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Full Version: Happy St. Skeletors Day
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Well its the time of year once again where we welcome St. Skeletor into our souls. For those of you not "in the know" heres a full breakdown of St.Skeletors day.

Happy Holidays!
So Richard Herring was responsible for sanctifying Skeletor then, was he?

I spent a good chunk of St. Skeletor's day in bed, after a very late night. Then spent the afternoon cleaning up the mess from the meal I made the night before (catering for six makes a surprisingly large amount of washing up) and then shopping in Tesco. So a dull Sunday, by any measure.

I dunno, though. I still prefer the day before. Playing Guitar Hero with my male-oriented guests whilst the women all have a gossip is still far more enjoyable than clearing up with a hangover and getting stiffed in the supermarket.
Industrial Kybosh
There's precious little about that that isn't genius. The endorsement from Richard Herring proves this to be true.

Speaking of whom, will they ever release 'Fist Of Fun' or 'TMWRNJ' on DVD? I want my jelly!
I spent my St. Skeletors trying to stay awake, and reading dark horse comics

QUOTE (Industrial Kybosh @ Feb 16 2009, 03:04 PM) *
Speaking of whom, will they ever release 'Fist Of Fun' or 'TMWRNJ' on DVD? I want my jelly!

Next you'll want the moon on a stick! tongue.gif

I loved Simon Quinlank on F.O.F and TWMRNJ and the curious orange
Considering I forced 300 people in the UK (plus some more in the UAE) to sit an examination on the 14th I feel that I have done well to fulfill the aims of ol'Skelly.
Being a soppy git I did hand out love-hearts candies to all the students though so maybe I countered my bad deed? oops
Industrial Kybosh
You may drink your weak lemon drink now, Rubium, or save it til later. wink.gif
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