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Cath Sparrow
Some fun sillyness I stole from my guild forum.

If you were a band what would your first album be called (???)

Here is how to find out:

1. The band name: use the title from

2. The album name: use the last 4 words of the first quote from

3. The album art: use the central picture from

or alternatively you can cheat and keep refreshing them till you get something cool. You can photoshop (or whatever) it together or just link the picture with the band name and title.

Here's mine so you get the idea.

I did this before and it came out really cool:

I'd totally use it if I ever made some music.

I might try another one later...
heehee I like silly.

Band: Tonks-Girardeau gas
Debut Album: Over what you do
Album cover art: A decidedly American road trip down Route 66 flair

Edit: The pic
Hee, fun!

Band: The Enemy of My Enemy
Album: Man Perfected Without Trials
Cover Art: Snow in Italy

Okay, I like the second one I tried a lot better, if only for the cover art image:
Band: Scouting in Antigua and Barbuda
Album: And Illiterate Sport Fishermen
Cover Art: Hammer Time!
Cath Sparrow
Why does it not surprice me that before I'd even managed to post my own example there was already 2 replys tongue.gif
Andre Ayew
Then He Is Gone
And a painting of Ornans

I think 'then he is gone' is a rather good title for an album, although I got a number of good ones from my page. 'Sun-dial in the shade' was also excellent (although it did force me to ponder whether hyphenation is allowed).
Tricky one that. I've got it in the band name. I think it should be allowed as otherwise the quotes may come out quite odd... odder
"O Pátio das Cantigas" band name (translates to The Courtyard Of Songs)

"means that he exists." album name (from a Petit Prince quote)

Turns out looking like:

Bugger, missed out a "that". Oh well.

Band: Thompson H. Murch
Album: Speed Record Getting There
Industrial Kybosh
Keep an eye out for 'Fog That Surrounds Us' by Psittirostrini, but try not to be put off by the slightly proggy artwork. It's all a bit Roger Dean. Loving the band name and title, though.

[EDIT] I quite fancy Mata's cover for my album. Trade?
Ah, now this is pretty good fun! Here's what mine spewed out:

Took me an age to get that text right in MS Paint. And now it's done, I think it looks a bit 70's throwback. Oh, well, perhaps that's where my muse lies wink.gif
Industrial Kybosh
That works rather well, 'pold. Obviously you got lucky with the material, but that was nicely put together. I'm hearing dirty funk meets Detroit techno. wink.gif
Jesus Dress Up
all things left undone

I decided to do another one, because this is interesting...but I think I'll stop after this one.

So now I present to you:

Action Committee for the Defense of Democracy - Youth Movement
time a wee disturbance


This was so much fun!!!
This is an excellent game smile.gif

Here's mine...


QUOTE (Industrial Kybosh @ Jan 12 2009, 03:46 PM) *
That works rather well, 'pold. Obviously you got lucky with the material, but that was nicely put together. I'm hearing dirty funk meets Detroit techno. wink.gif

Why, thanks 'bosh. Not that I'd know Detroit techno if I fell over it.

I tried this again, and this is what I got this time.

When those came out, I saw emo. Still, at least I'd sell a squillion albums to morbid teenagers laugh.gif
Industrial Kybosh
I dunno, 'pold. The way you've presented it makes me think more along the lines of something a bit more 70s rock influenced, but with a darker edge - something in the stoner/drone market. A bit like Om, maybe. Now, Hobbes's Leftwinger album looks emo to me, with a probably political edge. Politicemo, sir. Joy.

Heh heh. I'm making my own entertainment in this thread, given that I can't photoshop my own albums.
I'll buy that, 'bosh. Better than emocore at any rate.

I'll do another one sometime and let you categorise it, I seem to be a bit hopeless at it.
Industrial Kybosh
Not hopeless, leo. Just not quite as big a pretentious muso as I am. wink.gif
Granted tongue.gif

Okay, one more and then I'll stop monopolising. Here's my difficult third album.

