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Full Version: What's in folder 44?
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The outgoing president Bush left in the on the desk in the Oval Office a folder for Barack Obama, marked '44' (for the 44th President). What do you think was in it?

(There's a photo of it here it's the last one.)
Well since Bush only furthered the U.S into debt, I'd imagine it might be a bill. biggrin.gif
Hope it's an apology...
Rubber dog doo.
A picture of his ass with "Sucker!" written at the bottom.
Yeah, with a sound recording chip of him going heh heh heh.

Surely it's the access codes for area 53 (51 & 53 are soo passe), or the ceasefire agreement with the monkey overlords staving world apocolypse, or yesterdays lunch menu for a giggle... erm... or just a good luck note.

That satellite ipc spanning the crowd is amazing, very odd to see the groupings crowd control made, I think they missed a trick there in not making a rude image for google specifically for that pic but the volume of people is amazing, still can't get over that. (And what is it with pic 17 of the crowd, did some entrepreneurial type set up a red hat stand. Out of all the colours a hat could be there seems to be an over-prevalence of red ones... which is odd as democrats in the states tend to be blue...)
I suspect it's the outcome of a bet. George bet Barack that he couldn't get in the Whitehouse. He lost, and so the folder contains Barack's winnings.

One dollar.
If he leavs it a week that dollar will be worth even more in real money
Maybe there's a note with the dollar saying 'Good luck paying back that debt, I had fun spending it all on missiles. Here's a little something to get you started, lots of love, George XXOO', written in crayon with spelling that makes LOLcats look fluent.

Perhaps it's a to do list:

1. Catch Osama
2. Make Iraq a democratic and peaceful nation
3. Clear up the mess from that hurricane in that southern place, you know, the one that got all wet
4. Buy cookies.
Maybe it's the executive pr0n collection?

QUOTE (Smiler @ Jan 23 2009, 03:36 AM) *
(And what is it with pic 17 of the crowd, did some entrepreneurial type set up a red hat stand. Out of all the colours a hat could be there seems to be an over-prevalence of red ones... which is odd as democrats in the states tend to be blue...)

I think that might be a trick of the eye. The red stands out much more than the blue, but if you take another look there's a pretty equal number of blue hats. Just goes to show, red and blue, the states are very divided! tongue.gif
A used condom and a sticky picture of Obama's granma.
Cath Sparrow
It was the patch note in the folder. biggrin.gif
Whatever it was, apparently it was only worth 10 minutes of his time on Wednesday.
According to his press secretary, before setting off for the service, Mr Obama spent 10 minutes in the Oval Office, reading the note left for him by his predecessor, George W Bush.
Usurper MrTeapot
10 minutes? In that case it must be a complete documentation of Bush's successes over his two terms and it took nine minutes to decipher Bush's scrawl.
Industrial Kybosh
The aforementioned crayon and LOLcat-calibre spelling and grammar may have come into play there...
nah man, Obama would totally be down with the intertubes. I bet he said "lol" after terrorist fist-punching his wife.
Maybe it was a secret note about media and savvy manipulation.
I've been watching the Colbert Report (on FXUK) and they keep on covering and running with the idea that Fox news are really pushing - what with the mess up at the oath (the recitation not being the accepted wording due to the Justices error) and the fact that he didn't use a bible in the re-swear he organised, it may not count and Obama may not be Prez...
...Colbert also goes on to say that the constitution states that whoever is on the telly at noon is the official prez and as this was Yo-Yo Ma America now actually has it's first Asian president...
Maybe it's just directions to the safe/bolt hole.
Maybe it's a note saying "Don't press the big red button. They disconnected it after the fifth time I tried to nuke Los Angeles. Damn those commie liberal nazi actors!"
Hmmm yeah, maybe it's the restaurant kiddies map... er... secret coding test to find the big red button that GB couldn't quite finish left for Obama to 'try'.
It's a connect the dot puzzle that makes a cowboy hat and some brush.
If it were a dot-to-dot puzzle, I suspect it would already have been started, but stopped at number 20 (he ran out of toes).
Well maybe 21...
Cath Sparrow
I recon it was a nice bag of jelly babies as a welcome gift but it accidently got opened and some of the head bitten off.
Yo Yo MA! He'll make an excellent president!

Maybe it was a a list of countries that still like the U.S. I mean I really don't see our strategy..Hey lets bomb a country! And then after send in supplies and troops to help them out!
He surely wouldn't need a full A4 page for that list would he ;o)
A DVD, of the kennedy assasination... from a strange new angle... just to let him know who is really in charge.
Industrial Kybosh
Heheh. Don't need the sig to help me spot the Bill Hicks fan in our midst...
So, March 4th equals day 44... will we find out? Was it in fact a countdown envelope system with 43 consecutive countdown envelopes inside like a Russion doll?
QUOTE (Daria @ Jan 23 2009, 12:40 PM) *
A used condom and a sticky picture of Obama's granma.

......I may never sleep again.
A single pretzel.
Ah, now we have our answer. Jaq was in Folder 44. I see Barak let you out, then wink.gif

Nice to see you again, pirate e-wife, yarrrr biggrin.gif
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