right now?
Ice, lots of frozen veggies, some meat, and.. bread? And a yo-gurt. Which I put there. Frozen yo-gurt pwns all.

What's in your stomach?
- Hovis best-of-both with margerine. A bit too much really.
- Milk
- Bile
- Some pepper and couscous left over from lunch possibly
- Some Special K

I'm actually feeling quite sick. Hmph.

What's banging around your head today?
(Think it be better if I told, instead of throwing-up and taking a picture of it.)

..stomach acid? Or do you mean food wise..well now their should be some chicken with this weird sauce, rice, and potatoes.

Whats on your T.V?

edit: I_am_the_best beat my to it.
Head: Bunch of random stuff. Most of the things in the Altered Thoughts thread, worries about new school, people, Greek Mythology, Mafia, Ender's Game, Richard Dawkins being 67, and You're Gonna Go Far Kid.
T.V.: Simpsons
what's on your camera?
Who knows! My sister's taken it with her and gone skiing... so possibly a bit too much snow and potential repair bill. smile.gif

What's in your memory/awesome time/collection box? (have you got one of those kinds of things?)
Umm, no. But my mom has a box with a bunch of my old school work if that counts?

What's on your body?
Pinstripe vest, plaid button up shirt, skinny jeans and socks. smile.gif

What's in the third drawer down on...whatever?
That's my ex-junk drawer! For like 10 years it was full of cards, string, rocks, marbles, drawings, balls, game pieces, and pretty much anything else imaginable, but it's recently been cleaned out and re-dubbed the electronics drawer. Right now in it is a camera, a bunch of cables, an iPod, heads phones, Gameboy SP and like 20 games, a purple-see-through Gameboy color, chargers for a variety of things, and a t-shirt.

What's in your garage, basement, or attic? Pick whichever one you think will entertain us the most.
QUOTE (Eli @ Jan 12 2009, 07:42 PM) *
(Think it be better if I told, instead of throwing-up and taking a picture of it.)

..stomach acid? Or do you mean food wise..well now their should be some chicken with this weird sauce, rice, and potatoes.

Whats on your T.V?

edit: I_am_the_best beat my to it

My attic is full of a wonderful variety of dead birds (Attempt of getting rid of the rats gone horribly wrong), the ocasional squirrel (alive) and a couple of rats that like to run up the drainpipes by my window and over the floor boards around at night. I also think their might be some boxes of old stuff..probably don't want it now though. (It's cramped and small anyways.)

Whats in your garbage can? Inside or outside, either works. (Just not the dumpster.)
0.o What the hell is wrong with your attic?

Umm. Man I don't really want to go look. Probably some egg shells, pizza slices, cans of stuff, gum, cake, or anything else I've eaten lately. Oh, and qui-tips. We had a qui-tip war a while ago.

What's in your shoes?
My feet tongue.gif. Actually they aren't, I'm wearing slippers. So there's nothing in my shoes.

What's next to your bed?
edit: beaten again..

Next to my bed is a desk with my computer and on the other side is a cluttered night-stand.

Whats in your car? (Or other transportation you use)
Aislinn Faye
Oh god, clothes/toys I need to donate, a car seat, tons and tons of wrappers of stuff, CDs, loose change, jackets, more trash. It's horrible, I'd take a picture of it, but I'm too embarrassed.

What's on the shelves in your garage?
Wood. We have massive amounts of wood, and I have *no* idea why.

What's under your sink?
bleach, drain cleaner, pet stain remover, baking soda, a bucket, brillo pads, dishwashing detergent, and garbage bags.

what's in your text inbox (say, most recent)?
Last text I recieved: "I'm back home safe:) Thanks for buying the drinks. I had such a good evening. ty xxx"

What's hidden in your room?
Nothing's really hidden as I live on my own, and friends when they come over don't tend to root about up there. I guess the Naughty Drawer holds all what would usually be hidden (and I don't think you want me to take a picture of that wink.gif ).

OH! I do have a missing slipper, though. God knows how I managed to lose it in my 4-roomed flat o_0

What's in your most recent bit of post/ mail?
Industrial Kybosh
Physical post - a rental copy of 'Teeth', and a USB turntable (finally!)
Virtual post - a lengthy conversation with someone incredibly dear to me (if PMs count - not checked my actual email in a while, because there's never anything there other than Facebook updates and adverts from Rough Trade)

What's in your wallet? (someone had to do it...)
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