Now for this one I was thinking something a bit more ethereal, in the Saint Etienne mould perhaps. Or maybe a Blur rip-off.
Industrial Kybosh
I agree with you on the etherial front, leo. It's suggestive of something quite pastoral. The artist name, though, kinda suggests alt-country or American folk, so perhaps something in the Bon Iver vein, but more uplifting, maybe with an ambient undertone. Or a Blur rip-off.
Industrial Kybosh
Ugh. 80s wussrock. Nicely put together, though. I presume from the dimensions that it's the tape edition.

Do albums still come out on tape? How about wax cylinder? And what are these emm pee frees I've been hearing so much about?
Band Name - Goght
Album - And That Is Laughter
Cover - Addio
I did a third..actually got a person's name for this one.

Chris Middleton
How we do it

This looks techno to me, and actually was a bit more challenging, because the picture we're supposed to take ended up being a movie so I had to do a screen cap to get this one.
Incredibly, I managed to cobble together enough material to make a fourth album.

This is either a prog rock outfit from the back end of the era, or are a hip hop outfit akin to The Disposable Heroes Of Hiphoprisy. Or a Blur rip-off.
Your face is a Blur rip-off wink.gif
Cath Sparrow
Well here's my second

Group - Vitense
Album - A Viola Burns Longer
Cover -
QUOTE (Daria @ Jan 14 2009, 01:21 PM) *
Your face is a Blur rip-off wink.gif

Ouch, baby. Very ouch sad.gif
I think my lack of things to design has gotten me hooked on this thread...

getting better and better


I think that, should the day come that I actually DO need to release an album, this is the very way I'll choose my name and title smile.gif
Industrial Kybosh
I've introduced this to some of my colleagues. Best result so far was Unusual Notrump - "Are All Our Necessities".
Band: Darian Calendar
Album title: Time in your Life.

Sounds like a pathetic Green Day ripoff >_>
Proposed Future Transport
The Universe is winning

I like it smile.gif
That title is spot on for the emo picture!
Got linked this site and though of this thread. You get challenged to make an album in 28 days. The link goes to the album galleries.
Ah, if only the talent were as forthcoming as the album covers...

70's glam rock band.

I'm thinking James Blunt / James Morrison

With a name like "Ligurian Regional Election" it'll most likely be a band with comedy leanings.

I am loving the top one there leo.
Much obliged, Lo smile.gif

I spent a little while trying to make the band name into a logo of sorts, and you probably can tell I borrowed heavily from the reversed B idea of ABBA. I'm not entirely happy with the end result, but then I'm no graphic designer. As you well know, Lo, seeing as I got you to do the ISH logo all those years ago, based on my crappy sketches...

And, my favorite..

I thought I'd give it a whirl:

I have no idea what it is, but thanks to Wikipedia, I shall now spend considerable amount of time studying Yahweh. biggrin.gif
Rubium's one works perfectly, and I love 'Painful job of thinking' for a title.
mmm and I love Leo's 1st & 4th ones, 1's kinds apt for the title and 4 just looks like it belongs on my shelf
I'm still getting narked off by my company's firewall blocking Photobucket. I can't see those luvverly works of (album) art. Gah!

Okay, one more from me.

Lifted directly from Daria's record collection tongue.gif
Industrial Kybosh
Not suggesting for a moment that our Daria is a touch pretentious, are we? wink.gif

Actually, I quite like that one. Very dramatic image. The combination of the bafflingly scientific name and the borderline nonsense title make me think of some kind of noise-jazztronica, of the like that Warp records would surely distibute. Lovely.
QUOTE (leopold @ Feb 12 2009, 02:55 PM) *
Lifted directly from Daria's record collection tongue.gif

Hahahaha, ohhhh. Now it's on tongue.gif


The first one would be some sort of post rock album if the title were longer. Maybe the tracks all have incredibly long titles?

The second one is some sort of awful folk music.
Aaaand because I'm bored, you all get to enjoy a flood of them happy.gif
This one looks like a straightedgeXcore all female screamo band. The title is ironic.

La Compagnie Creole is actually a French pop band!
Industrial Kybosh
Cornel Cacoveanu made me think of this. Check out the tracks on that baby! Not a bad album, too.
Monty has that album- which is actually the one I was referencing biggrin.gif One of their other albums has a track name that is too long to be a file name.
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