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Full Version: Dustin Hoffman
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He really is a fox. But young or old?

Young, taut and inexperienced, or with saggy balls and able to get me off?

I just can't decide.
Old, definitely definitely old.
Eh... mess up his hair a bit and have him grow some chin stubble and I'll consider him. Old is definitely better than young, though.
Well, since we're saying I actually have a chance with him, I also have a time machine. So both. Oh snap.

Gimme a use too? Wooo!
Cath Sparrow
Definately the silver fox. biggrin.gif
I'm not convinced. When he was younger he always reminds me too much of Paul Simon, which just isn't sexy.

Young Sean Connery:


Old Sean Connery:
Well old Sean Connery is forbidden (the link doesn't work), so I'm going to have to go with young on that one. I have never been much of a Sean Connery person though.
I'll go for Vic's solution- Both! happy.gif

Mr Connery can go take a hike. His eyebrows would be too distracting for me.
QUOTE (Yannick @ Jun 25 2009, 07:06 AM) *
Old is definitely better than young, though.

Whahey, I'm in biggrin.gif

Neither for me, sorry, he's just too male for my tastes. Plus he wouldn't have me anyway.
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