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Full Version: F*@#ing Matt Damon
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F*@#ing Matt Damon

NSFW because of the F word, but the video is innocent enough.
Haha this has been a big deal in the US for a while (maybe it was on Saturday Night Live?) Nice to see you're enjoying it too!
Sir Psycho Sexy
It's been about for quite a while now, it's damn funny still.
That video is pretty much the best reason I know of to say that Matt Damon is actually very cool. The host of the show, Jimmy Kemmel, later created a response...

(You can skip ahead to about 90 seconds.)
*had a giggle fit* First time I've come acros sit. though I am pretty sure I've heard about it before.
Usurper MrTeapot
I like that Sarah Silverman, I've been seeing her about a lot recently but not actually seeing what she has done. And now I know and I approve.

Dirty Jewish girls...mmmm.
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