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Full Version: London Picnic Mata Meet Proposal
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Because my peeps it is that time again and we have a few things to celebrate amongst us.

So, I'm thinking Hyde Park, or St. James Park. Or, if anyone wants a walk around Camden and the canals, we could do Regents park or Primrose Hill. I'll make a thingy later. Anypoo. I'm just suggest a date and y'all can say yay or nay and once we figure a date for us all we can make one of those What's your name, are you legal threads.

Saturday the 27th of June.
I think that could work for us...maybe. July would probably be better, but we might be able to swing the 27th.

What park is closest to St Pancras station? Cause I vote for that one. biggrin.gif I remember moop and I wandered around some park or other when killing time before our train after one of the previous Matameets. We could probably come out for the day, picnic, then head back up to Derby.
I could do the 27th if I'm not camping. I can also demand birthday hugs from you all happy.gif
sad.gif I probably won't be able to make it, my weekends are quite booked up until the end of July for some reason... when did I get any kind of social life!?!?!
@_@ Beacon Hill park in Victoria, you all want to meet at Beacon Hill park in Victoria @_@

Sorry, had to try. I'll go now and quit spamming.
Sir Psycho Sexy
My vote would be for primrose hill, simply because it far enough away from central London to be a nice place to me and there was a nice vibe last time we went there...and girls with squirty cream... >_>
*squirts cream all over Spuss*

Sir Psycho Sexy

Oh my!
Usurper MrTeapot
Reading the intro I was mentally thinking "Why is it never Primrose Hill?"

Awesome location, great view over London. Plus all the things SPS said.
Fun to cycle down, too!
I can do the following

27th June
4th July
18th July
1st August

I may get booked up inbetween now and a final decision being made but I'll bear other things in mind smile.gif
Dates! So, I lied about the 27th. Apparently now my mother is organising a family thing _
I was planning on doing a birthday thing on the 4th, but I could either do it in the evening, invite friends to come to the meet, or have it on the 5th. Flexxxxxible.
Sir Psycho Sexy
Any dates are good for me, as long as I have enough notice to book the Saturday off.
Okay, new date proposal: 4th of July.

How does that work for y'all?

Also, I was thinking maybe there could be a theme? Like a hat kinda tihng going on, because I just got given a funky hat and want an excuse to wear it >_>
I think the 4th July sounds better for me. I can't remember why, but I think the end of June has got something booked.
The 4th of July works for us, I think. I promise that I will do my yearly ritual of singing along obnoxiously with "America, F**k Yeah!" before we get on the train to London. tongue.gif
Sir Psycho Sexy
Was a little iffy for a while, turns out I was supposed to be running the shop that Saturday, but shifts have been swapped, roll on the 4th!
Okay, made a map: that didn't work.
Err, that link just takes me to the Google maps main page, Froggy.

EDIT: Map. Should totally work. I tried it out with strangers.

And now, the view, kinda!
Just to throw this in, I can sleep some people in ma room, and some in the garden (might have to bring your own tent tent) let me know if you would like space. And if it pisses down y'all are welcome to come back to mine and eat the picnic indoors.
Yeah, I shall be there n' stuff!
I'm now 99% sure I'll be available that weekend. Woo! Picnic!
I'll be there! And if people are staying in London for the night, then you're more than welcome to come to my birthday tea by the river (outside the BFI on the Southbank) on the Sunday biggrin.gif
Ack not sure on the 4th unless we can get out of another engagement, will keep you posted.
If not the 4th, Smiler, when would you two love birds be good for? And everyone else, I guess?
We're fine for the 4th, but will kind of need to know a definite date fairly soon-ish as we'll need to book the train tickets in advance. smile.gif
Okay, gonna start a confirmation thread. happy.gif

Edit: Erm...
Which station y'all coming into? Maybe we can just all meet at erm...
I want to say Camden Tube, but it will be soooo busy. So gonna say Chalk Farm Tube.
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